Chapter 36

Original nature in man

Original nature - according to essenceism is an original character inherited from the Creator inherent in our spiritual person. It is a theological concept, therefore it should be explained "religiously" and not scientifically.

According to the biblical story of the beginnings of humanity, the first son of God, Adam and His first daughter Eve were directly with God in the Garden of Eden. This message does not have to mean a picturesque period from the so-called paradise, but the fact of Heavenly Father's close relationship with His children based on their original nature. Breaking this bond due to a tragic event with the participation of Archangel Lucifer is a message informing us of the emergence of a new reality unknown to the Creator. This reality was embodied in the emergence in man of the wrong nature opposite to the original, i.e. fallen. It largely drown out the original one, practically preventing people from contacting God.

According to essenceism, this means that the Original Being was separated from people by the "new god" - Satan. This fact, however, does not mean that God is moving away from people. He remains in His proper reality, to which people must someday return. Heavenly Father never left His children, even when they left Him. After all, there is still a spiritual person given to man by the Creator. Its character is the original nature, the nucleus of our original personality, i.e. the place of God's direct presence. This is the result of his "breath" which we receive at birth. From this moment begins an eternal relationship with Heavenly Father, which serves man in reaching perfection. Unfortunately, this original bond is now only a thin thread of communication, because after the fall of Adam and Eve it was not given it proper development. The original nature will remain in us forever, no matter how we act. We feel it most often as an action of our conscience. This is our reaction to the fact that His laws and principles, which are God's providence, continue permanently and is the basis for the future Kingdom of Heaven. These laws exist actively and influence our will to "return" to His Creator. Many people sense God's Providence as Love flowing into them, which evokes in them constant faith and hope that one day we will be together with Heavenly Father in His Kingdom. Unfortunately, the level of our relationship with God cannot exceed the level that took place in the Garden of Eden. God's will invariably causes us to have a constant desire to return to the lost Kingdom of Heaven, which is the unwavering hope of the original nature we received from the Creator. This constant desire can be read in the words "Your Kingdom come, or Your will...". In our world, the result of this kind of communication should be to work out a situation in which someone like Jesus Christ may appear. Therefore, God remains in this situation waiting for the positive results of the actions of people, angels and the Savior. For humanity, this time means a return in the revived form of Adam and Eve to a position that was lost in the Garden of Eden.

According to essenceism, it is worth recalling once again that a person's spiritual person is actually just man. It was created in the "image and likeness" because its pattern, that is, the Spirit of God, is a Divine Spiritual Person. Therefore, a spiritual person is a spiritual being with a spiritual body and a central spiritual attribute, which essenceism defines as a spiritual soul. The spiritual body, sometimes called the astral body, is the basis of life energy for our eternal existence. It was shaped from God's Energy and is directed by the said spiritual soul which is the center of existence and the quintessence of human personality. The spiritual soul is best called internal inherent directing nature, whose functioning is manifested in the form of the original nature of man. It emerged from the personality of God, our Creator. Together with the Energy from Him, contained in our immaterial body, it makes us eternal personalities and His children. Just as the physical soul in the body of each of us directs our five senses and constitutes the life-supporting instinct, the spiritual soul performs similar functions towards the spiritual person. It directs our spiritual senses and is the center of our intelligence, will and emotionality, which reflect the appropriate qualities of the Original Being.


Chapter 37

Fallen nature in man

Fallen nature is a theological concept, so it should be explained "religiously". The mechanisms of its creation, and above all the whole process that took place at the beginning of human history, was analyzed by me at

There, I also explained the fall of man and the appearance of a being called Satan, from whom we inherit fallen nature. At first glance, it manifests itself in the absence of direct contact with God, the inability to assess reality from God's point of view, the inability to perceive the action of His original laws and principles, as well as the failure to realize the proper course of life assigned to man. As I mentioned, it has its roots in the fall process in the Garden of Eden. Then Satan became the "father" of humanity. All his intentions, thoughts and ways of acting, arising in him during the fall from the good state of Archangel Lucifer to the state of evil being called Satan, spread to people. So they became his heirs in the new evil kingdom called hell. Embodied in the personality of Satan, fallen nature has been inherited by all spiritual persons of people coming into the world in a fallen world. It functions alongside our original nature, inherited originally from the Creator. Unfortunately, the original one did not develop enough and was drowned out by the fallen one. Religions call what happened in the Garden of Eden, original sin, and unanimously express the belief that this sin is inherited by all people, regardless of our will. We are simply born with this stigma that is constantly manifested in the form of fallen nature. Both original sin and fallen nature cannot be simply removed from man. That is why humanity needs salvation, which in a nutshell is a process opposite to the fall of the first people. Generally, fallen nature comes from accepting the lie of the "serpent" of the Garden of Eden, in which he claims that people will not die and that the Creator knows both good and evil. Unfortunately, after doing what Satan had promised them, people died spiritually for God and learned the evil that God does not know. This lie became the beginning of hell on Earth and separated us from God. This condition continues to this day.

The first people as a result of the fall were as if "soaked" evil. In addition, this phenomenon is hereditary. From the first moments of the appearance of each new man in the world, something like an evil algorithm has been affecting him. Although the spiritual person whom the Creator gives us at birth is pure, i.e. without evil, immediately after our birth the evil algorithm creates a fallen nature in us.

During the fall, the hierarchy of the created world was "upside down". People adopted the concept of understanding reality from the Archangel, and rejected the concept of the Creator because they did not implement the warning about not eating "fruit". In this way, evil penetrated the sphere of human personality and became a source of fallen nature, i.e. something like a perverted character. Every day, the basic feature of our fallen nature is manifested in the frequent dominance of evil over good, i.e. in practice - lies over the truth. Unfortunately, the "father of lies" took over the people. All power, even the democratically elected one, tends to dominate people, take away their freedom, force them to follow its principles, which rarely have anything to do with the original rules of life, prepared by the Creator. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel, a servant of God and man, unlawfully ruled over God's child. This condition has spread to our social lives because still different tyrants, magnates or bad leaders rule humanity, prompting us to create evil even on a large scale. I will only mention the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler. He was able to negatively influence a powerful nation to persuade him to participate in the numerous atrocities of the Second World War that he had begun. There was a genocide that had never happened on this planet before.

The process of the fall also showed that the legacy of evil is transmitted through a sexual act, which in the original intention of the Creator was to serve something extremely different: the transfer of the heritage of good from God. Meanwhile, this act and its effects are another basic mechanism for maintaining our fallen nature. Everyone knows about sexual degeneration, about the harm caused by sexual desire, about crimes and crimes against this background. Despite thousands of years of human civilization, this problem, which unfortunately dominates in interpersonal relations, has never been found anywhere. What was supposed to bring the greatest happiness and joy now is a source of uninterrupted misfortunes and tragedies. This is because fallen nature cannot be eradicated by any teaching methods or even by means of legal coercion. Human civilization can only be repaired through the process of salvation, the meaning of which should be understood by every person. For now, however, our fallen nature invariably supports existing hell.


Chapter 38

Where and how the man should live?

According to essenceism, the position of man in relation to universe can be better understood on the basis of two schemes of creation of universes carried out by the Original Being. The first of them concerns the whole of universe, to which I include everything in the universe, including animals, from which I exclude people for now. This pattern of creation shows a simple direct transition from the laws of nature to their embodiment in the form of a particular phenomenon that I called "being."

The second scheme applies only to humans. It constitutes a several-step transition, starting from the Heart of the Original Being, then through His Law and Energy, then through the Word being the direction of His Will, and finally the embodiment of the Creator's decision in the form of an "existing being". This means a unique act of creating a human being, i.e. each time the beginning of a new spiritual person emerges from the Creator's Personality and the newborn baby emerging from the woman’s womb of the person receiving that personality. This is the fundamental and colossal difference between people and other universes. Because of this, we call man the child of God.

It is good to know, therefore, that man is a separate entity existing in connection with the Original Being. Of course, our physical body is part of nature. However, both it and the entire physical universe play only a temporary and ministerial role in the task of bringing a spiritual person to a state of perfection and to take the position of master of universe in the company of the Creator. The above statement is one of the main ideas of essenceism.

The fact is that we significantly realize our position in the universe. Not only do we admire the complex structures functioning in the universe, but we have already discovered a lot of laws existing in nature, we have discovered the secrets of elementary particles and we have learned the transformations of various forms of energy. This is all the time accompanied by respect for the inscrutable vastness of the universe. We feel even greater respect for the mysterious laws of the spiritual world.

Comparing humanity's achievements in science and technology with existing structures on our planet and in the entire cosmos, we must conclude how scarce our knowledge is and what enormity of secrets is yet to come. We found an extremely rich nature and complicated universe, which we certainly did not create ourselves, and which the level of knowledge contained in them many times exceed all the achievements of our civilization in the last thousands of years.

What exactly is behind it? What is behind the phenomenon of the creation of the universe? What, and actually who is ahead of our knowledge in such a colossal way?

We can of course continue to avoid naming things, use surrogate terms such as "force majeure," "coincidence," or "mother nature," but it is more honest to use the concept of the First Cause's creative power. The time has come for rational knowledge of the creative act. Scientists have tried to do this for centuries, not necessarily believing in a God. What their predecessors had previously studied with old methods, now they are researching with new methods. They put forward further theses, check their correctness and draw the appropriate conclusions. That is why essenceism joined in these efforts to describe the Original Being.

When will the universe's development process end? Probably never, because I say that the Creator is constantly expanding His Creation, ahead of us by a time that is difficult to define with human senses. It seems that new development paths are still open for us. For now, we only discover what exists within our reach and develop it further. So this process should go on forever. We are surrounded by a universe for which we are not an indifferent being. It is just the opposite. As a result of giving man a dominant position in the universe, he became responsible for his eternal existence. That was how it was supposed to be in the original plans of the Creator and it will be someday when we finally understand the sense of the creation of the universe.

By design, we are all heirs to the Original Being that started the development of the universe. He was constantly creating new forms, bringing them to perfection in order to build new, more complex structures and concepts on their basis. As He did before, He does so now and will continue to do so uninterrupted. At the same time, however, since the creation of the first people, there has been a parallel active work on our part. According to the Bible, the Creator, after calling human life, "rested", that is, as if he limited His active participation in the creation of the universe. Everything was initially prepared for the next phase - human activity. The first people were told about the need to rule the Earth. Today, after many years, we observe around us the development of civilization carried out only by man himself. This is our legacy, it is our "daily bread" inherited from the Creator. We will do this indefinitely, imitating and developing his work.

Most followers of monotheistic religions say that God is everywhere, not explaining how it is possible. They consider this to be non-explanatory. In my texts I explained the presence of the Creator by the fact of the creation of the universe from the Energy of the First Cause and by the fact of the penetration of the entire universe by the principles, laws, goodness and emotionality that come from the Creator. This creates God's omnipresence, and also creates the possibility of the ubiquity of the mature spiritual person. Unfortunately, these religions, although they define man as a child of God, treat him as a speck lost in the vastness of space on the tiny planet Earth. Does that make sense?

Of course, our ubiquity in the universe is different in nature to the analogous ubiquity in the case of Original Being. I describe it as "acquired" ubiquity.

The Lord of universe cannot exist hidden in the recesses of the cosmos, although his natural person must mature in some place. As an eternally existing individual, man cannot be limited in his life to a small piece of the universe. In the form of a spiritual person he should move freely and freely throughout the universe. In physical form, it does it on a small scale and in a technically limited way. So if he wants to do it on a huge scale, he must do it only as an immaterial being. A spiritual person of a human being could, with the support of the Creator, “establish bodily physicality” at any time and place in the universe. This would be the proper ubiquity of man, as is the case with God. Such a statement sounds unbelievable in the current state of science and technology, but it logically follows from the concept of the Creator and His purpose of creation.

Man should, like the Original Being, be everywhere. And so it will be in a perfect world. If humanity is to dream about something, then this dream should be in the first place among all dreams. In addition, the fulfillment of this dream is not as unbelievable as it seems. It will be fulfilled after restoring our world to its original state, originally prepared by its Creator.


Chapter 39

Man in the next life

Essenceism, as a coherent analytical system, tested for sense, allows the analysis of so-called life after life.

In order to know how "there" will be, one must first understand that heaven, hell and the spiritual world in general are not some places or specific space. Essenceism shows that it is an open, boundless sphere, beyond time and space, creating infinity. Spiritual beings are the only reality in this sphere. They are people (or rather their spiritual persons) and angels. The spiritual world is the sphere of life for spiritual beings. Its "content" is only they. Apart from the Original Being, people and angels there is no one else, and certainly nothing material. Just images, visions, or remembered content from the physical world, are stuck in the personalities of those who had anything to do with the physical world before.

At the time of physical death, we forever abandon the three-dimensional world and the linear flow of time, and instead we are surrounded by a sphere existing beyond of time and space. This is a great shock for every man, especially one who has never thought about the so-called afterlife. Entering the spiritual world means the beginning of existence in a completely new reality, which should be characterized by full freedom.

So you're dying ... What happens then? I will try to describe it based not only on the ideas developed in essenceism, but also on the most reliable testimonies collected by various researchers. Below I will explain the situation after death, as if I was addressing someone who is waiting for death.

When you die, you get visions of intense light from which the image of space emerges, something like a tunnel to pass. Our imagination has been shaped in the material world. We describe our impressions with the language of familiar concepts. Meanwhile, the spiritual world has no material structures because there is nothing physical. We perceive the phenomenon of the transition between these two worlds as a corridor or tunnel, because this explains the brain to us when we try to understand it. We see the tunnel, although it does not exist in reality. Our spiritual person, experiencing entry into the spiritual world, has no eyes, ears or other senses. So he can't see, hear or feel anything by touch. However, we try to describe these phenomena somehow. We can "see" a luminous figure, and our imagination will tell us that he is an angel. We "hear" the voice, although we may as well create it ourselves. This voice can even make us go back to physical life. This happens, for example, during short-term clinical death, but on condition that our body can continue to function. If there is no return to it, it may happen that after some time it will "join" to another person currently living on Earth. It must, however, have the same spiritual level as our "joining" spiritual person. This return concerns the continuation of an interrupted life. Most often this happens when death is violent and unexpected, for example during a car accident. When we get stuck, someone has to get us out of it, because otherwise we will not be aware of our death and we will try to continue our physical life, negatively affecting the people available there. The most important thing is to understand that you are already dead, to start living in a completely different reality. In the future reality, our current awareness and will decide everything.

If you know that you are already dead and you do not have the will to come back to continue your previous life, then you fully enter the spiritual world. Then there is a total change in mentality. Other spiritual people and angels help us. It is about bringing your personality to the condition predicted by the Creator. I have no idea how long this may take in individual cases, i.e. what judgment everyone will make. There, time does not pass. In the end, it comes to freeing itself from previous burdens, that is, the possibility of using its full free will. Then you can start a proper life in a world outside of time and space. This life can be put in the next stages.

It begins with learning the right phenomena and laws of the spiritual world. Then we learn how to influence our further future. During this period, we badly need the support of angels and those who have already undergone spiritual education. Often these are known to us people who died before us and who we especially loved, and they loved us. This is the period in which we are still learning new situations unknown to us, because we feel a kind of ubiquity in the whole spiritual world, and hence, in the whole universe. This is our new home for eternity. The new reality around us is created by our will, imagination and love flowing constantly from the Creator - Heavenly Father. Together, it creates a full reality in line with our unique personality. We will also be able to start creating new states of reality for those who will come for us and whom we particularly loved. That world, although it is life in one great human society, is still maintaining our unique personality. In this way, we will give unique joy to others around us and to Heavenly Father himself.

All that I wrote above is to realize how our current situation, dominated by evil, negatively affects our future life in the spiritual world. That is why it is worth knowing that our eternal future is in our hands. Therefore, one should not count on a wonderful change in our personality caused by faith in one God or another. Giving such explanations is one of the main missions of essenceism.



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