Chapter 25

Scientific research about life in space

Until fifty years ago, nobody knew enough about the state of space to speak about the existence of Earth-like planets. If somebody wrote about it, then only in science fiction novels and in a way very far from reality. Tales reigned about green men, about aliens having a bizarre appearance and about aliens threatening our civilization. Most people treated these stories as a fantasy not based on any scientific basis.

Since the second half of the twentieth century, thanks to new telescopes placed in space, a breakthrough in the science of the structure of the universe has taken place. Theoretical astrophysics primarily contributed to this. The significant development of quantum physics has also made a significant contribution to understanding energy transformations in space. The world of science has suddenly received enough tools to make us realize that the universe was once formed and that it is an unimaginable space composed of billions of galaxies, accompanied by dark matter and dark energy. Larger new generation telescopes and space probes have enabled scientists to explore the universe deeper. At the end of the twentieth century, the Kepler telescope was sent into space, which caused a rapid influx of data on the state of space. The world arms race, which also began to cover space, also had a significant impact on the progress of knowledge. A flood of discoveries of millions and even billions of planets, which were called exoplanets, was similar to Earth-like ones. Along with these discoveries, there were many speculations about the possibility of living in space.

As a result of these discoveries and intensive analysis of their results, scientists have understood that we are almost invisible pollen in space, even on the scale of the galaxy called the Milky Way. Especially it became the object of observation and research on a large scale. This resulted in understanding many things that we had no idea about before. Today we know that the Milky Way itself can have more than eleven billion exoplanets associated with two hundred billion stars, which is a number that does not fit in existing ideas about outer space. After taking into account the so-called red dwarfs, i.e. stars with a much lower brightness than an ordinary star, the number of planets that can be qualified as exoplanets increased to thirty-three billion. Even if they are approximate data, it is striking by their magnitude. This indicates an even greater likelihood of finding not only life on them, but also the existence of intelligent beings.

The problem of the existence of other extraterrestrial civilizations has become the subject of essenceism in the search for the possibility of repairing our civilization. Currently, some scientists are of the opinion that if somewhere in the universe there would be a civilization of intelligent beings, then probably people similar to us should live there. The laws of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, the widespread operation of which have been noticed as a result of space research, would make those civilizations similar to ours. For example, fish living in the waters of other planets would be the same as ours. The same is true of all nature, including humans.

As a result of these discoveries, there is also a desire to get on a rocket carrying the right space vehicle and to examine if there is a civilization similar to ours somewhere in space. The closest object in our galaxy promising some hope for finding life is a set of stars and planets called Kepler 62. However, I would like to inform you that traveling there by a state-of-the-art spaceship would take 200,000 years, which is much longer than the duration of the mainstream of our civilization known so far. Let's forget about this type of travel and be content with information that reaches us at the speed of light.

For now, it is worth noting that the probability of intelligent life somewhere in the universe is quite real and that there may be many such places. The calculus of probability shows that in our galaxy alone, there can be more than thirty planets on which intelligent beings can live. That is why science so intensively studies the cosmos, using the knowledge of the most talented astronomers and the best equipment. If we add to this the study of the sources of energy and matter in the so-called hadron colliders, we can hope to learn about the basic processes of formation of the most important phenomena in the universe. It is about the path of changes from its peculiar initial state, through the appearance of base particles of matter, and ending with an intelligent being, which is man. So I hope that the world will soon be informed that we are not alone in the universe.


Chapter 26

Proposed purpose of the scientific research

I will now turn to an evaluation of the activities of mankind as to plans to solve by science the future development of mankind. I dare say that science to some extent wastes its time and potential on research that is supposed to protect our future. This is because it prepares a different place in the universe in case people cannot stay on our planet any longer.

It is said that, according to astrophysicists, we will have to transfer our lives to other, habitable planets. It is supposed to be necessary after the possible exhaustion of Earth's resources or destruction of favorable conditions for life on Earth, including overpopulation of our planet. Space scientists also warn us of a possible cataclysm threatening us from space, for example, by a large asteroid hitting the Earth or by an increased plasma explosion on the Sun causing a deadly solar wind. When we combine these worries with the overpopulation of our planet, with its littering and the pollution of the oceans, we have a very "black" picture of our future. In their appeals, scientists obviously do not take into account the "religious" solution to these problems in the form of salvation. They just want to save the future of the inhabitants of the Earth by scientific methods, because only they know it. Not hoping to change human habits, they try to examine the immediate surroundings of our solar system to find there exoplanets that are friendly to us and that could be inhabited by people fleeing Earth in the future. They spend billions of dollars on interplanetary station projects and on effective space vehicle propulsion that would transport a healthy part of our civilization to safety in a reasonable time. Knowing the numerous difficulties in solving this problem, it is worth cooling the aspirations of scientists, especially astrophysicists and cosmologists.

Looking for grounds for a change in the direction of scientific research, I would like to explain the meaning of the existence of a physical and spiritual human being, who constitute an integrated human being during earthly life. Essenceism after a thorough understanding of the meaning of the creation of man shows that the Creator never intended the physical person of a man to interplanetary journeys. Our body lives too shortly to survive such long journeys, even after many years of hibernation. It is also too gentle in the face of the overloads that exist during the rapid movement of spacecraft. The human body can only with great difficulty endure journeys within the solar system, and not to its end limits. For the Creator, the movement of a physical person to a place other than the home planet never made sense. For this he created an eternal spiritual person who is the right man, so that he could move around the entire universe without any obstacles, without the use of rockets and spaceships, and without wasting time.

A perfect human spiritual person can be instantly anywhere in the universe. It is completely logical and purposeful from the Creator's point of view. His intention was for man to be perfectly prepared to be on any planet adapted to life, on which he could freely stay, taking advantage of the so-called physicalization. As I have already explained in many studies of essenceism, physicalisation is made by a spiritual person, using a physical person of another person. A spiritual person simply joins from the spiritual world to the body of a physical person living on a given planet. Of course, an appropriate mental synchronization with the vital forces of a selected physical person is required, but in the world under the authority of the Original Being, such synchronization would be easy to carry out. Participants in this process would sense who is the right synchronization partner for them.

Having such a wonderful solution to the problem of traveling in the universe to choose from, people should not pay too much attention to space travel over long distances, and above all not waste time and important material resources of our planet for this purpose. Rather, the time, effort, and intellectual capacity of the most gifted people should be allocated to assist in the "cosmic" process of salvation. Maybe this will be needed when we are unable to cope with the "classic" form of salvation that, for example, Jesus Christ tried to accomplish.

I am writing about this "cosmic" process of salvation in a separate chapter. Now I just pay attention to stop looking for a new place for humanity somewhere in space and deal with the problems existing on our planet, in particular the elimination of evil.


Chapter 27

Future vision of the universe

This chapter will talk about eternity. This time it is not about drawing conclusions about the short life of a physical person compared with the eternal life in the spiritual world. Of course, if everyone understood that they are eternal, and life on Earth is only a short but necessary time of preparation for this eternity, it would greatly change people's attitude towards their daily activities.

This time it is about efforts for the future of life on planet Earth. This is true of two problems. The first is to use all possibilities, not only scientific but also religious ones, to remind us that our planet is a precious, beautiful and perfect home for all its inhabitants. This applies to those who live on it now, and to all generations, that is, those who have passed away and those who will come after us.

The second problem concerns the phenomenon where, because of evil, we waste the greater part of human time, labor and intellectual capacity. Instead of wasting energy on various forms of protecting humanity from evil, it is worth simply removing this evil from our planet. After all, it is in the best interest of each of us to stop conflicts and even wars. Unfortunately, one can only dream that as a result of some miraculous event, people love each other, stop all evil actions and start living as one big loving family.

This dream, of course, is related to the salvation of mankind from evil. If it had happened, no army, police, prisons, or courts, or even door locks would be needed. A huge percentage of human potential could be channeled into creating a state where everyone would live happily on one planet. It would then be possible to imagine a huge development of knowledge that would enable a prosperous life for every inhabitant of the Earth. We could live our earthly life happily without suffering the pain of evil and, above all, having time for personal development that would lead everyone to personal perfection. In this way, it would be possible to make a completely effective and reliable transition to the future eternal life.

Essenceism proclaims from the very beginning that every human being has the prospect of eternal life after the end of this earthly life. It is worth taking advantage of this short earthly existence to prepare for this more important, infinite part of our life.

The place of this future is the spiritual world, that is, the sphere beyond time and space, which is the infinite "place" prepared for us by the wise Creator. That is why Christianity calls Him Heavenly Father. We could then become citizens of an infinite cosmos, in which there could be many Earth-like planets, that is, with human civilizations. If people like us live on them, then we will understand the meaning of the existence of not only one great earthly family, but also the cosmic one. All civilizations in the cosmos could, through the spiritual world, unite into one community and manage the universe together. It would cause a gigantic development of science and technology. This would lead to the fact that, after a while, we could control all events in the cosmos, including the control of galaxy formation, black holes and any changes in its space. We could also take control of dark energy and dark matter by changing the structure of the cosmos as we wish. There would be no obstacles for the Creator's successors.

What I am writing about is not just some utopian dream. The creation of one great cosmic family from the beginning was the Creator's goal in shaping the infinite universe. This goal was also to make people His true successors and representatives throughout the universe. It seems that the Creator prepared the cosmos in a raw form for us. He did it to give us the opportunity to modify it and make changes, that is, to improve this gigantic structure according to our wishes. The Original Being creates everything for eternity. We, as his heirs, could also continue the constant development of the cosmos for eternity, making changes in it beneficial for us. It would be a bit like artists do, creating new visions of reality endlessly in line with their creative inspiration. Perfect people, endowed with the intellect, will and affection inherited from the Creator, could continuously develop the universe, as we do in our daily lives. This is exactly what the future looks like, according to essenceism, if, thanks to the salvation, people return to their "normality", that is, they will shape the universe in accordance with the concept of the Creator.


Chapter 28

The need to change people's mentality

The human race has been burdened with evil since its inception. No wonder that evil is still doing well after tens of thousands of years of history. Rational people have less and less hope that it will be possible to restore our civilization to such a state that it would be consistent with the prophecy about the future Kingdom of Heaven. For now, it is worth realizing that we are very vulnerable to evil. It has permanently permeated our lives. Not only are political, economic, social and cultural phenomena tainted with evil, this also applies to religious organizations. It is regrettable that religions, which should be most sensitive to evil phenomena, are quite susceptible to them.

It would seem that every religion has some knowledge of the spiritual world. This is a very important knowledge that should be constantly reminded of every person, both the believer and those who are not interested in any religious denomination. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how powerless their religion is. The hierarchs of various faiths are too self-righteous to understand their powerlessness. Perhaps there are those who, knowing about their helplessness, do not care about it, because they have good earnings and a life without problems. However, I would not suspect that there are those among them who realize that they are actually supporting Satan in his power over the world. It would be a disaster. That is why in my texts I am appealing for the mobilization of clergy in order to help people achieve salvation.


Chapter 29

New understanding of salvation

Following my previous book on essenceism, I invariably state that the overriding goal of my system is to stimulate scientists, philosophers and theologians to jointly participate in the debate on the analysis of recent scientific achievements in terms of understanding the First Cause of the Universe. This would be aimed at creating a new, better version of our civilization. Due to the fact that this First Cause created only the good itself, the mechanisms of the existence of evil in the world should be examined. Essenceism's stimulation of an open debate based on phenomena that science has recently discovered aims to enrich the directions of philosophy and theology. Thus, essenceism wants to encourage philosophers, theologians and people of faith to be more active in discussing the given problems. He also calls for the suspension of previous views to open to new challenges brought by the 21st century.

Referring to the third book on essenceism, i.e. to the study titled: Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world, I will present below a thought process that led me to some doubt whether humanity will cope with bringing the world into its proper state, i.e. to the state of good combined with the total absence of evil. I will start this description with a new look at the effects of the emergence of evil described in the Bible. Since I consider this biblical description as a kind of parable depicting the appearance of evil in our world, it would be necessary to decipher its symbolism. I will start with the moment when the process of repairing the destroyed concept of the ideal world, i.e. the process of salvation, began. It began with the next generation after Adam and Eve.

Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve, is the first to realize that he has the responsibility to rectify his parents' defeat. He understood this in his own way, offering God what he had the best, and God accepted his sacrifice. He knew that he had to remove Satan from the unlawful position of domination over people. Unfortunately, Satan turned out to be strong enough to convince Cain to kill his younger brother. Despite this tragedy, Abel's death was not in vain. Satan had no right to take the life of an innocent man. That is why Abel's sacrifice ushered in the creation of a generational path leading to the possibility of the Savior being born on Earth. This form of humanity's generational effort was necessary so that it could be the Son of God completely independent of the fallen nature imposed on us in the Garden of Eden by the fallen Archangel Lucifer. In fact, the actual generational path leading to the birth of the Savior did not begin with Abel himself, but with Set, the youngest son of Adam and Eve, who took over his mission. In the future, this path united fate, efforts, and even sacrifice the lives of many central figures of the Old Testament, such as Noah, Sem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and many others, including women such as Sara, Rebecca or Rachel. It has therefore gone through many generations, making up the history of the nation of Israel. Thanks to this, he became the chosen people. However, I think that it was not God's choice, but the members of this nation themselves who felt responsible for repairing the evil done to Heavenly Father. In this way one can imagine their love for God whom they called the word "Is" - Yahweh.

As for the birth of the Son of God, it practically does not matter how the womb was fertilized, that is, who could be the father of the born Savior. Rather, it was about making it happen without the possibility of Satan's interference in the womb of Mary, that is, his inability to appropriate the spiritual person of Him who would save the world. I remind you that the Creator always and invariably gives Himself to each person a "breath of life", i.e. a pure and eternal spiritual person.

Essenceism, after analyzing the effects of human activities in world history, stated that in all other cases except Jesus Christ, the birth of each of us is connected with the appropriation of our spiritual person by Satan. This is a kind of unlawful takeover by the fallen Archangel of what the Creator gives us. This means for us the actual inheritance of evil from Satan and his forced control of our personality in the form of fallen nature. This leads to the concrete behavior of people resulting from the control over them of the fallen Archangel. An example of this is the story of Cain described above, who could not resist the influence of evil in his conduct. Therefore, only the extraordinary dedication of the participants of the generational path described in the Bible cleansed the womb of Mary and created the conditions for the birth of the Son of God.

Essenceism, based on these facts, states that similar must happen in modern history. The New Testament figures are responsible for this. From the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that is, from the beginning of our era, a generation path is created that leads to the purification of the womb of a woman from whom the continuator of his work can be born. Jesus was the righteous "Abel" from which symbolically everything began. As in antiquity, there were people aware of their mission that the Son of God would be born again on Earth. Their identification is beyond my means. Perhaps they are known to various world religions. I can only point out that such persons should simply exist.

Angels (good and bad) have access to man. It may also have spiritual people (good and bad) who have already lived through their physical lives and are now in the spiritual world. Their knowledge of salvation may not be the highest, but probably much better than ours here on Earth. Probably greater than the knowledge of clergy of various denominations on this subject. So the problem is, people living in the physical world understand salvation.

I wrote in previous studies that progress in the salvation of the world is made through the cooperation of people and angels led together by the Savior. Certainly God does not carry it out, although Providence in the form of His laws and principles is a constant signpost for people working for the salvation of people. So it all depends on the understanding, determination and power that people have. It would be good for people with the so-called spiritual calling, or clergy, to be aware of this. If they truly loved the Creator and feel His Heart, then they should contribute to the appearance of God's Son on Earth. Of course, they have to face the great difficulties created by Satan on their path.

I wrote this text as a result of observing the behavior of priests of various denominations. Unfortunately, I don't see any signs that they understand their mission. They are still waiting for God to save himself and thus teach his faithful. It's quite a sad situation. Hence, I am pessimistic about the possibility of salvation for the inhabitants of the Earth. They are completely confused by Satan and are not aware of their proper mission. It does not bother me to constantly explain to people that only their effort, supported by the action of angels and the Son of God, can lead to the world's salvation from evil, that is, removing Satan from our reality. For the time being, I am not prejudging whether this guidance from the Son of God and His spiritual world will be physical or only spiritual. In any case, it is certain, and therefore everything depends on us, currently living on Earth.

In all chapters of this study I try to explain the influence of the spiritual world on our reality. I suggest various scenarios, even futuristic or even fantastic ones, to find a way to restore the world to a state of good in line with the concept of the Original Being. Among other things, I have great hopes for the progress of science. I also call for continuous efforts on the part of religious thinkers who are open to change, so that they would like to work for cooperation between science and religion. This is the essence of essenceism.



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