Chapter 30

Idea of the end of the world

According to essenceism, there will be no such thing as the end of the world in the sense of the physical destruction of humanity or the total destruction of our physical world, which God would have done. It is this role that some religious denominations attribute to Him as the Sovereign Judge. However, it is worth realizing that it was not for this that the Creator established the laws of nature and then break them by Himself. Specifically, He did not bring our world to life for destruction. After all, creating an environment for life for His children, He did not foresee their downfall nor did He have present evil in His plans. The Original Being is eternal, and therefore His works should also be eternal, no matter how people behave.

According to the great religions, especially those created in the Middle East, the created ideal world was destroyed by Satan and the first people not physically but spiritually. This happened without any physical disasters, so repairing damage will also happen through spiritual change. This repair is called salvation, or more precisely: the restoration of the world to the state originally foreseen by the Creator.

Many religions announce the end of the world as a total cataclysm, sometimes as the Last Judgment in the form of a global spectacle, and sometimes as the total end of an existing human civilization. Fortunately, this should not happen in a literal way, and those who are waiting for similar events make a serious mistake.

Evil, and thus evil (fallen) human civilization, has its source in the "triangle": Adam, Eve and Satan. The bad state of this configuration was created without the participation of the Creator and not His fault. God cannot repair what He did not break. That's why people must correct the bad human civilization, definitely removing from this "triangle" of Satan, and in its place introducing the Heavenly Father.

According to essenceism, the Original Being is the source of the most important values ​​for people. The stream of love flows constantly from Him. This fact does not let us forget our Creator and gives us the power to believe in Him. This is despite the fact that it is difficult to see in moral terms that the world will become better and reduce the level of evil in it. We have offered this strength of love to the Original Being from the very beginning of creation. It is immutable as He is. It has always stimulated our life energy needed for a happy passage of physical life. In the first place, I understand the indirect presence of the Original Being in our world.

The end of the world is most often associated with the Last Judgment and with terrible punishments for so-called sinners. I hope that my opinion that it will not be so will forgive me people of faith. They think that the worst of us for their evil lives and many sins will justly end up in boundless torments for perpetual hell (that is, for hell in the spiritual world). It would be the most terrible punishment for people. It would depend not only on endless suffering, but also on ultimate and eternal separation from God. It is believed by representatives of many religions and the entire humanity is threatening this phenomenon. The source of such thinking is a sense of historical justice or even a kind of satisfaction stemming from the belief that the evil deeds of people must be punished. Sometimes these "righteous" use words like: "May you be fried forever in hell!". However, it is worth considering whether the historical justice prepared by the Creator really is supposed to look like? I assure everyone that this is not the view of the Creator. This is because Heavenly Father did not create hell, and therefore He cannot be eternal. I can already hear the voices of those who find that the lack of fear of eternal damnation is very "un-educational". I understand it well. On Earth, justice is being done by people themselves. They decide on the punishments of those who do evil.

When it comes to fear, you can certainly worry about the end of the world caused by the people themselves. Especially since the invention of the atomic bomb, we have been asking ourselves questions about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust of humanity. That would be a black scenario for our civilization. Then the question arises whether such a situation would not be a failure of the Creator at the same time. This is worth considering. I do this in many places in my study.

Undoubtedly, the liquidation of evil and bringing to an end the satanic civilization is a task for us - people living on Earth and in the spiritual world. This is because we participated in the creation of evil, only we know it and only we, unlike the Creator, should take responsibility for its liquidation. The Savior can help us the most. To some extent, we can count on the support of angels. On the other hand (the bad one) we have to take into account the phenomenon of the destruction of our efforts by Satan and the creatures subordinate to him.

Adam and Eve were a "window" through which the Original Being was to connect with His children. They were replaced by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They are now the "window" or the bridge between the Creator and the evil world. They and the people should participate in the end of evil. It is in the form of the end of the world that it must end sometime, because it is a transitory state, unconquered by the Original Being, which unlawfully appeared in the universe created by Him.

Thus, with the end of evil, with the end of Satan's reign and his fallen world, so-called "Eternal hell", both in the physical and spiritual world will end. It will be the end of the world, but the evil, fallen, under the dominion of Satan. At the same time, it will be the beginning of the proper world, the one under the authority of Heavenly Father, whom I call in my work Original Being.


Chapter 31

Idea of the perfect world

The perfect world is not only the goal of religion, but also the dream of most people on Earth. This dream is expressed by the desire for eternal goodness, happiness and true love. The Christian religion calls it the Heavenly Kingdom. Most of us are sure that God should be the guarantor of all these dreams.

Essenceism shows that the Creator is perfect, eternal and infinitely good. It follows that the world, or His "product", should also be perfect, eternal and, above all, good. Just perfect. It is true that the perfect world has never been created and we have no idea what it looks like. However, it is worth trying to understand what mechanisms can lead to the creation of a perfect world. This section will not talk about salvation, but about the driving force of the perfect world, that is, true love.

According to Essenceism, the concept of a perfect world "waits" for us from the beginning of human history. Unfortunately, this beginning was bad enough for us that we still feel the tragic consequences of this event. One must therefore realize the conditions necessary for the creation of an ideal world on Earth. In the section on free will, I pointed out that it was necessary to create a full relationship with the Creator, that is, the creation of true love between Him and us. We must be completely free to love Him. We will not build true love by coercion and fear. You cannot love God "by force". True love cannot be forced on people. Belief in the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven imposed "by force" by the Creator is erroneous and leads to nowhere. The perfect world can only arise on the foundation of true love, without fear of punishment and without any compulsion. In this respect, God's laws are clear and it is worth understanding them we.

Our world arose from the impulse of the Heart of the Original Being, from its infinite desire to live in love. Knowledge of this should cause the same feelings in a person. Meanwhile, although sometimes we are guided by the impulse of the heart, it is very fleeting and does not transfer to the level of entire societies. Also, the desire for true love remains most often in the sphere of dreams. This is because we have our personality damaged by evil. The bad nature in us still has an advantage over the original one.

Because of this, essenceism gives the order of events leading to the creation of the ideal world. First, conditions must arise for the appearance of the true Son of God on Earth. This is a task for all religions that should prepare people for His coming, so that all would have the will to receive the Incoming Savior. Then, the Son of God should give us real love for other people, which will also direct this love to Heavenly Father. Such a power of love should be enough to remove the evil from our planet. Let it happen.


Chapter 32

The idea of one great human family

In this chapter, I summarize the idea of ​​essenceism regarding the concept of the world prepared by the Original Being. For the Creator and for us our world is a great school of life that guides all people, without exception, to a state of perfection. No wonder God can feel like the Father of all mankind. It is also not surprising that we can be one great human family for Him. I will analyze the practical side of this plan below.

The core of the ideal world concept is the full unity between the physical and spiritual worlds. According to the Will of the Creator, this means a constant presence in our world, not only of those who live in it now, but also of those who have already ended their earthly existence. As I explained in the chapter on reincarnation, the mechanism of cooperation between spiritual persons of people already living in the spiritual world and physical persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the needs of salvation after the fall of Adam and Eve. It was indispensable for the creation of an ideal world. Hence the use of the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by another spiritual person of a man who has already lived through his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us does. For example, he cannot admire a beautiful landscape by itself, because this landscape, with all the changes taking place in it, can be seen only with physical eyes, and this spiritual person does not have. The creator, however, introduced the principle that the physical person who lives on Earth could also use other spiritual persons than his own. This mechanism can enable contact with the physical world in the case of such spiritual beings as angels. Thanks to this, all spiritual beings from the spiritual world can be present in the physical world. Such experiences of the current state of the world may be of particular interest to those who have already lived through them in ancient times. All this is waiting for us when the perfect world will be created.

I will add one digression here. The physical person of a man who has reached perfection in earthly life can be used even by God Himself. I suppose that was one of the Creator's goals in creating the world. Thanks to that He could participate in the perfect world in the life of His children during their "earthly" existence. It would be beautiful and wonderful, although today it is a bit beyond our imagination. One can assume that such eyes, ears or mouths for God could probably be the only perfect man on Earth - Jesus Christ.

To illustrate the coexistence of both worlds, you can use the image of a football match.

Imagine that there are 22 players on the court, and maybe a thousand times more spectators sit on the stands, say 22,000. All these people, both on the pitch and in the stands, participate in the match. Although only those 22 play football and the rest are watching, in reality everyone is connected with this spectacle. Those in the stands are passionate about the game not less than players on the pitch and similarly identify themselves with the current situation. So it should be in relation to the world prepared by the Creator. We, physically living on Earth, are the players on the stadium grass. People in the spiritual world, although "sitting in the stands", can participate actively in the life of this world. The creator also foresaw the mutual communication of both sides. Of course, this is an image of the perfect world.

Ask how spiritual people from their world can see life on Earth? To answer this question, let us return briefly to the description of the football game mentioned above. In our world, this match is watched not only by fans sitting in the stands, but also thousands, and even millions of spectators away from the stadium by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. These "remote" fans are not present among the stadiums sitting in the stands, but they are watching the match with them. How does it happen? Today, everyone knows that cameras have been installed on such a stadium, which, using transmitters in transmission cars, transmit the image and sound into the ether using invisible radio waves. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to see something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without having to be in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, or beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, who was incomparably wiser than a human, not be able to create a "spiritual transmission" system for people from the spiritual world to receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course He could not only create but create it. Such "transmission" is carried out through the ubiquitous spiritual energy, although its proper action will be known only in the regenerated world under the supremacy of the Original Being.

It can be said that our physical person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received by physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as described above, the knowledge of this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Similarly, the receiver should be synchronized with the transmitter during normal radio communication. I will repeat my sentence from one of the previous paragraphs: The Creator wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left it, to constantly participate in the development of the world and constitute together a single, large, world family. He, as the Father of all people, would also like to participate in the life of His children. Unfortunately, He cannot do it yet, because no one on Earth achieves the level of perfection. However, it is worth understanding this mechanism to realize one of the most important aspects of the future ideal world called the Kingdom of Heaven.


Chapter 33

Who is man?

The question contained in the title is asked by almost every person in a slightly different form, that is: who am I? Everyone can easily answer this question. But this study is not about profession, social status or human gender. It is more about our humanity. The question: who is man, it concerns the category of being assigned to humanity. Such a question is very rarely asked by people, and I get the impression that they are even less likely to find the answer.

In this study, the term human can be understood as two slightly different terms. One applies to modern man living on our planet. He can be called an ordinary man or, as some religions define him, a fallen man. Let us, however, stay with the term: modern man. The second term refers to the proper man, i.e. the one who should inhabit the Earth. For research purposes, this may be a theoretical man, although the first part of the study on essenceism shows that it should be. I will call him the right man.

Who are we, people? Among many different answers, one seems to me the most important, because it allows people to be treated as subjects in search of the truth about the universe, in learning about the First Cause, or about the true sense of human existence. This answer is: we are not animals.

Man can create virtually everything in his mind, like a virtual world in which everything functions according to his will and according to the rules and laws he has established. He can move freely in such a reality, realize his dreams and be happy in it. He can freely create any worlds in his mind and have experiences similar to real ones in them. It may even lose control over this imaginary world, moreover, lose control over itself and fall into mental illness. Yes, because we are not animals. We are not actually part of nature, although our physical body is associated with it.

When we talk to another person, we are not talking to its skin and bones, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere deep into our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and a thousand other things that people can do, completely differentiate us from animals.

In this study I am trying to show that man is a separate category of being in the universe. This is indicated by the widely developed human personality and his incredible civilization achievements in a very short time in relation to the age of the universe.

From the outside, we can see that we're a bit like animals. By eating natural products, sleeping regularly and performing various physiological activities, we are similar to animals. But immediately after these activities, our resemblance to animals ends. This is because our body, which is so similar in structure to animals, is guided by our inner personality. This personality treats the physical body as a tool to exist in the physical world. At a time when animals perform all activities with all their being, man uses his body as a plane for the existence of his internal, physically invisible personality.

The physical side of a person can be called a physical person. This person is our physical body endowed with the instinct for life, which is something like a physical mind. Essenceism demonstrates that our physical body must be controlled by our inner management nature, which can be called the physical soul. In this case, a physical person is a physical being similar to an animal being, but at the highest stage of development. As in the case of animals, a physical person is closely connected with the nature that surrounds us and complies with all laws applicable in nature. And like all physical beings, a natural person must die within a certain time.

The basic difference between humans and animals is that for an animal, physical death is its definitive end to existence, and for man is different. Well, for a man, the end of a physical person's duration does not mean the end of his existence. The next difference between a physical person and even the most developed representative of the animal world lies in the different sense of their existence. This can be described by a simple statement. The sense of life of an animal is to serve a physical person of man, and the sense of existence of our physical person is to serve a spiritual person.

A human body endowed with physical senses, i.e. a physical person, is most often a means of transport and a mechanism for moving our inner personality in the physical world. This inner personality or other inner being can be called a spiritual person and it seems that she is the right person. This fact can be felt, for example, in the old saying: "there is no living spirit" to describe the fact that there is no one in the room.

This inner being within us directs our lives as if the right person was functioning within our physical body. That is why it is worth calling him a spiritual person.

Our "physicality" is actually sticking to the laws of nature and social laws during physical life. Physical, biological or climatic conditions deprive man of virtually freedom, though only in its physical understanding. We need to breathe, eat, sleep, maintain a proper body temperature, and meet dozens of other conditions to stay alive, although we must eventually die. There are also social, geographical and even political conditions. In general, we are not free in the physical world.

Meanwhile, man feels a free being. This freedom, of course, is in our spirituality and is a basic attribute of man. In fact, only our spiritual person is fully free, not a physical person. Fortunately, it is the spiritual person who is the right person, because all our value is in it. This is what distinguishes us from animals and what determines our humanity.

Such realization that we are not animals should lead everyone to understand other important facts, that is, to the reality of the spiritual world, and then to our eternity. All to be a real man.

I am not going to convince anyone "by force" that we have an immortal personality, that there is a world beyond time and space, and that God can be a Original Being. I can't do it the same way I couldn't convince someone that there is an infinite universe, indivisible elementary particles, or dark energy. Knowledge of all this gradually penetrates human consciousness, gradually expanding the scope of our cognition.

I invite you simply to experience the true humanity on the pages of this study.



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