Chapter 22

Better understanding of Jesus’ teachings

It follows from the previous considerations that God is the Creator of the universe and that this universe emerged from Himself. They also show that His Personality in the form of His Laws and Praenergy permeates everything and everyone. Nothing and no one, no being, can absolutely compare with Him, not even Jesus Christ.

Essenceism firmly claims that Jesus Christ was a man, and the fact of calling Him the Son of God or the Son of Man proves this. Looking at Jesus as a perfect man, we can assume that we see a miniaturized image of God, that is, what each of us should be as a being created "in the image and likeness" of the Original Being. Jesus reflects with Himself everything that the Creator poured out of Himself onto people, that is, everything that He had most perfect. In creating man, He left nothing to reserve for Himself, as this would limit the perfection of his work. Therefore, Jesus can be like God "in a nutshell", Someone fully "in the image and likeness", that is, the Visible Image of God on Earth. At the same time, the spiritual person of Jesus presents in miniature the eternity of the Original Being.

Since essenceism has shown that the Creator does not know evil, then the Son of God must finally be treated as a human part of the responsibility for salvation. So Jesus had to be a man, of course, fully perfect and eternal, that is, the One who achieved the dignity of the Son of God. Then He could replace the one who had not achieved it, Adam. As a result, Jesus became the representative of humanity responsible for implementing the concept of the Creator. This knowledge can help the world religions understand their responsibility to prepare the conditions for receiving a Savior.

The appearance of Jesus' spiritual person among His apostles is treated as a resurrection. Meanwhile, it is the only sure proof of the eternity of every human being. The reality of this eternity in the spiritual world is due to the content of His teaching, as well as several episodes from His short life. The most interesting is the episode concerning His transformation on Mount Tabor. During this event, the apostles saw Him accompanied by Moses and Elijah. Of course, the greatest evidence for the eternity of people is His own resurrection and what happened after it. Then it was His eternal spiritual person who for several days "became physical" on Earth and contacted those who were able to notice it. In many of my studies on essenceism, I explain the phenomenon of "physicalization" on Earth of spiritual people from the spiritual world. It was foreseen by the Creator for the formation of one great and simultaneously everlasting universe family throughout the ages by His children.

Essenceism at every opportunity confirms that man as a spiritual person is eternal. Jesus, as each of us went through, the process of being born from Heavenly Father, that is, from the Original Being. This birth is each time a unique divine creative act that affects every human being. The spiritual person is formed from the beginning of the Divine Energy. Thus a new, eternal human being arises into which a personality emerged from the Divine Personality is grafted. The Creator gives it a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love and a "piece" of His Heart. Personal attributes from God for an individual person are realized when the Creator makes the decision to breathe life into the nascent natural person. This happens when the months of her development in the womb are over. Such an embodiment of attributes from the Creator can be taken as the proper beginning of divine fatherhood for a particular human being.

The birth of Jesus as the Second Adam is unique in that it was the result of a generational effort by a generation of spiritually inspired people in Israel who took responsibility for preparing the salvation of the world. As a result of their fulfillment of the condition of cutting off the influence of Satan on the birth of the Son of God, His birth from Mary's womb was completely under the protection of God's angels, as was the case with the First Adam. When Jesus, through the effort of His life, achieved personal perfection, to confirm that the perfect man stands higher than the angels, He fought a victorious spiritual duel with the former Archangel Lucifer. In this way, He became the first and so far the only perfect man in the history of mankind and the first to be called the Son of God.

Therefore, everything that Jesus did should be treated as the achievements of a perfect man. Especially the physicalization of His spiritual person after the resurrection is a timeless proof of eternity belonging to every human being. In this regard, Jesus' mission as the Redeemer of mankind was successful. Despite the failure of the Jewish people in the work of the complete salvation of humanity and Jesus' closest environment, His achievements made us realize the existence of the spiritual world, the possibility of contact with angels and the true condition of our world. As no one in history has demonstrated Satan's dominion over people and his power. He also made us aware of the conditions for changing the bad state of our world, that is, for its salvation.

Essenceism notes that the pain and sorrow resulting from a missed chance for salvation has not resounded sufficiently in the activities of Christianity over the past two thousand years. It would seem that this religion would implement Jesus' teachings, such as absolute love for others or unconditional forgiveness of their faults. Satan's imperious position towards people and the need to prepare for the second coming of the Son of God was also not understood. Religions still expect the Creator to intervene in the world under the rule of Satan. They did not correctly read Jesus' important message that humanity must carry out the process of salvation on its own. Thus, religious denominations should prepare their followers to create the conditions for the birth of a future Savior on Earth, and then let Him lead in the process of removing Satan from our world. This is a fundamental duty of all religious denominations. That is why I speak so clearly and openly about it. The driving force behind this task should be the fact that Jesus Christ made us aware of our eternity. On the one hand, this is very comforting news, but on the other hand, it carries the risk of not being saved if you constantly wait for what God will do.



Chapter 23

Better understanding of the angel’s mission

Angels were created to look after people and protect their lives, especially the spiritual ones. They are spiritual beings just like people, and actually like our spiritual persons. The question now is, does every human have such an angelic guardian? I wish it were so, and maybe it is. My knowledge does not allow to say whether there are just as many angels as there are people. It must be assumed that the spiritual world is governed by laws other than the physical world, and the "earthly" logic does not apply to beings living in the sphere beyond time and space. I predict that it is possible for an indefinite number of angels to interact with one person, as well as one angel to interact even with a large number of people.

An angel appears with a man when he is needed, that is, when he is to fulfill a mission or help. Very rarely, angels help our physical person, because for this they need the support of God's energy necessary to "become physical". They usually help our spiritual person by supporting the functions of our intelligence, will and affection.

An angel has no physical body and therefore has no senses associated with it. In our world, he cannot see, hear, taste, smell or shape by himself. Therefore, it cannot directly feel what our senses experience. However, when serving the spiritual person of a living person, he can equally use the "data" provided to him by a physical person who sees, hears and feels the reality around us. Therefore, the angel, thanks to the use of human senses on a par with a spiritual person, can fulfill his role as a spiritual guardian of man.

How can this work in a specific situation?

First of all, this angelic help must be wanted, because every person has free will and no angel will be our guardian "by force". Originally, man should occupy the position of the lord of all things and have power over the angels, so people must first wish for their help. To this end, our "personal" guardian must be given a name to confirm the lord–servant relationship established by the Creator. Only then, by using this name, can one address him with various requests, just as we address God. This is best done by making a specific wish or by praying. I remember well how my parents asked me to say the words of the prayer before going to bed: "Angel of God, my guardian, you always stand by me (...)". Each of us has the right to give him an order, while he should not order anything from a man. The best he can do is to warn him and try to get him to avoid danger. It only awakens our primal nature so that we know what to do.

Second, we must take into account the fact that angels serve us for a specific purpose. It is the realization of God's plans for all people. From the beginning, their goal was to lead us to personal perfection. Despite the fall of man, this goal has not changed, although we cannot achieve it yet. Therefore, all those who work for the salvation of the world should constantly seek spiritual support from the angels.

Third, you must know that angels were created to do good. The wrong precedent arises when an angel prompts a person to act against God's Will. We call it temptation. This was the first time in the Garden of Eden. So it may happen that a fallen angel under Satan gains access to a man. We call him an evil spirit or a demon. Such a demon violates our dignity and tries to take over us. This is how evil arises, i.e. a state contrary to God's law.

In the world under God's sovereignty, the help of angels in communication between spiritual persons was to be a normal phenomenon. As I mentioned before, the Creator, when contacting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, used the services of archangels and angels, so this communication took place both in the physical and spiritual world. For us on Earth, the phenomenon of interpersonal communication is understandable. People have physical senses and various technical means to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, in the spiritual world, these methods do not work. This is where we can see the primary role of angels. They help us establish constant mental contact with each other and, of course, with God Himself. In this way, they lead every person to achieve personal perfection. When this happens, their mission ends and people come under the direct authority of God.

In certain situations, a spiritual being such as an angel, constantly residing in the spiritual world, may take a material form in order to perform some activities in the physical world. It is worth knowing that in order to make a spiritual being, in this case an angel, physically appear, a huge amount of energy is needed to overcome the laws of physics. Only God has that power. Therefore, it is an action that is the absolute domain of the Creator. Without physical interaction between the Creator and a particular being, no real activity of anyone from the spiritual world can take place. Beings and persons can have access to God's energy only with the consent of the Creator, because they themselves do not have enough of it to make themselves physical. God's original plan was that His children, upon reaching maturity, would have full access to His Energy. They could then, while still remaining in the spiritual world, naturally become visible and have real contacts with people living on Earth in physical bodies.

It follows from the above that the scope of the "advantage" that angels now have over man comes from the fact that the world did not come into being in accordance with the Creator's conception, and people are far from reaching the level of personal perfection that belongs to His children. Unlike angels, they do not have access to God's energy or knowledge of the spiritual world. In this respect, it may seem that they are lower in the hierarchy of the spiritual world. However, this is only a temporary state, and the salvation of the world will restore proportions. Man was born as a child of God, His partner and as His "substitute". So the criteria for bringing people to life were completely different from what was the case with angels.



Chapter 24

Better understanding of the causes of evil

Most people face evil in their daily lives. In reaction to it, they look for its causes. Among these reasons, they cites poor state management by politicians, impunity of criminals who violate the law, weakness of the social order system, lack of social education, the dictates of large corporations, greed of banks, and many others, the list of which is very long. Among these reasons, it is worth adding the negligible influence of the moral standards at the heart of religion. People, giving all the reasons mentioned above, do not realize what the real cause might be. Only very few of us guess that behind the evil of this world may be the eternal source of evil that has taken root in every human being. This is how essenceism defines the phenomenon of the persistence of evil almost from the very beginning of human existence. My system does not restrict to clearly identify its source. In my publications, I would like to remind you that in the first years of humanity's existence, it lost direct contact with the Creator, because the Archangel Lucifer, who became Satan, took control of people. This originally good protector of people, as a result of the deviation of his educational mission combined with the reversal of the direction of love given to him by the Creator, became the actual "master of this world", as the discoverer of his identity, Jesus Christ called him.

Nowadays, very rarely anyone accuses Satan of being the cause of evil, because on a daily basis he sees that this evil comes from the people among whom we live. Unfortunately, due to our low spirituality, we are unable to delve deeper into the causes of evil. First of all, we did not listen well to the words of Jesus Christ, who very clearly pointed to Satan as the ruler of our civilization. We even weaker accept Jesus' statement that mankind has Satan as their father, and that our proper Father is outside our world in the "place" defined as Heaven.

From this it follows that it was Satan who transformed our civilization into the opposite of Heaven, that is, he created hell for us on Earth. Although we think we live in a so-called normal world, in fact, the evil god of this world mentioned above arranged our life for us, and we "bought" it. Today, hardly anyone suspects that in each of us Satan has his system of influencing our behavior in the form of fallen nature. It is not difficult to guess that we inherit it from him immediately after birth. So we live with this fallen nature, although we do not see it. This is because the fallen Archangel stopped our spiritual development at a rather low level. From the earliest times, our spiritual knowledge has remained at a low level and has not been significantly changed by the numerous efforts of prophets, saints, and spiritual religious leaders. The spiritual progress that Jesus Christ began to introduce took a very short time, because right at the very beginning of His mission, that is after three years, He was murdered by people under the influence of Satan. Thus, mankind has squandered the historic opportunity to remove Satan from his unlawful position. It is therefore worth remembering that it was people who prevented the Son of God from removing Satan and returning humanity to its Father's "home". In addition, we are still feeling the effects of this tragedy from two thousand years ago. The evil that is now in our era remains the same as it used to be. When we look at the testimonies of various events in our history given to us by famous chroniclers, we will notice that from the very beginning of humanity we have had the same problems with various forms of evil and its effects. In fact, there has not been any significant change since Cain killed Abel, though evil now has a more modern form.

Essenceism postulates, above all, that humanity be made aware of the true mechanism of evil and its source. Being aware of this situation, I propose to change the way of making mankind aware of the way of eliminating evil that has been proposed by religion so far. First of all, essenceism introduces knowledge that makes mankind aware of its current situation. It is also about making everyone aware that they can take part in the repair of our world. Essenceism explains that individuals who are trying to follow Jesus as best as possible have the best chance of resisting Satan. All higher levels of society, starting with the family level, are too much influenced by the "master of this world" to be able to successfully oppose him and lead to his removal from our lives. Thus, missionaries, whom essenceism calls globetrotters, could be up to this historical task. Their main goal should be to prepare humanity to accept the Son of God, that is, the One who is to be born on Earth without any bond with Satan and who will become its guide in the work of saving us from evil. This should help people receive the Savior.



Chapter 25

Better understanding of good and evil

If the Creator of the universe really exists and has done his work well, then He must have arranged the world for us in accordance with its maximum potential. It seems He created it for us, who should be in His image and likeness. This fact gives a chance to learn about His laws and principles after getting to know the universe and people. My system of essenceism defines them as Divine Providence.

The further arrangement of civilization on Earth was associated with human contribution to the work of the Creator. And here we have a problem. There are many indications that it was not us who brought the world to its present state.

From the teachings of Jesus Christ, it can be concluded that instead of being guided by the laws of God's providence, we are guided by someone who replaced the Creator and took over us. It could be someone who was supposed to look after people only in the initial stage of development, and then hand over to them responsibility for the development of civilization and for themselves. These conditions correspond to Archangel Lucifer, who was probably called by the Creator to take care of God's children during their childhood with other angels. It had to be this way because they had no physical parents, and God Himself, as a perfect Being, could not raise them.

Meanwhile, this situation at the beginning of our history has turned from a good to a bad condition. As a result of these events, the main protector of people, Archangel Lucifer, disappeared from the sphere belonging to the Creator and became Satan. He shaped a new sphere of evil, and thus changed our environment into a bad reality contrary to the Creator's concept, i.e. into the so-called hell. Today we have a world arranged by people, but not inspired by the Original Being and not according to His script. So we have hell headed by its boss, Satan.

In practice, in our world, evil exists together with good, and it is difficult to see the advantage of the original laws and principles from the Creator over the evil laws inspired by Satan. Unfortunately, most often evil precedes good. Therefore, there is a great need for the right mechanisms to work to define evil as a state that is contrary to the proper state of good coming from the Creator. This statement, apart from the fact that it directly concerns religion, should also apply in a comprehensive manner to all social institutions. The point is that they should clearly define evil as non-compliance with generally accepted law and with honest moral principles. For example, breaking a country's constitution should be labeled evil. Therefore, people who break the law: moral, state or divine are evil people, which, apart from legal aspects, proves that they are controlled by Satan.

In general, it can be said that good is what should be or existed originally, and evil is what should not be. From this it follows that God is the One who should always exist in our consciousness while Satan broke into it. For all of us, Satan cannot be some kind of delusion, but someone definitely substantial, that is, a being as real and concrete as possible. God is therefore the embodiment of good that should accompany us for eternity, and Satan is the personal embodiment of evil that has invaded our world.

It is worth noting that when evil is created, it is often presented by people as good, otherwise it might not be received positively by us. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel Lucifer presented "eating the fruit" as a good thing leading to the truth about the world and being like God. At the same time, God was as if accused of not admitting His children to adequate knowledge, which might suggest that He was doing wrong. On the part of the people, such behavior might seem correct, because the first people were sure that the Archangel who looked after them had only good. Meanwhile, this "eating", as warned by God, was evil.

It follows from the above that in our world, i.e. in hell, good is manipulated for the benefit of evil. This is evidenced by most of the actions of politicians towards their nations. A simple example of pedophile priests is also evidence of this. They urge the children to participate in sexual activities, explaining to them that by direct contact with a "holy" priest, they will be sanctified and will be closer to God. This is a monstrous perversion worthy of Satan's methods.

Essenceism definitely claims that it was Satan with our hands who arranged the present world for us. He constantly uses his position as an educator, which he had for the first people and does not allow our Creator, Heavenly Father.



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