Chapter 9

Man - the eternal being

When analyzing the history of human civilization, one can come to the conclusion that man is a special being, different from anything else in nature. Of course, it is not an animal. That is why I describe a man as an eternal being who, for the first, relatively short period of life, constitutes a unity of connected persons: physical and spiritual. After his physical death, he goes as a spiritual person to eternal life in the spiritual world, known as the sphere beyond time and space.

Essenceism shows that a spiritual person emerges from the Original Being, just as a newborn child emerges from a mother's womb. Its birth is not the result of fertilization, as is the case with physical conception. It begins in the heart of God, when the human body is governed by the law that the male sperm enters the female egg. The decision to fertilize comes from man, but it entails the "forced" participation of the Creator in the creation of a new human life. Everything indicates that the new spiritual person is formed from the Divine Energy. Of course, its formation is not related to any process of the passage of time, because the spiritual world functions beyond time and space. It is each time a unique creative act of the Original Being. Thus, a new eternal being arises into which a form of spirituality deriving from His Personality is grafted. The Creator transmits to her a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love, which are integrated as if in a "piece" of His Heart. Therefore, it will be a child of both parents and His. Personal attributes for an individual person are completed when the Creator decides to breathe life into the nascent physical person in the form of a beginning of a spiritual person. This happens when the months of it development in the womb of mother are over. Such an embodiment of attributes from the Creator can be taken as the proper beginning of divine fatherhood for a particular human being.

I have this image before my eyes: a human being is born from a mother's womb - a new physical person. At the same time, another image is superimposed on this image: the emergence of an invisible spiritual person coming from the Creator. It connects to the one already visible to our senses. This is the beginning of each of us, being eternally existing from the moment of birth. We go on through life, we reach the state when our physical body is old and redundant. Then the spiritual person leaves the body shell, leaving it in the physical world. From that moment on, we become an invisible being that lives forever as a proper human being. So we were born of the Original Being, which should therefore be called Heavenly Father.

A physical person is our physical body endowed with the instinct for life, which is something like the instinct in animals. However, in the case of a human, this is not a typical instinct, although conditioned and unconditional reflexes function in him. In the case of animals, their inner sense can be called an animal soul. The human body, in turn, is governed by the inner governing nature, which should be called the physical soul. A physical person is then a physical being similar to an animal, but representing the highest stage of development. As in the case of animals, a physical person is associated with the surrounding nature and is subject to the laws that apply to it. Like all physical beings, she must die within a certain time. The difference between a physical person and even the most developed representative of the animal world lies in the different sense of their existence. This can be described with a simple theorem. The meaning of an animal's life is to serve a physical person, and the sense of a physical person's existence is to serve a spiritual person.

When we look at a person, we only see a physical person, and we do not see a spiritual person in him. This is because we cannot see energy. We try to locate it, but most often we are doomed only to accept the effects of its operation. This "building block" of life, derived from the Energy of the First Cause, accompanies us in our physical life as this "visible energy" transformed into matter. At the same time, there is also in us this "invisible", filling the spiritual world, also coming from the same source. This applies to both our physical and spiritual person. Certainly a physical person is a greater "consumer" of primary energy from God than a spiritual person, because it is material. The fact is that the Original Being engaged in the physical world a huge amount of primary energy. This is clearly shown by the equation given by Einstein (E = mc˛), in which the speed of light raised to the second power is a quantitative factor showing how much energy is needed to create matter. It must be said openly that only the Creator can do this.

A physical person uses the transformed energy into matter, which lasts from fertilization in the womb until her death. As I emphasized previously, it is a huge "user" of primary energy, albeit for a limited time. Thanks to this, it is visible and can fulfill its short mission of bringing a spiritual person to maturity. The spiritual one is also a "user" of primary energy, although with a much lower intensity, but for a much longer time, that is for all eternity. Both are, therefore, places of concentration and use, but on a different scale and at different times.

The permanent concentration of primary energy, which was used by the Creator to shape our spiritual person, is intended only for life beyond time and space. There is no need for our spiritual person to be visible in the physical world, because for the time of its growth to full maturity it is located in a visible physical person. Only in the first, physical phase of life intended for human development, it must harmonize with the primary energy transformed into the physical body. Then it leaves the dead physical body and continues life as invisible to our eyes. Except in exceptional circumstances, this concentrated energy from which it is made is never transformed into matter again.

Of course, in exceptional situations, a spiritual person can be felt in our physical world and even become visible to our eyes. I call it "physicalizing" (from this point onwards, I will no longer use quotation marks). There are several forms of this physicalization. I will start with the slightest spiritual interference in our physical reality. If someone remains in strong spiritual arousal, he can sense the concentration of energy in his environment resulting from the presence of such a person, and even recognize him without visualizing it. This happens with the simultaneous use of the imagination and spiritual senses of both parties involved in the phenomenon. Then you can even communicate with such an invisible person, that is, find out what he wants from us. This is done, for example, by using telepathy or by being alone in hypnosis. Then such a spiritual person can understand what we want to convey to him. With a slightly higher concentration of energy, it is "physically" formed, that is, "dressed" in a visible form, because the concentration of its spiritual energy is already sufficient to prevent light rays from passing through. Such a spiritual person looks like a shadow or a haze. This is how the so-called ghosts seen by certain people appear. They look like an airy figure. I am basing here on some testimonies and memories of people who experienced something like this, but I cannot verify it. The greater concentration of spiritual energy looks a bit different. Then the spiritual person looks like a physical figure and can perform various activities. For example, angels took on a physical form, communicated certain information, performed various jobs, and acted like humans. We know from the Bible that an angel fought with Jacob, the archangel Gabriel talked to Mary, and yet another broke the bars of the prison where St. Peter. It was not, however, mere materialization or visualization. This phenomenon is best described by the term already mentioned: physicalization, which describes the act of briefly appearing of a spiritual figure in the physical world. It may not be a term related to typical phenomena in our world, but it captures the meaning of the phenomenon being described. Sometimes another person called a medium is needed. She adds her will and energy to this transformation, a great amount of which must be used even with a brief physical expression. In addition, it should be noted that a person from the invisible world must want to be seen, because in order to become physical, he needs his will that mobilizes spiritual energy. Jesus Christ himself showed the maximum effect of this phenomenon. After His resurrection, He was fully visible, spoke, moved and performed various activities like an ordinary person. Many times, whenever He wanted it, He appeared among His disciples, taking advantage of the fact that they too were "energetically" prepared and involved in His presence.

Summarizing the above, it should be clearly stated that the purpose of the Creator was to give eternal life to His children in the form of a spiritual person. For He did not create man to die. The death of the physical body was predicted by Him from the beginning. A man who achieves personal perfection as a spiritual person is the culmination of the Creator's work, fully completed and stabilized for eternity. It reflects God's qualities to the maximum. There is no need to imagine someone even greater and more perfect. For the Creator put everything that was best in His work.


Chapter 10

Spiritual world - principles of functioning

In this chapter, I enter a different reality than what we are used to. Formulating a proof for the existence of the spiritual world is not so easy. First, logical conclusions should be drawn from the laws and principles according to which the physical world was created, as they may affect the fact of the existence of something outside of it. You should also use the experiences of people who gave us testimonies about the spiritual experiences they experienced. After all, you have to be like a detective or an investigating judge who, from small facts, sometimes from insignificant events and a few evidence of the existence of something elusive, has to put together a picture of the truth about the phenomenon under investigation.

The logical conclusion from these analyzes should be the statement that the spiritual world is a spiritual reality intended for life for all spiritual beings. It should be not only our ultimate goal, but the most important part of our eternal life, something like our own peaceful home forever, for eternity.

While the physical world is known to every human being, the spiritual world is not understandable for everyone. It is as if separated from our reality because it has a reality of its own, different from ours. However, these two worlds in the original intention of the Creator were not to be separate spheres, as they are today. Their proper state is complete harmony and coexistence. The spiritual world, from the earthly point of view, may in a sense be an overlay to the physical world, but an unimaginably larger overlay than the physical world. Therefore, it can rather be said that the physical world is a pad for the spiritual world. In this relationship between them, the spiritual world plays a definitely superior role. It should also be noted that originally the Creator's intention was for free energy and information exchange between these worlds.

Of course, the spiritual world is invisible to human eyes, just as our thoughts and feelings and everything of a spiritual nature are invisible. Time and space is what basically distinguishes the physical world from the spiritual world. In the latter, time does not pass in the earthly sense and is not needed to traverse space. When in the physical world a place is a point in space, the concept of place does not exist in the spiritual world. Being in it has a different dimension, the dimension of omnipresence, which means that it is not subject to any physical limitations. For us, adapted to life in the physical world associated with numerous limitations, it is unimaginable. Therefore, in order to understand the functioning of the spiritual world, one must abandon our understanding of time and space through the physical senses. It requires a special state of concentration in which we silence their action and let our thoughts float freely.

Usually it is difficult for us to imagine linear infinity, that is, to direct our thoughts into the infinite past or future. It is even more difficult to imagine the infinite existing on an unlimited plane, and the worst we deal with is spatial unlimited. Together, both infinities, i.e. the temporal and spatial infinity, represent the spiritual world. This is the nature of this world. Despite these difficulties, we must locate specific spiritual entities in this world, such as angels or spiritual people who have already finished their physical lives. However, for the spiritual world, location does not make sense. You are everywhere. The reason is the total ubiquity of the Core of this sphere, that is, the Original Being. This applies to both His Energy, from which the physical universe was created, and His Personality, containing within Himself the laws and rules governing the universe. What, however, can be "spiritually located" is His Heart, because it creates the Center against which one can define one's "personal position", guided by the "radiation" of his Fatherhood.

Essenceism offers a certain sequence of thought for understanding the spiritual world. Namely, currently well over seven billion people live on Earth and this number is constantly increasing. If it is true that we all pass to the spiritual world after physical death, then over one hundred billion people live there in the form of spiritual persons, and this number is also constantly growing. How do they live there? What are they doing? How do they recognize each other? How do they communicate with each other? Do they see God, angels, or maybe Satan and demons? Is Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad or Abraham with them? There is no end to such questions. In this chapter I am trying to understand the functioning of the spiritual world as it should be originally, and in another chapter I will deal with the present state.

First, to make it easier, I will illustrate the coexistence of the spiritual world and the physical world in a simple way. I will use a comparison with a football match. Imagine that there are 22 players running on the pitch, and maybe a thousand times as many spectators sit in the stands, let's say 22,000. All these people, both on the pitch and in the stands, participate in a match. Although only 22 of them are playing football and the rest are watching it, they are actually all connected with the show. Those in the stands are passionate about the game no less than the players on the pitch and similarly identify with the current situation. This should also be the case for the world prepared by the Creator. We who live on Earth are the players. People in the spiritual world, although they "sit in the stands", can actively participate in the life of this world. The creator also foresaw mutual communication between both sides. Of course, this is a picture of an ideal world.

During earthly life, the physical person and the spiritual person of man constitute a united human person and it is difficult to perceive any duality. Meanwhile, although they constitute one personality, their roles are very different from each other. From the very assumption that a spiritual person is eternal and a physical person is mortal, their functions are differentiated. There is no doubt that the eternal spiritual person is more important because he is simply the right person. I am not diminishing the importance of a physical person. If it were not so important and necessary, the Creator would not have taken the trouble of creating it together with the entire infinite cosmos. A physical person is absolutely necessary for human perfection. The Creator's plan was that the physical body, armed with the senses and the instinct of life, would be able, within a short time, for example, within 70 years, to enable a spiritual person to gain life experiences necessary to achieve full perfection.

Let's assume that a man on Earth on his way to perfection should gradually come to it on a scale from 1 to 100%. At each point of this scale, both our people communicate with each other "on the same wave", which is similar to transmitting on the same frequency on a scale of 1 MHz to 100 MHz, as it is between a transmitter and a receiver. For example, halfway, or 50% of human development, they communicate on 50 MHz. At this frequency, the spiritual person receives vital forces from the senses of the physical body, developing his wisdom, willpower, or affection necessary to achieve a state corresponding to this level. This process continues until it is 100% perfect at 100 MHz. In the ideal world, that is, in the world functioning in accordance with the Will of God, a physical person brings a spiritual person to full perfection, and then dies. A mature spiritual person, i.e. the right person, continues to live in the spiritual world. This should be a fundamental life truth for all of us.

In the spiritual world, everything is felt spiritually, not physically. It follows from the above that the Original Being is not an object to be seen, but rather an omnipresence that permeates the entire spiritual sphere and the entire universe. Our spiritual person knows God with his entire personality as a kind of warmth that penetrates him, which is actually all-encompassing love. He also feels Him as a light of unprecedented intensity that permeates everything and brings awareness of all knowledge. After all, a spiritual person feels God as absolute peace that causes a feeling of eternal good. She meets other beings in the spiritual world with the help of the spiritual counterparts of the earthly senses. In identifying them, we can use a certain analogy with the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch we know. So we can talk about seeing through the eyes of the soul, a touch of happiness, a taste of freedom, a sense of good or listening to the voice of the heart. At the same time, due to the specificity of the sphere existing beyond time and space, they can be considered as one non-material sense.

These senses are fully operational in the spiritual world only after achieving the goal of creation, that is, after achieving personal perfection. Since no one has reached this level yet, people entering the spiritual world now feel God's love, understanding of truth and awareness of good in a more or less limited way.

Once the ideal world comes, every second in the physical world should be used to prepare your future "personal" spiritual world. Each person will be able to dream, dream and shape this eternal future. This is because its content is to be built in the earthly life on the basis of everyday human experiences, and then recorded in his inner personality, like a record on a video recorder. The world around us, and especially nature, is therefore so beautiful and diverse that we can draw content from it for future eternal life. In the spiritual world, we will definitely be happy if we accumulate the right amount of happy experiences from the physical world and the right amount of personal dreams. It is worth opening your memory now to assimilate your daily happy experiences on Earth, while simultaneously removing bad experiences from your memory. We often dream about happiness lasting as long as possible. This is due to our original nature, which is focused on continuing happiness. Earthly experiences should always bring us joy, but we know well that this is not always the case, as we live in a world that is far from what the Creator has prepared for us.

In an ideal world, the history of our physical life should be recorded every second on our "internal video recorder", although in the present reality only a few records are valuable. After the end of earthly life, this "recording" goes with us to the spiritual world. What we write ourselves and what will be available to us in other people's "good recordings" will together become a sufficient "virtual movie" needed to fill our eternal life in the spiritual world with content. Having the opportunity to experience what happened in the past, what is happening now and what will happen in the future anywhere in the universe, you can be absolutely sure that you will not be bored there. The world has always been interesting, it has always rushed with progress, creating an extremely interesting spectacle to which everyone should have unlimited access. We should be one big and eternal family under the patronage of God.

After death, those who, while living in the physical world, have achieved personal perfection will be completely free and fully happy. This freedom will mean the possibility of getting to know everything that the Creator has prepared for people. The spiritual world is beyond time and space, hence the spiritual person of man will be able to freely traverse the entire infinite universe. She will be able to visit any place in different galaxies, in different star systems, where there are planets similar to Earth, that is, with similar physical and biological conditions. Of course, this will also apply to our native Earth, when God's sovereignty reigns over it. There may be a huge number of such planets in the universe today, even though we know nothing about them. Logically speaking, these are places prepared by the Original Being for his children to live and develop forever. The energy from the Creator can enable "traveling" spiritual persons to become physical anywhere in the cosmos, just on such planets. This physicalization, even for a short time, is necessary, because seeing and feeling the beauty of nature becomes possible only with the help of physical senses. It can be really fascinating. Therefore, in the spiritual world, we have an unimaginable possibility of experiencing experiences that we do not even dream about today. This is our future and this is how the perfect universe will look like, both physical and spiritual.


Chapter 11

Meaning of the existence of a spiritual person

Essenceism is a system that has sufficiently well-prepared research instruments to specifically answer one of the most important questions about the meaning of human life. It is a spiritual person of man, because it is it who gives us the direction of development as an eternally existing being. Its existence, in particular, may explain why we are so different from the rest of the universe.

It is worth realizing that only we humans show an interest in asking questions about the meaning of our existence, searching for God, and deciding whether He exists or not. Animals, not even the most highly developed animals, do not. This is because there is in us this "part" additional to nature in the form of a spiritual person, which comes directly from the Creator Personality. Hence, from the very beginning of our civilization, people look for the One they come from. Not from protozoa, not from monkeys, but from Someone we don't know, and whom we really want to meet.

From the beginning of the Creator's plans, a perfect man was destined to be His partner. It is more than just a child of God. The Original Being needs the greatest level of love and can live it only with perfect beings like Him. The spiritual person of a perfect man must therefore be the pinnacle of the activity of the Creator of the universe. Every perfect human should be the most precious of all imaginable. A perfect man is a masterpiece of the Creator, someone to whom He can entrust the entire universe and be sure that he will become a good administrator of what He has accomplished.

So what is a man to do if he knows that he will live forever? First of all, he should use his physical life to the full, even every minute of it, to reach the level expected by the Creator. This level means maturity to begin the eternal, most important period in our lives. After reaching perfection, an eternal future awaits us, which is now difficult to understand. Therefore, essenceism wants to present two possible scenarios for humans who are beings who live forever in the infinitely vast cosmos. One of them is more passive. It makes people eternal beings traversing various places in the cosmos and admiring its richness. The second, more active scenario makes humans creators of new civilizations in the same eternal, grand and infinite universe. For us now living on a tiny planet, lost somewhere in space, both of these scenarios are utter fantasy.

The passive scenario is based on a logical understanding of the Creator's activities, as a result of which the cosmos is not some gigantic void devoid of life. Since there are billions of galaxies in the universe, with billions of stars in each of them, the probability of having planets adapted to life is enormous. It can be assumed that on these planets the Creator has realized his plans to create people in His image and likeness. This means that the universe could be inhabited by countless civilizations inhabited by people just like us. Our hope should be that they have perfect worlds, which are not like we on Earth. Evil could never appear on these planets and therefore they are a kind of realized Kingdom of Heaven. That would be good news for us about our future after the end of our physical life. Our spiritual people could move around the entire universe without losing time and become physical on any already inhabited planet. My previous books on essenceism explained the concept of physicalization of spiritual persons in the physical world and showed the possibility of spiritual persons moving anywhere in the universe without wasting time. This is due to the rules of the state beyond time and space. Hence, if there were numerous inhabited planets, it would be an endless "sightseeing trip" or "planetary study" intended for spiritual persons mature for eternal life. This could be our further life in the universe, albeit more passive than active.

The second scenario, the more active one, assumes that perhaps all of these billions of galaxies and their stars are still in a phase of transformation leading to the formation of planets adapted to the life of human beings on them. Such a scenario would make the Earth a "producing" planet of the Creator's representatives prepared to create human civilizations in countless places in the universe. We would be a kind of "breeding ground" of perfect educators of future civilizations. Scientists have calculated that there are more than one hundred billion of those who have died on Earth so far. If they were all eternal beings in the form of perfect spiritual persons, they would be for the Creator wonderful emissaries preparing new human civilizations. For them, time and space would not be any obstacle, so they could share the tasks of creating human worlds in different places in the cosmos. Such human educators, perfect themselves, after having established themselves on a given planet, would be the guides of parents bringing up their children there. The only question is whether they would do it in the form of becoming physical, or could they invisibly replace the angels in their educational mission.

By the way, it is worth drawing the conclusion that there is no point in trying to prepare our exodus to some other habitable planet with the increasing number of humanity. The distances in the universe and the relatively short physical life of a human make these plans impossible to implement. It would be much wiser to make people aware that they are eternal as spiritual persons and that physical life is only a preparation for this eternity. They could then maintain the population on Earth in such numbers that our planet would enable everyone to live in dignity. Of course, such a state would require no evil on our planet and treating humanity as one big family. Perhaps it will happen someday.

The Original Being should have perfect partners or representatives present "everywhere", just like Him. This is probably His plan, though it is beyond my ability to check it out. The above description results primarily from the need to outline a specific solution for humanity. This is the mission of essenceism in relation to all the topics discussed by this system.



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