Chapter 1

The necessity to change knowledge about God in XXI century

Once, a long time ago, we were placed before God's image, which so far has been believed by many people. Then we understood that He is present among us, He sees everything, knows everything, He is able to do everything and that it will be so until the so-called end of the world. We knew that we exist in His world, under His control. Hardly anyone wondered if it could be different, and unbelievers were treated like people detached from reality. We can even think that we lived in some kind of closure, which we could not decide that it could be completely different. We did not really realize that we did not get the right knowledge about God.

The last centuries, special in the 20th and 21st centuries, brought so much progress of science that there was a chance to break away from such a defined world and look into the universe in which it was not possible to find this imagined God from previous centuries.

Therefore, because of the accelerated development of science, which brought about a huge development of knowledge about the universe and the construction of matter, humanity began to ask for a fuller understanding of everything that concerns its existence, including the identity and presence of God.

Many people, dissatisfied with religious explanations, came to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the truth presented by religions. Those who were really looking for God realized that the existing church science obscure them a real image of God. Some felt even cheated by the fact that they were presented with the so-called imaginary God or God delusion. This situation could have influenced the popularity of atheism and agnosticism.

The purpose of essenceism is to provide knowledge and research tools to expand knowledge about God, so that everyone can find the right identity of our Creator, and at the same time their own identity.

It is worth noting that essenceism avoids referring to the so-called holy books, such as the Bible, Tipitaka, the Koran, the Uranti Book, the Book of Mormon, the Divine Principles, the Book of Knowledge and many more. Essenceism does not cites any revelations or dogmas of faith.

Essenceism is based on the analysis of phenomena that are available to the human senses. This is especially true of all the latest science achievements. However, not only the achievements of science serve this system to find answers to questions that humanity has been asking since time immemorial. Essenceism is also a logical analysis of the current state of our civilization and the analysis of various human views, including the analysis of the content of these sacred books listed above. There should also be some knowledge in them that does not necessarily have to be an act of faith. The next parts of this study will present the results of the analysis of essenceism in the form of shaped ideas.


Chapter 2

Special idea of the Original Being


The goal of the idea of being in essenceism is to describe God as the Original Being. Under this concept, whose existence is an assumption for this idea, essenceism understands the First Cause possessing Personality. This assumption is accompanied by thesis, that He is the Creator of All Things. The idea of being of essenceism will later become here the basis for the analysis of all studied reality.

If such an Original Being exists, then He must be more powerful than the universe, more original than it and source of its creation.

The initiation of space-time since the Big Bang suggests the existence, by its creation, of a source, eternal and unlimited sphere defined as a sphere beyond time and space.

This means that the universe was created from energy "located" beyond time and space, it means from the Energy of the First Cause, which is one of the two main attributes of the Original Being. For the same reasons as the fact of the existence of the Original Being, it is inexhaustible and eternal. It is a peculiar Physical Side of Him. This creative Energy functions according to His Laws and Principles, which constitute the second main attribute of the Original Being. Of course, those ones also exist eternally beyond time and space. Those derive from His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which create His Personality, or His Spiritual Side. "Theologically His Personality is called the Spirit of God.

Because the Original Being exists above all beyond time and space, it is not subject to the principle of causality functioning only in space-time. There is therefore no "His own" reason. In summary, the Original Being is a perfect and absolute God without the beginning or end, and therefore cannot have any "His" cause. He Himself is the absolute First Cause.

It should be explained why this assumption was adopted in this system. According to the essenceism, the existence of God is not a problem of faith, but a logical necessity. Essenceism rejects the view that the universe was made of nothing. In this situation, without the Creator's recognition as an Initial Necessity, the fact of the existence of the universe, and in particular the circumstances of the matter's existence, could not be explained. The same applies to the existence of life. In this case, the presence of the Creator is also a necessity.

Of course, these assertions of essenceism will be constantly verified in the course of the analysis of the truth of the thesis regarding the functioning of the Original Being and the fact that He could actually create the universe, life and people. In this respect, we are moving all the time in the sphere of the idea presented by essenceism.

The most important notion in the search for the Original Being is infinity, whose existence is acknowledged not only by scientists, but also in the universal human consciousness. Of course, infinity has no end, but it also has no beginning and it is the most difficult to accept.

Summarizing, in the Original Being, the Energy of the First Cause and the Laws that fill Him affect everything in the sphere beyond time and space (otherwise referred to as the spiritual world), as well as in the spacetime of the universe (referred to as the physical world). In the physical world, knowable by human beings, the attributes of the Original Being are transformed into concrete forms of energy and matter perceived by our senses and all laws discovered by science. The method of their learning describes the epistemology of essenceism.



Chapter 3

Understanding God's presence

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Essenceism very clearly emphasizes the presence of God in the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, it points out that He is not in the space-time of the universe. He is only indirectly in it. Indirect presence means that on Earth there are created by Him forms of energy and matter and laws derived from Him, some of which we read as His Providence. It will be mentioned in one of the chapters of this study.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists introduced the concept of space-time, creating conditions for the establishment of boundary conditions for the existence of the universe. Albert Einstein and his successors presented us to the universe as an expanding structure that had its origin. It clearly separated the sphere of space-time from the sphere beyond time and space. This was the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, although not everyone is aware of it. According to essenceism, this allows us to distinguish the creative work of God from the sphere of the existence of His Personality and the Source of the origin of His Power. God's work, of course, is the universe in which we now live. At the same time, His Personality and Energy of the First Cause are filled with "His space," or sphere beyond time and space.

Time-space is relatively easy to understand by people, while understanding the sphere beyond time and space most often exceeds our human capabilities. This difficulty of understanding results from the fact that we function and reason here in conditions limited by space-time.

The metaphor of a residential building built by a well-known architect can help us understand our situation. Different people live in this building, but the architect does not live in it. It is only indirectly present there through its creative concept and the structural conditions of the building created by him. You can call them the presence of his "spirit". The effects of his vision are constantly there. However, now the architect does not control the use of the building anymore, because he lost the opportunity to influence his future. Now someone else is managing the effects of his creative thought. Therefore, he does not supervise the life of the inhabitants, he does not assess their way of life, because there are no such possibilities.

At the same time, the architect described above lives somewhere outside this building, in his living space. Surely, he slowly creates next buildings, waiting for a return to the first one. It is the same with God - the Architect of the universe.

Perhaps someday, when people fix their situation, they will welcome "Their Architect" - the Creator.



Chapter 4

Important knowledge about God

What knowledge about God should be taken into account in our lives?

1. Knowledge of the Original Being

God must be the Absolute, Eternity, Perfection, and also superior to our image of Goodness. These qualities mean that the Original Being is the foundation of the perfect state of all things.

2. Knowledge about the source of the origin of all things

The Original of Being, or the Creator, must create "from Himself", in other words, that the universe must be His "product" derived from Him. The Original Being fills itself above all with the whole impenetrable and unlimited sphere beyond time and space, called the spiritual world. In particular, this "fulfillment" is His Energy and His Personality. Divine Energy is an unlimited and inexhaustible "material". God cannot "borrow" this "material" from someone else, because only He is the One and Absolute First Cause and the Source of All. Therefore, the physical universe is His exclusive work.

3. Knowledge about the Personality of the Original Being

God must be the Source of the Laws and Principles found in universe. This is His fundamental attribute alongside His Elemental Energy. Therefore, we can call Him the Legislator of the real Personality. Therefore, God is an Unlimited, Perfect Personality endowed with Intelligence, Will and Sensitivity.

4. Knowledge about the Goodness and the Heart of the Creator

Everything that comes from the Creator completely exhausts the concept of Good. It is the result of combining the qualities of His Personality with the Powerful Energy. The "central" point of this connection is His Heart - the primary cause of the origin of the universe and the source of His Love.

5. Knowledge about the Creator's purposefulness

The above-mentioned Original Being is guided by the creative plan that is embedded in Him. He aims to create beings similar to Him, which he treats as His children. I am talking about us - about people.

6. Knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven

The entire universe is an apartment for people that has been eternally boiled for centuries. If this happens, then the entire cosmos can be called the Kingdom of Heaven.

7. Knowledge about human personality

The knowledge of the existence of the Original Being implies the possibility of understanding who the human being is in the face of omnipotence. It is connected with the fact that there is an eternal personality in us, that is our unique spiritual person. This is one of the most important facts in the universe: every human being at his birth receives from the Original Being the beginning of an eternal spiritual person in the form of his "breath". During the "earthly" life man has to bring it to a state of perfection.

8. Knowledge about the situation on Earth

Unfortunately, on our Earth we do not have the Kingdom of Heaven, known as good. We have rather the opposite, that is, evil; in other words, hell. This situation arose as a result of the unlawful seizure of control over humanity by Satan, or the transformed Archangel Lucifer. That is why the history of mankind is a process of renewal of the lost world prepared beforehand by the Creator, that is, the history of salvation. The fundamental progress in this process was made by Jesus Christ, assisted by angels and people aware of the tasks they perform. The further process of salvation should lead to the establishment of the expected Kingdom of Heaven.

9. Knowledge that God does not know evil

The fundamental knowledge resulting from the analysis of the Personality of the Original Being is the understanding that God does not know evil. It is knowledge that should reach all believers in the existence of God. The author of this analysis devoted a special brochure to this fact entitled "True God does not know evil," because this is the most important knowledge that should reach all believers.

10. Knowledge that God cannot participate directly in life on Earth

God does not supervise our lives, does not introduce punishments for His children, neither on a regular basis, nor after entering the spiritual world, and especially does not punish us with hell. This is because our civilization is not created by Him. It means that our world does not work according to its original principles. You can call it hell, or a world without God. Of course, from the very beginning there are the laws of nature created by him and the spiritual laws that constitute the so-called Divine Providence. This has been described in detail in one of the chapter of Essenceism.

11. Knowledge that God cannot replace people in the process of the salvation of the world

Salvation from evil must be carried out without God's direct participation. Evil is the sole responsibility of people and angels. Each of us is a subject in this task and no one, not even God, can replace a man in responsibility for himself and for the whole world. Salvation can only be achieved through the combined effort of people, angels and the Son of God.



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