Chapter 21

Vision about the human condition

Essenceism arose to re-describe the First Cause of all things, that is, the Original Being. According to my system, He created from Himself the space-time of the universe for the development of His children, that is, all of us. Therefore, he must be called Heavenly Father or the Creator.

Let me remind you once again that in essenceism I reserve the concept of "person" for a being that exists eternally in the image and likeness of the Original Being. It is, of course, about a man, that is, a being endowed with a personality similar to its Creator. For the first, physical period of his life, taking place in the physical world, he lives as an integrated coexistence of a physical and spiritual person. A physical person has the task of leading a spiritual person to perfection while living in the physical world. After the end of the functioning of the physical body, i.e. after physical death, the spiritual person continues to live forever in the sphere beyond time and space, coexisting with his Creator in the child-father relationship.

From this it follows that we live in the world, and more precisely in the space-time of the universe, which is for us a temporary, i.e. a transitional state of physical and spiritual development. The earth was therefore to be one large living space for people who had both a physical and a spiritual person. We should be supported by angels, or spiritual guardians of humanity. Angels are spiritual beings, similar to the spiritual person of man, eternally existing in the sphere beyond time and space. Their job is to serve people. They play the same symmetric role in the world, apart from time and space that animals play in the physical world for a natural person.

This reality was originally prepared by the Original Being - the First Cause. Unfortunately, a negative and destructive event happened, that is, evil. Another, bad reality arose, created by the Archangel Lucifer - the educator of the first people, and by themselves. As a result of the reversal of the direction of the force of love, the human personality, instead of the Original Being, that is, the Heavenly Father, was subordinated to this evil educator. He is named Satan. Almost from the very beginning, he has been leading humanity against the original assumptions of the Creator. To distinguish this state from the proper state prepared for man, that is, from "heaven", the present reality can be called "earth", or more bluntly hell, because that is the name of the "institution" that is governed by Satan. Although we do not like it, it must be said that we live in hell, which is a world that is not the correct concept of our Creator.

It follows from the above that God is not here with us, because there cannot be one reality in which He and His complete opposite, Satan, exist together. The Original Being exists only in the state of reality beyond time and space, separated from people by their unlawful "guardian", Satan. So we live in a satanic reality that is not our proper reality, and which is a bad state called the fallen world. In this system, Satan is both the source and the center of evil. This is, according to essenceism, the present state of our world.

So it can be said that the history of mankind is the story of people's suffering in a wrong reality guided by the anti-god Satan. Therefore, we deserve deliverance from this evil state, or salvation. Attempts to get out of this situation have occurred throughout human history. The greatest event was the work of Jesus Christ, which was unfortunately brutally interrupted by people led by Satan. As a result of the short life of Jesus Christ as the reborn Son of God, there was only spiritual salvation, that is, the redemption of spiritual people from the power of Satan. This process continues in the form of the further redemption of our spiritual persons, who consciously use the redeeming work of their Savior after physical life.

Thus, the world requires full salvation, that is, the completion of the process started by Jesus Christ. Only people led by the Son of God with the support of angels can do this. It cannot be done by God alone, who has not in any way participated in the destruction of His work. God does not know evil because He did not create it and has nothing to do with it. He is the source of good, that is, the proper state of human existence. We only know His Providence, that is, His eternal laws and principles leading everything to perfection, including in a special way to the perfection of people themselves. The difference between people and all universe is that people must themselves participate in shaping their perfection, adding to the process their will and responsibility for its fulfillment. The appearance of the Son of God among us is necessary to lead the world to salvation. He is the one who has no dependence on Satan, has no fallen nature that all other people have. This means that the world will be saved through the educational and teaching activities of the Son of God, which is what Archangel Lucifer - the educator of the first people - should do at the beginning of human history. This is how Jesus Christ understood his mission in the early days. So this is the unchanging concept of the Creator, which has never changed, because it comes from a perfect Creator.

In summary, the mission of mankind is to carry out the process of salvation without the direct participation of the Original Being. It is about accepting the Earth-born Son of God who will guide humanity, teaching it about its Creator and protecting it from Satan. As a result, the joint efforts of the Son of God, replacing the "biblical" Adam, and his partner, the Daughter of God, replacing the "biblical" Eve, and all mankind supported by angels will end the reign of Satan. This will bring the right world back under God's sovereignty.

According to my understanding, people who save the world under the direction of the Son of God do not have to belong to one of the many religious organizations. It is enough for them to get to know the original concept of the world shaped by the Original Being and understand our present state. Essenceism calls such people globetrotters, i.e. missionaries of our time who, like Jesus' disciples, will go out into the world to pass on the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It means the world under the authority of our Creator.

Chapter 22

How to practically save the world?

From the earliest times it can be seen that people are burdened with evil and not immune to it. There is also a great ignorance of its existence, although it has penetrated deeply into our civilization. Evil accompanies not only politics, economy or culture, but also religion.

The story of the Israelites passing through the desert showed how strong evil is even in the most "religious" social situation. While Moses was trying to make them aware of God's protection, they resumed the worship of the golden calf, which was the obvious opposite of what he wanted. When, risking his life and sacrificing himself, he prepared the nation to start a new life, in his absence they returned to superstitions completely contrary to the will of Yahweh. For Moses, their behavior meant a return to the worship of Satan. No wonder he reacted by smashing the Stone Tablets.

Over the centuries, humanity has surrendered to evil with extreme ease. At the same time, it could hardly see actions to restore the good established by the Creator. Hardly anyone could handle this situation. It would seem that most religions, especially the great ones, were called to this task. Unfortunately, all denominations, churches and religious movements can be burdened with evil so much that instead of working on the salvation of people, they continue to worship the "golden calf". They can only think that they serve God and extend their faith, but in fact they are a tool at the disposal of the "master of this world." For example, the Catholic church sometimes looks like ancient temples with wealth, in which priests in colorful robes worship the Savior's golden symbols instead of introducing His teachings.

Therefore essenceism claims that religion should be preached in the form of individual transmission of religious knowledge, just as it is done by itinerant missionaries or monks. As a result of the analysis of the history of religion, it can be concluded that established churches, congregations, religious communities and other similar structures are unable to stimulate their faithful to actively participate in the process of saving the world. They can only afford to persuade people to wait ready for what God will do. Meanwhile, only earnest teaching of responsibility for salvation based on our own example can give measurable results. The proper teaching about salvation should follow the mission of Christ. It should be a journey around the world to personally move every person. Nowadays, it can be additionally done in the virtual form on social networks. This method gives some direct approach to the other person to explain his problem of bringing the world back to a state consistent with the concept of the Creator.

Therefore, the most effective would be missionaries traveling around the world, aware of their knowledge of God, showing on their own example how to love all people as God's children without exception. This is the best way to implement Jesus Christ's recommendation to "walk and teach." It means spreading love and passing on the knowledge brought by the Son of God. It can be like a municipal news passed from mouth to mouth, from computer to computer or from smartphone to smartphone. In this way she will be able to touch each of us. It's also like the COVID-19 coronavirus, which has spread to infecting the whole world. It passed from person to person, interfering in the next human life. It was difficult to stop and very effective. It carried with itself a new mutation of life. When this virus was closed in hospitals, people were told to sit at home and at the same time they were separated from each other by quarantine, it disappeared. Therefore, you cannot close the teaching of salvation in temples. It can be seen that knowledge of God cannot "sit at home" and "be in quarantine." It must move from person to person, "mutate" our lives, and finally "infect" the whole world with love for the Creator. There is only one love for the Father of humanity. Apparently, Jesus Christ showed her, but she was also shown by many good people. The condition for such activity was very clear: these "globetrotters" were to unconditionally love all people, unconditionally forgive their entire past and unconditionally devote their lives to this "walking and teaching".

Hence the important conclusion on how to save the world. This is not to be done by God, but it must be done by people led by the Savior. Jesus once walked among us and taught. He prepared and sent into the world many such "globetrotters" like Him. Now there may also be such "travelers". All they have to do is leave their churches, synagogues, temples, parish houses, catechetical rooms and other institutions. Instead of sitting behind the walls of their abode, they can walk around the world, proclaiming exactly the love that Jesus preached and which he preached after Him who fully understood Him. I know that many of them were once persecuted and killed. No wonder, because Satan is still the master of this world. However, when many people who are in love with God and aware of the destructive power of Satan do it, it will have a huge clout. It may happen that salvation will be their lifelong mission. Those who are physically weak to "walk and teach" can do so over the Internet, social networking sites, websites, blogs and individual phone calls. However, those who are healthy should do it directly. It's like loving one man for another. You have to face another person, make friends with them, be with them for at least a moment to infect her with the virus of love from God. I do not know exactly how many clergy are separated by institutional walls from the real mission of "walking and teaching", but it is certainly a huge crowd that could cover a part of the world. In addition, they can be lay volunteers willing to "wander" the world. It can be a salesman in a neighborhood store, an upholsterer with a small plant on the outskirts of a city, a high school teacher, a newspaper head politician, favorite TV presenter, owner of a corner restaurant or a famous physicist with the Nobel Prize. I will write elsewhere about the "technique" of salvation and about the knowledge to be known.

Therefore, religions should be changed, creating crowds of "globetrotters". Other people who are not missionaries but are scientists, businessmen and especially politicians should support them. For example, they can help them move around the world, nourish them and eliminate all material barriers. By supporting these "globetrotters", people will allow themselves to "become infected with the love virus." It may take many years, but it will result in the right form of human civilization, which the Creator prepared thousands of years ago.

What I wrote above is of course just a beautiful dream. It is worth knowing, however, that in the face of the power of Satan, only the gigantic effort of all humanity can lead to full salvation. The Jewish nation did not make such a similar effort two thousand years ago, although it concerned only the scale of one small country. From the perspective of the consequences of the defeat of that time, we can now see that humanity faces a hundred times more difficult task. From this it follows that the chance for this form of world salvation is slim.

However, if we do not do this, then the only chance for salvation will be interference from outside. It is still not about the interference of the Creator, but perhaps other extraterrestrial civilizations. The weakness of my concept is above all that science has not yet found any traces of life in the space that surrounds us, let alone civilizations similar to ours. So I will have to defend my thesis based on the interpretation of the Creator's work in the form of a universe inhabited by people. Of course, it would be about helping entertain such a civilization in space in which it was never evil and which would be a role model for us. Unfortunately, for a pessimistic person, it is just as unlikely that the world will be saved with the help of human civilizations from other planets, as with the "globetrotters" described above.

Chapter 23

Teaching salvation according to essenceism

If a certain knowledge of who God is, what He is, and where He is at is given in essenceism, it should be used to analyze issues that have been the domain of religion until now. In books about essenceism, I described the Original Being and the human personality, and also examined the most dangerous phenomenon of our civilization, i.e. evil. This time I am trying to solve the problem of the salvation of the world. I have already written about it in many publications, and in previous chapters I have suggested who should conduct it. Now I turn to the content of teaching that should be spread by "globetrotters" around the world.

First of all, they should feel that they are facing an extremely difficult task, which, however, must be performed for the good of humanity and to give "as a gift" to Heavenly Father a world ready for His presence. They simply should feel like Jesus Christ himself, who had to take into account the situation that his mission could take him all his life and that he could pay for it with death. The basic knowledge they will carry with them constantly is that God knows no evil, and therefore salvation is the responsibility of people. They should feel that guardian angels are standing behind them, and that they draw their energy from the spiritual world cheering them on from the "spiritual stands". On a limited scale, this method has already been tested by Jehovah's Witnesses, although their teaching has not produced the expected results. However, their perpetual world crusade, despite the "church lifestyle" and biblical dogmatic, aroused my admiration.

The content of the teaching preached by "globetrotters" should concern the fact that people are eternal beings who, after a short physical life, are to continue their existence in the spiritual world. Everyone should be informed that from the very beginning of human history we lost our proper freedom and came under the rule of Satan. Because of this, we are on a very low spiritual level. Instead of being guided in life by the original nature received from the Creator, we succumb to the fallen nature inherited from Satan and constantly create evil. The way out of this situation is salvation. It must be conducted by people led by the Son of God and by God's angels. Teaching that people are one big family of children descended from God should also be an important point.

The salvation virus spread around the world by "globetrotters" will contain a "genetic code" with the knowledge that I write about in all my essenceism publications, including this one. I am not talking about one absolute and closed idea in the form of a dogma but about a wide field of research into spiritual phenomena that essenceism began. Therefore, no known religious book should be an unchanging truth to be followed in the present day. In essenceism, I pass on many lessons for personal reflection. I am sure that the primal nature hidden in us, as in my case, will expand it, giving everyone the opportunity to fully understand the idea of ​​eternal life.

For those who would like to use the themes of essenceism to better understand salvation, I include a compendium of knowledge at the end of this website in “Compendium” menu.


Chapter 24

Hope for spiritual freedom

From the very beginning, our civilization has focused on organizing human life in all possible places on the globe. The main reason for this is the increase in its number. This is probably the biggest factor of change. Everything is ordered to organize the existence of the inhabitants of the Earth. It has been like this for thousands of years. Should this be the image of our Earth still? However, one can imagine a completely different vision of our reality. It derives from a different concept of the meaning of our existence. Although the vision of essenceism does not deny the need to care for the proper development of the world and the quality of life of its inhabitants, it indicates that the current situation contradicts the sense of what we should be doing.

Suffice it to ask, is the growth of humanity just a spontaneous phenomenon in our lives, or does it have a different meaning? Understanding the possibility of maintaining a huge number of inhabitants on Earth, it is worth asking the question where does our desire to control it come from? Is anyone forcing us to do this? In order to answer these questions, I created the essenceism tools. I explore the world just like a doctor or a scientist, for example. In my system, I started to analyze what should originally exist in our world. The result of this study inevitably leads to the conclusion that we should return to the meaning of human existence that was given to us by the Creator. This sense is our eternal presence in the universe among many human civilizations.

For the civilization sphere of the West, what matters most is freedom. This is a state of individual human affairs. Of course, one can say that given social groups or entire statehoods are free, but this is only a shortcut that explains that in a given environment, human individuals are free from everything that violates their dignity and freedom of honest action. This is the optimistic news for the citizens of the world. Unfortunately, however, we have many prohibitions. There still seems to be too many. There are various restrictions that exist in society, ranging from the prohibition of free movement and ending with the freedom of expression in public space. This state blocks the possibility of salvation.

Why am I writing about this? Because essenceism proposes to break some ties that limit our freedom. It is primarily about freeing ourselves from the social pressure that weighs on us with religious dogma. It is about speaking freely about God as the Father of every human being, reminding us that everyone is eternal in the form of a spiritual person, and warning that Satan is present among us and manipulates our personalities. These are important topics for humanity, although not very popular. These matters must be moved by the people who prepare the world for salvation. I called them "globetrotters." It's worth just listening to them. Understanding them will allow us to breathe freedom after centuries of suppressing the proper sense of life in society. It is essenceism that encourages a breath of freedom, seeing in it a new hope for the emergence of an ideal world.



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