Chapter 9

Humanity's long road to eternity

Essenceism arose to re-describe the First Cause of all things. In accordance with his assumption about the existence of the eternal Original Being, there was also a thesis that Such a Being created a space-time universe for the development of people, his children. Therefore, he must be called Heavenly Father.

Additionally, I would like to remind you that in essenceism I reserve the term "person" for a being that exists eternally in the image and likeness of the Original Being. Of course, it is about ourselves, that is, creatures endowed with a personality similar to their Creator. During the first physical period of our life, taking place in the physical world, we live as an integrated coexistence of a physical and spiritual person. A natural person is responsible for bringing a spiritual person to perfection during his biological life. After the end of the functioning of the physical body, that is, after physical death, the spiritual person will live forever in the sphere beyond time and space, coexisting with his Creator in the child-father relationship.

It follows that we only live temporarily in the physical world, that is, in the space-time of the universe. This time is for our physical and spiritual development. Therefore, the Earth is, in the Creator's concept, the proper living space in which a person should achieve personal perfection. In the period of development, we should be supported by angels, i.e. spiritual guardians of humanity. The essenceism system accepts the fact that angels are eternal spiritual beings similar to our spiritual person. They play the same role for her that animals play for our natural person.

Unfortunately, a negative and destructive event has happened, that is, evil. Another, bad reality was created, created by the Archangel Lucifer - the educator of the first people, and by themselves. As a result of the reversal of the force of love, the human personality was subordinated to this evil educator instead of God. When he fell outside the sphere created by the Original Being, he was named Satan. Almost from the very beginning, he has been leading humanity against the original assumptions of the Creator. In order to distinguish this bad reality from the proper one prepared for humanity, called "heaven", the present reality can be called "earth", and even more precisely, hell. This is how you have to call the "institution" managed by Satan. Although we do not like it, it must be said that we live in hell, that is, in a world that is not the result of a proper concept of the Creator.

From essenceism it follows that God is not here with us, because there cannot be one reality in which He and His complete opposite, Satan, exist together. The Original Being exists therefore only in the state of reality beyond time and space, separated from people by their unlawful "guardian", the former Archangel. So we live in a satanic reality that is not our proper one, and which is a bad state known as the fallen world. In this system, Satan is both the source and the center of evil. This, according to essenceism, is the present state of our world.

So it can be said that the history of mankind is the story of people's suffering in a wrong reality guided by the anti-god Satan. Therefore, she deserves her liberation from this state, that is, salvation. Attempts to get out of this situation have occurred throughout human history. The greatest event was the work of Jesus Christ, which was unfortunately brutally interrupted by His crucifixion. As a result of His short life as the reborn Son of God, there was only spiritual salvation, that is, the liberation of people from the power of Satan in the spiritual world. This process continues in the form of the further salvation of our spiritual persons, who, entering the spiritual world after their physical life, can benefit from the redeeming work of the Savior of mankind.

According to essenceism, our world requires full salvation, that is, the completion of the process started by Jesus Christ. It can be done by people led by the Son of God with the support of angels. It cannot be done by God Himself, who has not participated in the destruction of His work. For God does not know the evil that He did not create, and has nothing to do with it. It is the source of good only. We know them as His Providence, that is, His eternal laws and principles leading everything to perfection, including in a special way to the perfection of people themselves. The difference between humans and all other creation is that we must participate in shaping personal perfection ourselves, adding to the process our responsibility for its fulfillment. The appearance of the Son of God among us is necessary to bring the world to salvation. He is the one who has no dependence on Satan, that is, He has no fallen nature that all other people have. This means that the world will be saved through the educational and educational activities of the Son of God. This mission was initiated by Jesus Christ, that is, he resumed the Creator's concept of creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This goal has never changed because it comes from a perfect God.

For now, according to essenceism, we live in a world without the presence of God. Therefore, we do not realize that we have been deprived of the real world in which both we and all other people are to be the most important in all creation. It is the state of eternity encoded by the Creator in our personality that creates the phenomenon that one can be the most important of all people, without depriving others of the same level of importance. That is why we do not create a world as one loving family. We do not enjoy the happiness of others together, nor do we live together the proper, wise development of civilization. We were pushed into a state of sadness and loneliness, without a good life and friendship. The fragile bonds of true love and trust are still being destroyed. We exist in uncertainty from day to day, often not understanding what will happen tomorrow. It is as if we are wandering in the dark in the world that is to be our home. Sometimes this condition is seen in dreams. We wander somewhere, we are unable to do something, we cannot find something, we are looking for someone close. This is because we want happiness, goodness, and eternity, which are unattainable for now. So we look for these values ​​in dreams or dreams, wishing to join the real, eternal reality prepared by the Creator. Maybe we will enter it someday, although the road to it is still long.



Chapter 10

Spiritual development of mankind

Development results from increasing knowledge and awareness of the current reality. This rule should theoretically also apply to the spiritual development of humanity. Unfortunately, this is not the case with it.

Essenceism by spiritual development means increasing the knowledge about the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This applies first of all to the laws resulting from the relationship: Creator - man - all-creation. They include the laws of love, beauty, goodness and all others, which are based on the Creator's concept of harmony between these three subjects. This development, therefore, does not result from the intellectual state of people. Also, the concept of spiritual development is not connected with the development of civilization related to technology, economy, and even culture and science. It is an area parallel to all the others mentioned previously. Therefore, in my system, I decided to focus only on understanding the concepts of the possible existence of God, the spiritual world and eternity in man.

It cannot be denied that human civilization has made tremendous progress in all areas of life, especially in the last four thousand years. Surprisingly, however, there was no parallel spiritual development at that time. This development seemed to have stopped quite a long time ago, probably at the very beginning of our civilization; and still shows no significant progress. In my system, I examined this initial moment and describe the results in many studies. In general, these studies show that our spiritual development is more like "trotting in place", that is, consolidating ancient concepts inherited from an undefined past. Even the serious efforts of figures such as Moses, Confucius, Buddha and Muhammad did not significantly raise the level of spiritual knowledge of the followers of the religions they started. The content of the teaching of Jesus Christ is somewhat different from this pattern. However, the very quick removal of Him from the public space, i.e. murdering Him, closed the possibility of making a significant progress in spiritual development for the first time in human history. His words: "I have much more to tell you ..." (John 16:12) really gave this hope. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of strange, even hostile resistance from the people of his time destroyed the chance for a possible development proposed by Him.

Essenceism, by definition, studies the phenomenon of spiritual stagnation of humanity. My system would like to change this state of affairs, especially since the first signs of change appeared five centuries ago. It is about the Religious Reformation initiated by Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. More recently in the twentieth century, there have been further signs of these changes. This is evidenced by the appearance of such works as "The Uranti Book", "In the Light of Truth", "God's Principles" and "The Book of Knowledge". Thanks to them, there was an opportunity for many people to open up to spiritual problems. Such signs also appeared in the development of democracy, when people stopped being persecuted for their views.

Still, there is no significant interest in the new knowledge contained in various religious studies. Not seeing the substantive reasons for this stagnation, I had to re-analyze all the causes of this state. I reached not only to the logical arguments used by science, but also to the "unscientific" ones. These are the causes that should be explained by the knowledge drawn from the various testimonies and vestiges in books used by different religions. They contain descriptions of extraordinary events and teachings carried out by people considered saints today, prophets and visionaries who seem to come from a different reality. I have quite a lot of respect for these people. Unlike their successors, they were relatively reliable. In addition, there are the development of new theological and philosophical theories created by famous theologians and philosophers. Unfortunately, many of these religious doctrines were commercially adapted, then dogmas and devoid of developmental power. For example, all that remains of Jesus' teaching is the awareness that God is our Heavenly Father and that we will be resurrected. Most of the others, such as love for others and unconditional forgiveness, remained only in the form of slogans. For this reason, and because of the later distortions, His teaching did not get the proper results.

So what can change this situation?

The first association seems very simple. Considering that humanity learns from mistakes (!?), it can be assumed that if someone like Jesus Christ reappeared on Earth and if he was given more time than before, he could pass on to us a great deal of knowledge about the phenomena we have about such a miserable concept. Perhaps he could explain how God - the Creator of the universe exists, what means that He is the Father of every human being, and how we will live eternally in His reality as perfectly human beings. Although this solution is easy to understand, many may regard it as an activity of only one of many religions, and therefore refuse to accept the teaching of the Son of God.

Essenceism in previous studies suggested a slightly more difficult solution, although more realistic. It was about religious beliefs abandoning the wrong attitude of waiting for God to save mankind from its bad condition, for example in the form of the end of the world or the so-called Last Judgment. Therefore, essenceism tries to make all religious denominations and all mankind aware that it must lead to the birth of the Son of God on Earth. This is exactly what happened before our era, when the activities of many mission-conscious figures of that time led to the birth of Jesus Christ. It was he who initiated the proper spiritual development, unfortunately only for a short time. Today, the Son of God might not look like Jesus portrayed in artistic visions, but be above all someone devoid of fallen nature. He would be the guide of humanity during its spiritual development. It is also He, supported by us, who could lead to the rebirth of the initial state of humanity in the form of the perfect Adam (Son of God) and perfect Eve (Daughter of God) and restore a permanent relationship with God.

Changing the views and attitudes of religious denominations, as well as people themselves, would require a lot of work supported by the authority of science. It should not be disturbed by politicians and businessmen. One could then count on the so-called globetrotters, the appearance of which suggests essenceism. All this could be a transformation not treated as a miracle, although for now all this remains in theory.

Summarizing the above, one should be aware that the level of spiritual development of humanity is still very low, many times lower than the development in all other areas of our civilization. The average person on Earth does not really know who God is, how He works and where He is. We are actually in the dark in this regard. Religious denominations represent so-called imaginary gods and cannot answer these questions by themselves. Our life after physical death is also completely unknown. The story of the resurrected Jesus, who appeared in the physical world for forty days, is information that, due to the fact that he was treated as God, did not explain to people their eternity.

Essenceism adds a certain amount of new knowledge to the poor development of human spirituality, although it is a very small contribution to the extent of neglect in this area. One of the main steps in this field is to show that God, or the Original Being, is a fundamental necessity if we want to understand the meaning of the existence of the universe and humanity. However, He cannot indwell us in the universe. The "area" of space should be managed by humanity. The Original Being resides infinitely and absolutely beyond the cosmos, that is, in the sphere beyond time and space. It has been waiting for us there for a long time.



Chapter 11

Eternity of man and other beings

First, let me give the definitions resulting from essenceism. An entity is a being with life. A person is a being endowed with intelligence, will and affection. My system claims that this “giver” is the Original Being. He Himself also has a Personality shaped out of the Original Intelligence, Will and Affection centered in His Heart. It is therefore a "model personality" for all other spiritual persons.

Man, called in essenceism an eternal being, was created in such a way that he inherits the attributes of the Original Being. According to my system, each of us has the intelligence, will and affection acquired from Him centered in the element of the heart we receive from Him. It is given to him from the Creator together with the "breath of life", that is, the beginning of a spiritual person. Thus, man has a personality modeled on Being Original. In its original assumption, a man during his earthly life was to lead his spiritual person to perfection. Actually, it is about the development of his spiritual soul, that is, a kind of inner governing nature, also known as primal nature. It is she who inherits the elements of intelligence, will and affection coming from her Creator. I have explained this in detail in most of my publications and websites.

The Original Being is, in a sense, a specialist in creating, or "bringing" spiritual beings out of Himself. They are therefore eternal like Himself. Meanwhile, physical beings are the result of changes in the physical world, which we interpret through evolution. This means that in the physical world, the Creator only activates the mechanism of nature into which he grafts life, and in the case of a human being, introduces a spiritual person into the physical body.

A spiritual creature other than man, created by God, i.e. an angel, also has intelligence, will and affection, but, unlike man, does not inherit His Heart. It only has a kind of personality center, like a personality core, which guides the implementation of the goals set for it by the Creator. This is actually a poorer heart emulation designed to balance the three main personality attributes. Also, the will of an angel is not of the same character as the free will of man. It can be said that it is strictly targeted. So an angel is a servant, not a child of God. Of course, according to essenceism, it should be assumed that it has a specific personality. The angel in a sense is a "poorer" version of the spiritual person of a man, because he does not go into his existence on the basis of a physical person. Therefore, he is not a fully person, because he does not have a formed gender, and above all, he cannot directly, like a human, experience childhood, marital and parental love. It is worth adding that angels can partially experience the actions of physical senses by interacting with man. Thanks to this, they can have certain experiences of childhood, marital and parental love, drawing impressions from the human personality and experiencing the joy of coexisting with him.

Everyone can see that the physical person has a limited life span, while it is felt that the spiritual person is eternal. This is the most important topic of my thoughts. Thus, essenceism proposes a simple thesis that time and space were created so that man could bring his state of personality to perfection. Therefore, for my system, I have reviewed the experiences of mankind until the 21st century. I came to the conclusion that we should not be guided by the fact that we have a physical structure similar to that of animals. It is needed because it is the basis for building our future eternity. Essenceism tries to show that this is how you should treat our physical person.

In this study, I devote a lot of space to confirming the fact that we are eternal. It seems that man is a being who begins life on Earth, and then it lasts for eternity, first in the physical world, and then in the spiritual world. There is a spiritual person in us and it is he who distinguishes us from animals. Jesus Christ showed it "religiously". His appearance after the so-called resurrection in the translation of essenceism is the "physicalization" of His spiritual person. In this way, He can be evidence of eternity, though science has little say in this insight. Apart from the faith of Christians, there is quite a great understanding of the fact that Jesus appeared again among his disciples. Now I am not talking about some scientific evidence for the existence of a spiritual person permanently living in the spiritual world, but about a logical sequence of events resulting from the mission of Christ. This incident can help many people, even outside Christendom, to come to the truth about themselves.

The fact of eternal life, however, raises another question, where exactly will we live forever? Everyone knows not here in our physical reality. So there must be some place for spiritual life for eternity. In that case, it is necessary to examine the probability of the existence of this eternal place of our life, which is called the spiritual world. I must emphasize that essenceism defines the original spiritual world as a sphere beyond time and space, which is filled with the Original Being. Thus, our eternal spiritual person directs his interest in faith in a Being that is invisible and a sphere that is not material. In order to solve this, essenceism tries to change faith in proper spiritual knowledge through logical lines of thought.

To sum up, the first and most important step in human development is understanding that each of us is an eternal entity and that he is certainly not an animal. Only after understanding this fact can we begin to ask ourselves further questions about the spiritual world. Is this a "space" where our eternal life is to take place after the end of our physical life?

I do not intend to convince anyone "by force" that there is a God, a spiritual world or an immortal being in man. I cannot do this as much as I cannot convince someone that there is an infinite universe, indivisible elementary particles, or the possibility of exceeding the speed of light. The knowledge of all this gradually penetrates human consciousness, constantly expanding the scope of our cognition. In the next topics of this study, I will try to describe the functioning and current state of the spiritual world, as well as our eternal existence in it. Among other things, this study serves this purpose.



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