Chapter 14

Personal relationship with God

Essenceism confirms the evident fact that the concept of the ideal world prepared by the Creator has not been realized. In addition, according to this system, this may not happen until we have our bad reality, which began with tragic events at the very beginning of human history. Of course, people don't think that way. Rather, they think that after what happened in the so-called Garden of Eden, the world normally develops as if nothing special had happened. It was simply meant to be, that is, these are the laws of nature or, in the case of believers, these were the Creator's plans. Even if we treat the events in this Garden symbolically, we still do not think about whether the development of the world is different than planned.

However, it is worth drawing conclusions from this. Essenceism definitely shows that at the very beginning the Creator's concept stopped in place and has not moved forward since then. There has been a completely different development of our civilization, which was inspired by another "creator", Satan. That is why essenceism calls our world hell, although we cannot see devils running around with pitchforks.

So, according to essenceism, the concept of the ideal world initiated by the Original Being stopped at the level to which the first people came at the time of the fall, that is, at the individual level. The sphere of good also stopped then and the sphere of evil began to form. Since then, people spiritually controlled by the forces of evil have begun to build the present civilization, in which the family, generational, social, national level has been created. At these levels, a reality other than divine has already existed from the beginning. This is because God only works with the reality created by Him, and this only applies to the individual spirituality of man. It is only because we have a spiritual person born by Him that there is still a weak level of awareness of the existence of "pure good" from the Creator Himself. Despite the enormous efforts of Jesus Christ, the concept of the Creator remains on an individual level.

Therefore, praying to God or invoking good forces from the spiritual world in matters higher than the individual level has no logical justification. This particularly applies to world, national, economic or political matters. For example, a call to God to free a nation from the occupation of a hostile regime does not make sense. It concerns a state completely contrary to his conception, i.e. a state of evil of which He knows nothing.

Our reality is therefore different than in the plans of the Creator. That is why we cannot experience true happiness at levels higher than individual, and even there the state of this feeling is limited. This applies, for example, to falling in love or winning a sporting competition.

To sum up: the level of God's Providence, that is, the level of God's laws that we know leading to perfection, concerns only the individual level. Only on it can the human sphere of good be based. Only then it exerts an influence on other levels of human life.

Chapter 15

Limited social opportunities

I have witnessed how different religions function.

I have seen with my own eyes how difficult and even impossible it is to get rid of wrong views. I have found out many times in conversations with followers of different religions how extremely difficult it is to understand that God knows no evil. I saw how others could not accept that God alone would not save the world. I've also noticed that evil is doing well in our world... I've also seen religion fall...

So who can you count on to fix the world?

First, my experiences with scientists...

They are people who want a better tomorrow, full of energy in discovering new spaces for the development of civilization. These are the hardest to convert to the "horned". Unfortunately, they are easily exploited by politicians, businessmen and the institutions that finance them. I know that scientists do more good than bad, which distinguishes them from politicians and businessmen, but they are not innocent themselves either. Let them continue to work, but they know little about saving the world...

I also watched what businessmen do...

It is in their action that good and evil are mixed, unfortunately for the benefit of the latter. In business, more than anywhere else, all the features of fallen human nature come to the fore. This area of civilization is burdened with the so-called original sin of greed, greed, selfishness and lies. They are unlikely to be counted on to fix the world, though many of them are talented but not enough to help humanity.

Whereas politicians...

They are still fighting for power over people. Since Satan does what they do, he would be an idiot if he didn't use these people. And he is definitely not an idiot. For centuries, political decision-makers seeking power have created various forms of bad governance, bloody regimes, totalitarianisms, and this in every corner of the world. They use distinctive titles such as pharaohs, emperors, kings, presidents, first secretaries, party leaders. With a few exceptions, they are people who maintain the world's bad state. Humanity cannot count on them either, even if they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Right...?

Finally people of faith ...

It's painful, but most of the time they can't be counted on. They are those who, according to Jesus Christ, persecuted the prophets, the saints, and Himself. Unfortunately, they continue to do so. They have eyes but they can't see, they have ears but they can't hear, they have reason and they can't understand the source of evil. It is a pity that these words of the Savior are still accurate. It has been seen for centuries how Judaism, Christianity and Islam try to silence those who indicate the real power of Satan by all means. The harmfulness of such a procedure is evident, because his position and strength, incorrectly recognized by these religions, guarantees him a still dominant position over humanity. It can even be assumed that these religions work in Satan's favor, which raises the suspicion that they themselves are dominated by him, as well as the world of politics and business. If, apart from politicians and businessmen, religions also favor Satan, then the future of mankind should be seen in black colors.

It is a pity that this is the pessimistic scenario…


Chapter 16

The consequences of this that God does not know evil

To say that God does not know evil can be a shock to those who believe that the Creator is all-knowing, that is, he knows everything. Although religions present such a God, essenceism strongly claims that the scope of His omniscience has an exception, that is, a state that concerns the existence of evil. This condition is an abyss that cannot exist for Him. From this it follows that, apart from God, a completely new reality, unknown to Him, arose. It is like a cancer "attached" to the original world planned by the Creator. That's how you can imagine hell.

Another surprise may be the statement that God does not participate in the lives of people on Earth. This means that although He is, He is not there. In our world, which I have called hell, "lord of this world" still reigns, as Jesus Christ called Satan. I take it for granted that God cannot engage in hell, that is, he cannot act in the same place as Satan. So He is not here with us. Attributing God to participation in the life of the world under Satan's rule is very inappropriate and means a complete lack of understanding of the Creator's Personality.

That is why it is good to realize that God does not observe our behavior, does not assess us on an ongoing basis and does not wait after our death with punishments for those who did something contrary to His laws. He is not our caretaker or policeman, but rather a perfectly good and loving Father. Not only are we suffering in satanic slavery, many religions "accuse" God of preparing additional punishments and suffering for His children after the end of earthly life. One must not feel the Heavenly Father's heart at all to preach such ideas. All punishments and suffering felt after entering the spiritual world are our remorse when we realize our mistakes and sins committed in physical life. For those who still have any doubts about the Creator's reaction to our entrance into the spiritual world, I recommend the parable of the prodigal son. In it, Jesus showed how Heavenly Father's unconditional love works. Not only does He not punish anyone for their sins, but He joyfully welcomes everyone's return to Him. For God knows no evil. He knows only the good, so He does not introduce our bad past in the physical world into His Knowledge.

Introducing untrue information to the consciousness of people that God knows evil, should be considered one of the greatest successes of "the master of this world." In this way, Satan managed to "degenerate" in some way the image of God in the eyes of people. This happened in almost all religions on the globe. The oldest tribes were warlike gods, vindictive and conflicting. Egyptian, Greek or Roman gods were involved in human affairs full of evil, harm and false justice. The so-called tribal gods had their peoples chosen, and the so-called biblical or Quranic ruled people with (stick for forgiveness) "stick and carrot". These "gods" generously spread privileges to various rulers "by God's grace," pointed out the elect, who later became the object of worship, allowed the inquisition to burn innocent people's heaps, accepted various sacrifices for "redeeming evil deeds," and ruled all through so-called "Providence." All this, as I emphasized earlier, is one of the main successes of the one who from the beginning, that is from the Garden of Eden, is the "father of lies".

In practice, this success of "master of this world" greatly damaged the psyche of the inhabitants of the Earth. This is quite well seen in Europe, where Christian culture has been developing the longest. It was here that the fighting knights wore Christian symbols on their breasts, and at the same time participated in the genocide. It was here that soldiers murdered millions of innocent people, bearing the words "God is with us". It should also be mentioned that once such European "warriors" murdered most of the Indians in America, this time without any banners or inscriptions. Catholic church leaders are also responsible for the genocide of the Inquisition and the Crusades. If European churches have taught clearly from the moment of their creation that God does not allow evil, and even does not know it, and if they taught that evil is created by people against God's laws, then the history of Europe could have been different. And so we have not only in this part of the world, but also in other countries, "religious" consent to destroy the good with the help of beautiful slogans or lies that look like the truth. This is especially true for actions that are completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Especially when analyzing Christ's mission, one must take into account the fact that God does not know evil. This is true of Christians' claim that God sent His Son to eliminate our sins through martyrdom on the cross. Such belief is another example of a complete misunderstanding of the Creator's Personality. Now I must once again quote the words that I repeat in all my publications: "How could God, the creator of the commandment" do not kill ", used a blood sacrifice, or rather murder, as a method for saving the world ?! Jesus couldn't kill himself, but people had to do it. Under no circumstances may a murder by human children of God be an instrument in God's hands. The idea of ​​salvation through a bloody sacrifice is pagan, and like everything pagan, it is very distant from God's ways of acting”.

A practical analysis of the situation in which God is accused of knowing evil leads to the conclusion that the only absolute Source of Good, much needed in the evil world, is being destroyed. It is indispensable in a society where good is not learned in its pure form, that is, from God's law. Humanity continues to experience wickedness in the form of wars, strife, disease, and other calamities. We are surrounded by evil, so we often have to act inappropriately, not realizing what is the right good. I have to say once again that religious organizations do not sufficiently teach what is good and focus more on pointing out what is bad. An example is the Ten Commandments, which are only a collection of words for what is evil. Indeed, most religions warn against evil, but at the same time do not present sufficient standards of good. For example, the few Catholic saints are unable to "cover up" the misconduct of the clergy in the Catholic Church, which too often does evil. The only positive sign is that they lead people to do what is right for them.

Usually Christian Bible scholars "enter" into it, like a barn (sorry for the wording) and take what they like or what they "fall under their hands." As a result, we have thousands of confessions and a lack of a clear vision of God's Laws that could be the Divine Constitution. Therefore, Christians and representatives of other religions should clearly understand that it is not God, but we, as the heirs of those who participated in the emergence of evil, are to rectify this evil. This means that people and angels led by the Son of God are responsible for the process of world renewal. The inhabitants of the earth should create the right conditions for him to be born. This is what happened during the Old Testament. This enabled the birth of the Second Adam - Jesus Christ, who, like the First Adam, did not have original sin, i.e. he had no connection with evil. This should also happen in our time. Therefore, one must be very careful not to "crucify" God's Son when He appears.

By knowing the truth that God does not know evil, we can finally understand Jesus' words: "My God, My God, why did you forsake me?" (Mt 27, 46). Jesus told the truth when he died. His words are an expression of the real feeling that God really abandoned him. Before that, he was with Jesus all his life until Jesus decided to sacrifice the redemption of humanity at the expense of his own life. This situation led to the failure of John the Baptist's mission, lack of faith of the chosen people, fear of the apostles, betrayal of one of them, as well as denial by his closest disciple. The second Adam faced the direct duel with the former Archangel Lucifer all alone, abandoned even by His Father. Once, First Adam left Heavenly Father, beginning the process of evil after "losing the duel" with this Archangel. Many thousands of years later it was time to repair the fall of Adam and Eve. Only in this way could the Son of God, the Second Adam, redeem almost the entire spiritual world without God's help. Thanks to this, he enabled all people to break ties with Satan. At the same time, he could assure himself the position of the Lord of the "Garden of Eden". It was only there that Heavenly Father could wait for Him and also for those whom Jesus helped to free himself from evil.

If any religion still claims that God knows evil or allows it to exist, it burden him with Satan's deeds and put him with him in the same place, that is, in hell in our world. This leads to the simple conclusion that such a religion favors Satan, supporting him in his further power on Earth. This may lead to the suspicion that such a religion is distorted by "the master of this world." Attributing to God that he constantly observes our behavior and actively influences it is what Satan does with us. Therefore, it is not proper to "accuse" the Creator of knowing evil when he is absolutely good.

In order to properly present the True God, I had to, unlike all religions, call Him the Original Being and clearly define His attributes. It is from them that this is a loving Father waiting for us. One should not be afraid of Him because there is no love where there is fear. It appears when we burden God with judging our sins and punishing us. It was to stop this fear that my essenceism was created. Through it I try to make people understand who the Original Being presented in this study is. No reward awaits me, but rather criticism from those who disagree with me. By adopting the attitude of a scientist, I do all this to increase my knowledge of the Creator of humanity.


Chapter 17

Why is evil so dangerous?

Since good has its source in the Personality of the Original Being, evil is its opposite, it also has its personal source, that is, Satan. This is a situation affecting the state of our world. Since essenceism claims that God cannot directly help us to eliminate evil, because He is not here with us, and at the same time Satan has constant access to us, this is a dangerous situation. It can be that, if people are idle, evil will last forever.

The matter is made worse by the fact that knowledge of evil mechanisms among people is very poor. It is amazing that although Jesus treated Satan as the most formidable opponent in the history of mankind, the heirs of Christ's teachings follow the opposite of his Master. Either they disregard his existence or proclaim that Satan is already a lost figure, and his action is the convulsion of the former "ruler of this world". These are very harmful views for humanity. Other religions, following in the Christians, eagerly uphold the myth of the defeated Satan.

Meanwhile, the situation is just as dangerous as before the appearance of Jesus Christ. It is true that He won the individual duel with this fallen Archangel, but at the global level Satan still remains the "prince of this world". So Jesus' warnings should be valid for us. There is still no countermeasure against the "master of this world". Yes, it is, and it can always be so in the case of the black scenario for humanity. However, I write about it, because very, very much, they do not want this scenario to last forever…


Chapter 18

Consequences of the existence of evil

From the point of view of the Creator's original plan, humanity was as if cast out of its actual reality. In place of the established scenario for humanity, which was to prepare us for eternal and happy presence in the spiritual world, an illusion was created to detach us from the true meaning of life. It is about destroying good and initiating evil. I translated this in previous parts of this study and in my other publications. Although such claims are far from a scientific approach to this issue, exceptionally in the case of evil I will continue to use arguments not usually used by science.

Therefore, I am saying that in the current reality we are not preparing properly for our more important part of existence. It is about our continued existence in the spiritual world. He is the eternal environment established by God for all people who have ever walked the earth. Contrary to signals from people who know the proper sense of human life, we still effectively suppress the need to prepare for the most important part of our existence. The main reason for our passivity is the fact that we are still surrounded by the structures of a fallen world, for centuries created largely on the inspiration of the perpetrator of this state, Satan. This is his great work. It is from his physically unrecognizable influence that we arrange our everyday life, creating hell. It takes us 24 hours a day and effectively diverts our attention from the true meaning of life. It can be said that Satan has arranged the world for us and we have "bought it".

The lack of knowledge about the roots of evil has wreaked havoc on the minds of the inhabitants of our globe. Now we are constantly feeling the effects. At the same time, philosophers of various kinds still feed us with statements that the existence of evil is necessary to correctly understand the good. This is an obvious absurdity in the light of the essence of the image of the world under God's sovereignty. Most theologians continue to convey to their faithful the wrong knowledge that the Creator has committed evil so that we, having free will, can choose between good and evil. They do not take into account the possibility that God did not create this evil, so there is no admission. Unfortunately, this is another absurdity that does a lot of wrong in people's mentality.

To understand the proper and good condition of our world, it is worth remembering that in an ideal world people will be looked after by their spiritual educators - angels. There will also be active people from the spiritual world who have already outlived their time on Earth and reached perfection. Of course, children starting their lives in such an ideal reality should be well brought up by parents and teachers who are mature for this role. They are to give them first of all the rights and principles emanating from the Creator. It is a pity that this does not happen in our current reality. Although God's Providence works, it is drowned out by the devastated moral standards that have been in our civilization for thousands of years. We are now led by the Fallen Teacher of the Garden of Eden and his evil spirits. Hence the practical influence of good angels and saints from the spiritual world is minimal, and we are not ready to receive them. It is a pity that the standards of good coming from the Creator are not widely taught. Without them, we do not know the important values ​​inherent in the world created for us. We have nothing to refer to when judging what is good and what is bad, hence we cannot distinguish good from bad. At the same time, the few who propagate Divine values are treated as mentally disturbed people, haunted people, or overzealous at best. Of course, you can try to avoid all contact with the source of evil, but you cannot protect against the influence of the society around us with its far-from-ideal models and living standards. It is difficult to isolate our children from the evil education system in education or ourselves from the governments of improperly selected politicians or those in power ruled by state leaders.

However, there are those who see that there is something wrong with our present world.  This can be better understood by watching the movie trilogy titled Matrix. This movie shows that there can be two different worlds in parallel: virtual (untrue) and real. The vast majority of people, living a life in an abnormal world, do not notice this state, because they cannot imagine anything else. It's about determining the state in which people live in ignorance of the real world situation. In the film Matrix, intelligent machines created a new reality that seemed normal and real to everyone. Meanwhile, it was a delusion in which they lived without knowing the true state of the world. Essenceism, taking the example of this film vision, claims that we now live in a reality that arose in our physical world, but is not the right world in which we should live. So we can say that it is an illusion of the world that should be. Essenceism indicates that our civilization arose against the Will of the Creator. Therefore, it has another creator who is worth identifying. This illusion, or our present world, began its existence in the biblical Garden of Eden from the moment when people gave up the concept of the world prepared by the Original Being. Of course, it happened here on Earth, not somewhere in the afterlife. The fact of the duration of humanity in the wrong world has highlighted the work of Jesus Christ. He clearly stated that His Kingdom is not of this world and that the proper ruler of our reality is Satan, that is, the one who in our Garden of Eden initiated our "matrix" reality. In this film, good is identified with true freedom, because the main character hears the sentence: "The Matrix imprisons you".

I also refer to this sentence and say: Satan imprisons us. We left the world of God and found ourselves in a reality reminiscent of a large prison, so large that it is difficult to see its boundaries. This is the hell we live in. That is why essenceism tries to present on the following pages a proposal to get out of a situation that resembles a Matrix.

The expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise is an event symbolically depicting their exclusion from the world of God, that is, from the sphere of goodness, which was this biblical "garden". After all, there was no dumpster outside his gate for the failed works of the Creator. Apart from this "garden" there was a kind of abyss, a sphere of evil not created by God but created after the fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, we live in a world that can be called "east of Eden" biblically. It is a world of spiritual death with limited perception of real reality. In short, our civilization realizes itself completely outside God, that is, it exists outside His Reality and His Will.

In the Garden of Eden, the education of God's children was also interrupted. To this day, we have not even come close to the level of our eternal knowledge. I mean, first and foremost, spiritual knowledge, because the physical, thanks to science, was provided by the people themselves. The exclusion of man from the Garden of Eden, therefore, made him a spiritually defective being, that is, uneducated and far from perfect. The proper spiritual knowledge should be given to the first people by the Archangel and the angels accompanying him, but due to the fall, this did not happen. The lack of this teaching has not been made up today, despite the efforts of the prophets, saints, Jesus Christ and the leaders of countless religious denominations. Satan continues to guard his position as "god of this world." He does not allow the children of Heavenly Father to raise the level of their spiritual knowledge beyond that which they obtained before their fall in the biblical "Garden". After leaving this place, we stopped in development at a fairly low level. As a result, we understand God very poorly, as well as the spiritual world and its laws and principles. Religions only give us a rudimentary understanding of the Creator, and they are actually limited to telling us the principles of faith in Him. Meanwhile, the science of God and the spiritual world outside time and space should develop as scientific thought has evolved for many centuries. Unfortunately, this does not happen and this fact determines the great disadvantage of our civilization. In the light of the above argument, I am also aware of my incomplete knowledge of the proper state of the world.

Let's imagine that an ideal and eternal world is like a huge spherical area, a huge sphere on which a malignant tumor has grown. Virtually all people should live in this sphere containing the Kingdom of Heaven. Meanwhile, so far, no one lives in it, because all people remain outside this sphere in this tumor, which is still on it and feeds on its cost.

It seems that the environment in which we live is just a sick degeneration of the world parasitizing the work of God. Based on this degenerated state, a new structure was created that pretends to be the right world. To sum up, our current civilization is not only an artificial, but also a sick creature that must be liquidated over time. It is a creation that is incompatible with God's Will, and therefore it is not eternal.

It is now easier to understand the words recorded in the Bible: "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36) or "I came down from heaven" (John 6:38), because they concern someone who belongs to this sphere, but temporarily entered a tumor stuck to it. That person was Jesus Christ. He and people who understand the original purpose of creating the world and at the same time live in our hell are people who do not match reality, as if alien to everyone else. That is why their lives may be at risk. They are like sheep among wolves.

We can now imagine what Jesus wanted to do. He just intended to lead us out of this cancer, that is, from hell on Earth. It was His way to bring us back a proper life. He was not recognized, however, as this true guide, although He spoke of Himself: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14: 6). People in His day closed their way to the Kingdom of Heaven, and replaced the truth with untruth, or evil. The Jewish people, choosing untruths, lost several thousand years of building their way to the Kingdom of Heaven and several thousand years of efforts of their central figures preparing them for the coming of the Savior. It was true at the time that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah, and it is not true that He was not. Unfortunately, false prevailed. Evil is very easily created around us. It is different with the good which in our reality is created with great effort. Truth is a good that we know for years, even over many centuries. Meanwhile, untruth, like evil, can destroy the truth in a few seconds. This is how the fallen world works, that is, our hell.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the Original Being is the source of the only state destined for our world. This state can be called good or truth. The evil that arose at the beginning of humanity created a state completely outside of Him, beyond His knowledge and possibility of interference. He calls this state of essenceism the spiritual death of mankind, or hell.



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