Chapter 11

Eternity of man and other beings

First, let me give the definitions resulting from essenceism. An entity is a being with life. A person is a being endowed with intelligence, will and affection. My system claims that this “giver” is the Original Being. He Himself also has a Personality shaped out of the Original Intelligence, Will and Affection centered in His Heart. It is therefore a "model personality" for all other spiritual persons.

Man, called in essenceism an eternal being, was created in such a way that he inherits the attributes of the Original Being. According to my system, each of us has the intelligence, will and affection acquired from Him centered in the element of the heart we receive from Him. It is given to him from the Creator together with the "breath of life", that is, the beginning of a spiritual person. Thus, man has a personality modeled on Being Original. In its original assumption, a man during his earthly life was to lead his spiritual person to perfection. Actually, it is about the development of his spiritual soul, that is, a kind of inner governing nature, also known as primal nature. It is she who inherits the elements of intelligence, will and affection coming from her Creator. I have explained this in detail in most of my publications and websites.

The Original Being is, in a sense, a specialist in creating, or "bringing" spiritual beings out of Himself. They are therefore eternal like Himself. Meanwhile, physical beings are the result of changes in the physical world, which we interpret through evolution. This means that in the physical world, the Creator only activates the mechanism of nature into which he grafts life, and in the case of a human being, introduces a spiritual person into the physical body.

A spiritual creature other than man, created by God, i.e. an angel, also has intelligence, will and affection, but, unlike man, does not inherit His Heart. It only has a kind of personality center, like a personality core, which guides the implementation of the goals set for it by the Creator. This is actually a poorer heart emulation designed to balance the three main personality attributes. Also, the will of an angel is not of the same character as the free will of man. It can be said that it is strictly targeted. So an angel is a servant, not a child of God. Of course, according to essenceism, it should be assumed that it has a specific personality. The angel in a sense is a "poorer" version of the spiritual person of a man, because he does not go into his existence on the basis of a physical person. Therefore, he is not a fully person, because he does not have a formed gender, and above all, he cannot directly, like a human, experience childhood, marital and parental love. It is worth adding that angels can partially experience the actions of physical senses by interacting with man. Thanks to this, they can have certain experiences of childhood, marital and parental love, drawing impressions from the human personality and experiencing the joy of coexisting with him.

Everyone can see that the physical person has a limited life span, while it is felt that the spiritual person is eternal. This is the most important topic of my thoughts. Thus, essenceism proposes a simple thesis that time and space were created so that man could bring his state of personality to perfection. Therefore, for my system, I have reviewed the experiences of mankind until the 21st century. I came to the conclusion that we should not be guided by the fact that we have a physical structure similar to that of animals. It is needed because it is the basis for building our future eternity. Essenceism tries to show that this is how you should treat our physical person.

In this study, I devote a lot of space to confirming the fact that we are eternal. It seems that man is a being who begins life on Earth, and then it lasts for eternity, first in the physical world, and then in the spiritual world. There is a spiritual person in us and it is he who distinguishes us from animals. Jesus Christ showed it "religiously". His appearance after the so-called resurrection in the translation of essenceism is the "physicalization" of His spiritual person. In this way, He can be evidence of eternity, though science has little say in this insight. Apart from the faith of Christians, there is quite a great understanding of the fact that Jesus appeared again among his disciples. Now I am not talking about some scientific evidence for the existence of a spiritual person permanently living in the spiritual world, but about a logical sequence of events resulting from the mission of Christ. This incident can help many people, even outside Christendom, to come to the truth about themselves.

The fact of eternal life, however, raises another question, where exactly will we live forever? Everyone knows not here in our physical reality. So there must be some place for spiritual life for eternity. In that case, it is necessary to examine the probability of the existence of this eternal place of our life, which is called the spiritual world. I must emphasize that essenceism defines the original spiritual world as a sphere beyond time and space, which is filled with the Original Being. Thus, our eternal spiritual person directs his interest in faith in a Being that is invisible and a sphere that is not material. In order to solve this, essenceism tries to change faith in proper spiritual knowledge through logical lines of thought.

To sum up, the first and most important step in human development is understanding that each of us is an eternal entity and that he is certainly not an animal. Only after understanding this fact can we begin to ask ourselves further questions about the spiritual world. Is this a "space" where our eternal life is to take place after the end of our physical life?

I do not intend to convince anyone "by force" that there is a God, a spiritual world or an immortal being in man. I cannot do this as much as I cannot convince someone that there is an infinite universe, indivisible elementary particles, or the possibility of exceeding the speed of light. The knowledge of all this gradually penetrates human consciousness, constantly expanding the scope of our cognition. In the next topics of this study, I will try to describe the functioning and current state of the spiritual world, as well as our eternal existence in it. Among other things, this study serves this purpose.








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