Chapter 1

Why essenceism appeared?

Essenceism arose as a result of life pain caused by the existence of evil. More precisely, it appeared as a reaction to a world in which most people suffer, not realizing why there is a reality burdened with evil around them. To this came the worry that this suffering could become even greater in the face of the negative effects of another evil, that is, which results from the devastation of the life resources of the globe. This state stimulated my thoughts towards finding a way to eliminate evil, because I have always associated the existence of God with good.

During my professional and scientific work, I have always dreamed that finally science would confirm the existence of the First Cause in the Person of the Creator of the universe. Even when my friends tried to explain to me that science cannot demonstrate God's existence, I always replied that the same science cannot deny His existence.

That is why my essenceism system was created.

Quite honestly, essenceism arose as a reaction to the fact that science has rejected the possibility of investigating whether the universe has its Creator. Apparently it has no instruments for this. In addition, scientists often say that it is not their business.

That's why I started creating this system.

Essenceism also arose as a reaction to a philosophy that drowns in thousands of different concepts and theories, completely obscuring the image of reality. It does not add anything new to understanding whether the universe was created by itself or has its First Cause.

That's why I decided on the system described here.

To some extent, essenceism arose as a reaction to the inactivity of many religions in the face of the need to save the world. Their attitude in most cases means faith in the imaginary god, who according to them is to solve the problem of the existence of evil by doing its own liquidation. He is also to lead to the creation of a good and even a perfect world. This attitude of people of faith is the greatest spiritual failure of our civilization. It condemns us to the eternal duration of the evil world.

That is why the essenceism system had to be created.

Essenceism also arose from my personal rebellion in a situation where people still have to grope in the dark, seeking solutions to their problems. Meanwhile, in my opinion, they have them at hand. It is enough to mobilize them to think without dogmatic barriers and go boldly towards restoring their good world, i.e. one in which they will be eternal.

For such people, my essenceism system was created.

I've been an enthusiast all my life. I pushed forward whenever I saw the chance for a better world. Unfortunately, in most cases I fell victim to combos and scammers. They used my enthusiasm and trust to draw me into their dishonest plans. Finally, a dozen or so years ago, I decided to use, regardless of anyone, my enthusiasm combined with life experience and acquired scientific knowledge. Thanks to this, I created a system with no unfair interest behind it. I decided to use scientific methods to explore the possibility of God's existence. I meant the God who should be the First Cause of all things. I also decided to shed a tangle of confused philosophical views and contradictory ideas about our reality. I had to reject all dogmas. Therefore, I decided not to worry about the collection of symbolic stories contained in the Bible, the Koran or other books, but to use the important moral values ​​contained in them.

That's how my system came about.

Turning to the answer to the main question about the existence of the Creator of the universe, I decided to reach into the nucleus of science that comes from dreams and the human intellect. I meant to learn more than just study our material reality. In the case of using philosophy, I also decided to reach for its core, which should show the sense of our existence. Here I also wanted to come to the truth, not only material but also spiritual. In the end, I decided to reach for the core of the religion, which was not created by gods, but people sincerely wanting to save the world from evil. I remembered the words of Jesus "I have much to say to you, but you cannot bear now". (John 16:12).

Or maybe the time has finally come for this?

In the following chapters I will explain how the subsequent stages of the development of essenceism were shaped.

I invite you to read.

Janusz Mazur - Author


Chapter 2

Development phases of essenceism

Essenceism was formed as a result of the use of thought sequences controlled on an ongoing basis as to compliance with the adopted assumptions and thesis. This system has developed from my main observation that the universe was not created out of nothing. In all my business and research work, I have never had to deal with the phenomenon of something emerging from nothing. This remark is also related to the greatest scientific discovery of the 20th century regarding the fact that the universe once arose. This is an amazing statement! He really wasn't there once! This means that it had its beginning and there was nothing before it. Or maybe there was something? This is where my private brainstorm took place.

I began with the fact that if there could be a God at all, He must be the First Cause of All. In that case, the universe could theoretically be the result of His activities, that is, it would have its Creator. The question arose where this alleged Original Creative Being "resides", as well as what He "looks like", what features He has and how He accomplished His work, which is the gigantic universe.

This is where science helped me, which has finally determined that the universe began 13.8 billion years ago and that it is still unknown what was before. This discovery opened a new phase in research on its creation. Suppose half and a half two hypotheses began to exist. One that the universe created itself, and the other that it has Its First Cause, which is God the Creator. Personally, in contrast to the declared supporters of an independent, i.e. miraculous source of its creation, I am inclined to the view that if I are to believe in miracles, it is better to choose the First Cause of all things, i.e. the Creator. For I assumed that it was better to assume that something arose from "something" than "something" from nothing. This "something" is, of course, the entire universe, and this "beginning" is the Creator, which I call the Original Being. So how did I establish His Identity?

In this research, my knowledge in the field of physics, which I have been dealing with for many years because of my profession related to defense systems, helped me a lot. They studied new discoveries made thanks to quantum physics and theoretical astrophysics. It was they who brought with them completely sensational discoveries unknown to previous generations. So I was able to see with the "new eye" the universe that was created almost fourteen billion years ago. I felt like an observer circling somewhere in a realm called a state beyond time and space.

I realized that what emerged from this state in the form of space-time, apart from various forms of energy and matter, has a huge number of laws that we know as the laws of physics, chemistry or biology, i.e. the laws of nature in general. They, in turn, have a powerful dose of logic, harmony and beauty that may indicate an intelligent source of their creation. This completed the picture of the First Cause with the value of intelligence, will, and affection. Therefore, it was possible to collect this data into a single conclusion that behind the beginning of the universe there is a Source, who has within him Intellect, Will and Affection which create a specific Personality. Thus, the Original Being was finally defined. Due to the fact that He exists fully in the sphere beyond time and space, it could be assumed that He fills it completely, that it is "integrated" with Him and that it is His "Home".

Thus, a much more complete idea of ​​the Creator of all things emerged, who could "emerge" from Himself as defined by science in the space-time of the universe. He had everything that was needed for it, that is, the Praenergy, being His Physical Side, and a Personality endowed with Intellect, Affection and Will, being His Spiritual Side. It was from there that the laws and principles governing His work emerged. This is how the knowledge of the Original Being was formed that made up the main assumption of essenceism.

I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter that essenceism arose as a result of the application of thought-strings beginning with the existence of the Original Being and ending with the predictable result, which is the state that realizes His attributes. At one end we have the modern intelligent man who, in seeking his origin, claims to be shaped in the image and likeness of this Original. At the other end, we have this Original, which I have defined as the Original Being. It must be added that, to a varying degree, He is also the Model for all universe. The path, which is my way of understanding the effects of the existence of the Original Being, leads from His first action to the final. This means that it emerges from outside the Big Bang, then goes through the process of matter formation combined with complex energy transformations. It accompanies the formation of stars and planets, which opens the way to the beginnings of life, to its evolution, and to conditions favorable to humans. At the end, the Original Being carried out its last action, giving its "breath" to the living earthly organism. This is how people appeared, that is us, returning "with a breath" to the Prototype.

Another example of this method is explaining the phenomena of the development of knowledge, the state of good belonging to people and love, which is the highest human feeling. They have to come from somewhere as they cannot be attributed to the action of evolution. The method of thought strings indicates that they come indirectly from the attributes of the Creator, i.e. from His Intellect, Will and Affection, respectively. It would seem, then, that the biblical statement concerning the creation of man in the image and likeness of God is simply a religious explanation for the appearance of beings like us. Meanwhile, this declaration means much more than you think. If the cosmos began its existence with the Big Bang, which was followed by the Intellect, Will and Affection of the Original Being, then every second of the development of the universe, every event of it had to lead to the emergence of beings with intellect, will and emotion in it. Therefore, I admit that the impetus for the emergence of essenceism was the very fact of the existence of the human race on one of the billions of planets habitable by beings like us.

The above claims are somewhat similar to the anthropic principle, but in all fairness, essenceism arose before I got it right. This proves that human thought is the first and best instrument for understanding reality. It was thanks to it that my essenceism could arise.


Chapter 3

Core of essenceism – The Original Being

Essenceism assumes that there is in this system a Creator of the universe, called the Original Being. Below I quote the arguments used in the first book on essenceism explaining this assumption. I started with the fact that the Creator of all things cannot "fit" in space-time understood as the universe we study. Gone are the days of placing Him on a golden throne above the clouds, reigning among angels playing His trumpets. After this medieval vision, theories that put him somewhere in space among the stars also failed. The "religious" explanation that God is everywhere loses its meaning in our time, when we have already explored the universe in millions of light years. In that case, the claim that God somehow exists among us and that he sees everything is only an act of faith. It is noteworthy that nowadays a large proportion of people do not accept the dogmatically imposed faith that God exists. From the scientific point of view, such a claim about God's ubiquity is unauthorized and logically wrong. Therefore, one can agree with the claims of scientists that from their point of view God does not exist.

However, we are still guided by an undying desire to know the truth about the existence or non-existence of God. In the Middle Ages, it was imagined that the Earth was covered by a navy blue sky dome dotted with stars. God was to float above her with his angels. Some even wanted to wander to the edge of this sky's contact with the flat Earth to look beyond it and see how it was. Now, as a result of a new understanding of the beginning of the universe, many of us would like to go back those 13.8 billion years and "look" what was before the Big Bang calling it. They would like to know if there was a mysterious initial singularity from which all forms of matter and energy later developed in the space-time of the universe. In short, they would like to see what was in its original state beyond time and space. Perhaps they would also like to see if God is there. I would like to do that too. That is why I follow the progress of modern science very closely.

According to the claims of most scientists, the universe once arose, that is, it had its origin. What was before? Before, there was something that is difficult to define in scientific terms. The Bible calls it chaos and desolation and claims that before the creation of the world there was darkness everywhere.


Approaching this situation within the framework of essenceism, one should call this unlimited and physically indefinite "space" a sphere beyond of time and space. This means that neither time flows nor spatial structures exist. There are no reference points and distances in it, and no physical phenomena occur in it. This state corresponds to the first and second principles of essenceism about the unstructured and timelessness of this sphere. So this is the realm of eternity and infinity. This is where essenceism places God the Creator, i.e. the Original Being mentioned in the title. This "place" harmonizes with His attributes because He is eternal, infinite and absolute. He is as if integrated with this sphere, because according to essenceism, He penetrates it with His Personality. You can say that He is everywhere in it. His Energy of the First Cause is also "there" and all Laws and Principles, that is, His Personality is integrated with it. This means that the Original Being completely occupies the sphere beyond time and space. Everything comes from Him, that is, from His sphere. This means that the universe "came out" of it, which in the figure below can be seen as emerging from the "darkness" of the sphere outside of time and space, perhaps in the form of an event called the Big Bang.


It was just noticing the limited time of the universe's existence by discovering its supposed start point that gave me the impulse that led me to the existence of reality beyond time and space. Not seeing a better solution, I decided that this sphere could be the source of a point of singularity. Meanwhile, for scientists it is only the beginning of time and space. That is why the cosmos is assigned the concept of space-time.

In the absence of the possibility of science taking a position on the aforementioned singularity, however, I allowed myself to further explore the subject of the situation existing before the Big Bang. Hence, essenceism seriously takes into account the possibility of the sphere beyond time and space. This is only a sensible solution for now. Only it, in the face of scientific reluctance to investigate its existence, can be the source sphere for the universe. So, repeating myself, I must say that this sphere surrounds the universe, in other words, the entire universe is in it. In all his analyzes, essenceism assumed the necessity of the already mentioned sphere as a source state for the universe. Only this sphere can be attributed to existence from infinity to infinity, i.e. being unlimited in space and time, both in the past, in the present and in the future. Actually, the same is true for the existence of the Original Being, because He, as the First Cause, should exist before the creation of the universe. It can therefore be concluded that the sphere beyond time and space is His eternal, natural and ideal "environment" of existence. This is His "home." Only in it can we imagine Him as existing from infinity to infinity.

4. big-bang_2a_Univers Beggning_ENG

The above understanding of the simultaneous existence of two realities, that is, time-limited space and a sphere unlimited in time and space, led to the final conclusion that the universe emerged from this first. In addition, it justifies that an infinite number of universes could emerge from this sphere. However, in order to stop the desire for too far-reaching speculation, I stay with our one universe that has emerged from this sphere for now.

The main principles of essenceism came into the above reasoning. They say that the Original Being, or First Cause of the universe, must have within Himself an inexhaustible source of Primary Energy as well as the cause of all laws and principles. This leads to the statement that the Original Being is the Personality Center with Source Intellect, Will and Emotionality. These are the basic qualities of His Personality. Since they are an absolute unity, it can be called His Heart.


Chapter 4

Universe - the Original Being’s intention

Essenceism in all its analyzes uses the notion of the concept of the universe derived from its Creator - the Original Being. At the same time, the same universe has been described by science without referring to a named Creator. Apart from the initial peculiarity, it showed quite well the process of its formation, although the knowledge about its entire functioning is still poor. It did so thanks to the development of theoretical astrophysics, Einsteinian physics and quantum mechanics. They are able, at least in general terms, to describe the processes taking place in the universe. Many events are already defined and many processes can be predicted with high probability. We slowly get to know the laws governing the cosmos, we understand more and more the transformation of energy and matter, the expansion of the universe and many phenomena occurring in galaxies, stars and planets. Thanks to this, the cosmos is not treated as a great secret. So it is an evolving structure the operation of which we will know well sooner or later. Then we will understand that it is not a pit filled with galaxies here and there, but a place shaped by the Original Being as a zone intended for the development of people - His children.

Thanks to this approach, we can treat the constant expansion of the universe as a phenomenon related to our future. It is true that this statement is still a long way off, because we still cope poorly with the Earth itself. Even so, essenceism firmly claims that our planet is well and wisely prepared to raise people on it. For example, let me give you the problem of heating our homes. When there were few of them thousands of years ago, we only needed wood cut from numerous forests. When there was a lot more of us, we found coal underground, which turned out to be more caloric than wood. Over time, we started to extract an even better raw material, which is crude oil. I will also mention smaller energy sources, such as thermal resources, wind power in wind farms or lignite. To heat our homes, we use electricity from power plants based not only on fossil fuels, but also from nuclear or water plants. In addition, there are photovoltaic panels that use the sun. All of this points to a wise supply of our Earth. It can even be considered that equipping our planet with energy sources may be the intelligent plan of the Creator.

In this context, essenceism could have made the bold thesis that our planet is one of the many places where the Creator has created the conditions for raising His children. He would like that everywhere in the universe there were physical environments for people intended for their achievement of perfection equal to him. This hypothesis is one of the main ideas of essenceism. One of the principles of this system regarding the sense of the existence of space-time speaks about it. It says that the space-time of the universe is the only place of growth to perfection for human beings who carry in themselves spiritual beings intended for eternal existence in the spiritual world. Perhaps this approach seems to be utterly fictional, but it gives meaning to the existence of the universe.



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