Chapter 23

Idea of the free will

Essenceism analyzes the existence of the free will in a human being mainly because of the fact that many religions perceive the existence of evil in its existence. It is worth analyzing the fact that a man has free will. The first association leads to the conclusion that the Original Being, with absolute Free Will, gave His children all the qualities of His personality, including a free will. What is worrying, then, is the translation of many confessions that after receiving this gift, humanity used it to start a world incompatible with the concept of the Creator. It comes to this belief that the same Creator is to save us from the effects of the evil thus created.

The fundamental mistake of "religious" reasoning regarding the causes of evil is the assumption that everything that people come up with and then put into practice must be known to God at the same time. You can, of course, agree with the fact that our thoughts arising from the action of the original nature received from God can be known to Him. However, it is difficult to agree with the fact that the thoughts generated by the fallen nature inherited from Satan can reach Him. According to essenceism, this is not the case. My system claims that people can think of and create something inconsistent with the divine concept of creation, something outside of Him, something independent of Him. It is, of course, about evil. So, could the mechanism of evil creation by people and the Archangel be unknown to God? Can evil be the "product" of the evil Archangel and people and be unknown to God? Yes, it is.

Freedom is a certain state of functioning, that is, the sphere in which the person realizing his free will moves. Therefore, free will can be defined as the ability to take unlimited decisions. At least this is determined by researchers dealing with this phenomenon. It is therefore a state, not a force that can cause specific effects. This is an argument in proving that freedom was not the cause of evil.

Of course, free will can only create a state of readiness to make a decision leading to evil, but making this decision requires the action of a force that is not in freedom. For example, freedom can lead us to the edge of the abyss, but crossing its edge ends freedom. Internal strength is needed to make any decision. In the case of the described situation, after crossing the edge of the abyss, the force of gravity begins to act, which pulls the man down. Man's actions are governed by purpose-driven forces, and his personality status, including free will, only gives them the opportunity to act.

In the case of the fall of a man described by religious books, it should be stated that the free will of man was only a platform for the emergence of evil, but the fall caused a force greater than the force to preserve life. In my opinion, evil was created by changing the direction of love towards a direction that is contrary to that which God has appointed. This change in the awareness of the proper direction of love caused the lie of Archangel Lucifer. What we did was the result of this lie and it was unknown to the Creator. Therefore, after the fall, God could not find Adam. He could not and cannot introduce evil into His consciousness because he has no knowledge of the mechanism of its creation and implementation, which the first men and the Archangel used. He is a perfect, absolute and complete Creator. It cannot be supplemented, modified or improved with new knowledge about a bad one that he did not have in Himself. The perfect God cannot be changed by imperfect people. Our evil action can not affect Him. Evil was and still is incompatible with His law and state of consciousness.

Thus, evil is a unique "product" created by the Archangel, Adam and Eve, who with this "product" found themselves outside of God. Because of the creation of evil, they became other beings whom God did not create, that is, Satan and fallen people. Free will, just like other human qualities, is indispensable for man to become a perfect partner for the Original Being. In the case of human condition in the period of growing up to perfection, the power of love, ill-targeted, surpassed the power of life, leading them to spiritual death. It is not a free choice, but the lack of control of love has led people to break with God. Because God does not know this state, people have to deal with it themselves. You can find more about this from my publications and from



Chapter 24

Idea of Divine Providence

Essenceism attempts to objectively examine the contribution of Original Being in the current history of mankind. This participation must be connected with His Spiritual Side, which is directly connected with the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, it creates the reality of the universe in the form of laws and principles. We feel it primarily as laws permeating the universe. This presence of rights derived from the Original Being is called essenceism as Divine Providence.

The existence of the Original Being in our reality can only exist through His laws and principles. It is true that monotheistic religions define the operation of God’s Providence differently, but essenceism strongly claims that it is not the Creator's direct care over people. This error prevents the faithful of these religions from correctly understanding God's existence and falsifying their relationship to Him. Divine Providence is often treated as coming to God's help. This is due to the fact that people are tormented by evil. This allows believers of many religions to live in hope that they always have someone to help them. Atheists treat this approach as fantasies or false hopes. Essenceism does not go that far, but it draws attention to the real possibilities of God's participation in the life of humanity. Essenceism constantly emphasizes the fact that God does not know evil and does not interfere with our human civilization, which is not the author.


According to essenceism, Divine Providence has existed from the very beginning of humanity. It consists in the operation of His laws and principles that lead to everything He has created to a state of perfection. From the beginning, it was a mainstay of stability for the sake of omnipresence, as if it were a plane of balance for all changes taking place in the path of creating the future ideal world. Divine Providence was to help people especially during their imperfect state, when the Creator himself could not interfere with their development. Hence, it has the character of indirect care of the Creator over people.

The history of God's Providence can be illustrated by the history of mankind described in the Bible. Essenceism treats the biblical description as a didactic form of presenting the history of mankind. According to this system, Providence took on a specific meaning after the fall of Adam and Eve. For it began to operate in a fallen world as a permanent signpost to the lost people of the right direction of the road to the Kingdom of Heaven. Its renewal activity began immediately, as soon as the Archangel Lucifer took power over Adam and Eve and led to their downfall. Immediately afterwards, Abel, thanks to her actions, could drag Cain to the side of good. Unfortunately, this generation has been halted due to fratricidal crime. Next, the story still ran in a similar way. Whenever the next interference of Satan led to the fall of anyone who acted for the sake of salvation, then Providence indicated the way out of this bad situation. As a result of correct reading of its direction, such leading figures as Noah, Abraham, Moses appeared, and finally Jesus Christ himself. In this way Divine Providence indirectly supported and further supported the process of the salvation of the world. However, God does not help us directly, because he does not know evil, but knows only the good.

The Providence of God works constantly and uninterruptedly for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven. Regardless of human errors, it remains invariably active. It is absolute, just like the Original Being. Thanks to this, we always have a constant point of reference in assessing what is good and what is evil. Its laws will allow us to recognize the returning "Adam", that is, the Son of God, necessary for salvation.

The salvation of the world must one day take place because God's Providence stands behind it. It must lead to the end of the evil world. When this happens one day, its rights will be used to conduct the Last Judgment. This will mean the final implementation of God's laws. In order to understand this better, one has to ask who should participate in the process of salvation. The creator will always act only indirectly, because he has officially finished His work. Instead of him, the direct control of salvation must be taken by the Savior. People on Earth, angels and spiritual people involved in salvation from paradise should be able to lead through Him, that they too would have their direct share in salvation. There are many biblical suggestions that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, angels have continued to influence the process of the salvation of the world. Meanwhile, Christians invariably and contrary to logic believe in God's direct participation in this salvation. In particular, Christians say that in the history of salvation after many minor interventions of the Creator, two thousand years ago took place the largest. It means that He sent His Son, that through His death and resurrection, He would lead the salvation of the world. Essenceism in many places explains the falseness of such a statement. With this elaboration, I would like to make people aware of their situation so that they do not grope and wait for a surprise from Heaven. I have shown above that Divine Providence is a path that people should follow to bring about salvation, that is, to create a perfect world under the authority of God. Below is its definition.

Divine Providence - it is the action of God's laws and principles that guides everything created by God to a state of perfection. It has the character of "top-down" God's protection aimed at bringing people to the level of God's children and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. Divine Providence took on a specific meaning after the fall of the first people. On the one hand, it acts as a permanent signpost to the lost people in the fallen world, the correct direction of the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to this, we can guess among others the Will of God. On the other hand, it launches the power of laws and principles that must be used to effectively oppose evil.



Chapter 25

Idea of responsibility for the world

This chapter will cover the topics:

1. Responsibility of God

2. Responsibility of angels

3. Responsibility of the Savior

4. Responsibility of people in the spiritual world

5. Responsibility of people on Earth

First, it is worth understanding the Creator's responsibility for His Creation. In this entire text, the paradigm is repeated that the Original Being is Absolute Perfection. He planned to create the perfect world, or the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Another paradigm is that man has created in His image and likeness that people become His perfect children. In this regard, the Creator is 100% responsible. Of course, the Original Being, to remain a perfect being, must fulfill His responsibility.

Essenceism confirms that angels have been created outside the universe and human beings to complete the coherence of universe. It also happened for a specific purpose and with the full responsibility of the Creator. According to the biblical message, God, during the time of creating the world, spoke and described His activities with the words "let's do" and He judged that what He created was good. He could only address His message to the spiritual beings called angels. Essenceism does not ignore biblical records, although it treats them only as a source of consultation and education. Therefore this system accepts angels as eternal spiritual beings indispensable to the Creator and to men. Thus, the Creator probably referred to the angels, preparing them for future teaching and caring for His children. Because they "came from the hands of the Creator", they should be perfect in this area. They were to prepare people for the highest level of perfection, exceeding their own. They were never to leave their position of servants towards God and his children, as the Bible records also say. That was and that is still is their role.

The responsibility of the people was to accept the laws and principles from the Creator and to accept his fatherly love. In practice, this meant taking a position higher than the angels at the side of Heavenly Father. The adaptation of the first people to the orders of the Creator was enough for them to pass the period of growth to personal perfection. The only threat was that the power of love given to God's children could work in the wrong direction in the relationship with the Archangel who was taking care of them. Just overcoming this threat was a human part of responsibility for creating the perfect order of domination in the Kingdom of Heaven. In relation to the Creator, it was insignificant, but indispensable for people to be real heirs of God and masters of the world of angels. However, the responsibility of angels in the process of creating the world was greater than in the case of people. It was a kind of responsibility that the teacher has for his students. That is why the fulfillment of her by the Archangel in the Garden of Eden was crucial and necessary to create a perfect world.

From many texts in this study and from the knowledge about the real state of the world, it appears that the Kingdom of Heaven did not occur. This was due to the failure of Archangel Lucifer's responsibility and the first men.

Spiritual beings, including the spiritual people of people, have their own part of responsibility independent of God. This is what differs from all physical beings, especially from animals. The first men and the Archangel, as part of their responsibility, were to properly direct the power of love which the Creator had given them. Unfortunately, despite His warning, the misdirected (contrary to the right one) power of love led to the fall of the Archangel first and then of the people. As a result of this tragedy, the Archangel together with the children of God found himself outside the world originally prepared for them. Both he and the first two men did not fulfill their part of responsibility and began the hell that from then on, Satan became the ruler. All this has been described in another part of this study, as well as on the website From these records it is clear who is responsible for the tragedy in the Garden of Eden.

The fall in the Garden of Eden turned the entire order of creation "upside down". A new sphere, or hell, was created, completely outside of this original order established by God. Therefore, it is not subject to the responsibility of the Creator. This means that he has nothing to do with it.

Responsibility for the process of salvation of the world is one of the most important topics of this study. It is clear from it that the Creator cannot participate directly in this process because it concerns an evil, fallen world. I must repeat again that God does not know evil. It is an abyss unknown to him in which he cannot interfere.

Who is therefore responsible for the process of salvation? Of course, those who have access to the fallen world, that is, people and angels. When it comes to fallen angels, we cannot count on them in principle. Satan himself, certainly the fallen Archangel Lucifer, will not contribute to the salvation, and the fallen angels or evil spirits have been subordinated to him. These are the direct witnesses of the fall, which in the spiritual world is tantamount to participation in it. Therefore, the angels of God, headed by Jesus Christ and all men, those on Earth and those in the spiritual world, should naturally take responsibility for the salvation of the world.

God has only indirect participation in the process of salvation. This means that every human being receives support from Heavenly Father in the form of His love and an immovable source of rights and principles, or in the form of Providence. Jesus Christ, born among people, but not in hell, represents the Creator in this process and is the driving force of all actions. The testimony of God's indirect participation in salvation is the fact that the angels who are appointed guardians of humanity continue to play an important role in bringing the world to the state of the Kingdom of God. This is their unchangeable responsibility. They have at their disposal the power of God and the possibility of influencing the spiritual persons of people on Earth and in the spiritual world.

People inherited from God the attributes of His personality because they were created in His image and likeness. Apart from love, goodness, the possibility of logical thinking and many other qualities, we also inherited a sense of responsibility from Heavenly Father. Our fallen nature, imposed upon us by the "master of this world", cannot drown out what we have taken from the Creator. Therefore, people, with the indirect support of God and the direct support of Jesus and angels, have a chance to bring humanity to full salvation.

The fundamental mistake of many religions is the passive waiting for salvation to come from God. According to them, it is to be done only with His Will, His power and providential action, and in addition in the form of an unexpected event. This attitude can only be justified by the tendency to treat Jesus Christ as God Himself. This, however, further leads to the conclusion that God saves, or repairs evil, for which He is not responsible. This mistaken attitude of many religions is the cause of people's passivity and their increasing dependence on the activities of fallen nature. This attitude is very much liked by the "master of this world", because it can guarantee him a long, long rule over the world.

How then should a single person practically work for the sake of salvation? Jesus showed this in a simple example by performing a wonderful multiplication of bread and fish. This fact did not necessarily have to take place in reality, but it is of educational significance. Proper interpretation of this event means acting by sharing with others what everyone has the most valuable. It's all about knowledge that comes from the primordial nature of man and about passing it on. It's like a communal rumor, which gradually spreads among people and eventually becomes an unwritten truth. This makes sense in the era of smartphones, the Internet and social networking sites, such as Facebook. At that time, people do not need supervisors, organizational structures or religious ceremonies. Each individual, possibly supported by his guardian angel, may, as part of his responsibility, influence the world's salvation.

The conclusion from the above reasoning is clear. For the salvation of mankind, people and angels led by the Savior are responsible. They are all supported by Divine Providence, that is, His infinite love and eternal laws and principles.




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