Chapter 12

Image of a spiritual state of mankind

The analysis of essenceism shows that we live in the world, and more precisely in the space-time of the universe, which is a time-limited state intended for our spiritual development. The Earth is therefore one large living space for people who have both a physical and a spiritual person. During this development, we should be supported by angels, i.e. by our spiritual guardians. These are beings similar to spiritual people who live forever in a state beyond time and space. Their job is to serve people. They play, of course, on an appropriate scale and with due regard to the difference between spirituality and physicality, the same role in the spiritual world as animals in the physical world for man.

Such a reality was prepared from the very beginning by the Original Being - the Architect of the Universe. Unfortunately, a negative and destructive event has happened, that is, evil. Another, bad reality arose, caused by the Archangel Lucifer - the educator of the first people. Unfortunately, they had some part in this tragedy. As a result of a reversal of the direction of the force of love, the human personality, instead of Heavenly Father, was subordinated to this evil educator. He was named Satan. Almost from the very beginning, he has led humanity against the original assumptions of the Creator. In order to distinguish this bad reality from the proper one prepared for humanity, called "heaven", the present reality can be called "earth", or more precisely, hell. This is what we have to call the "institution" managed by Satan. Although we do not like it, it must be said that we live in an evil condition known as hell. So we live in a world that is not the original concept of the Original Being. My system continues to remind that awareness of evil can be gained from knowing who Satan is and how we come to live in a reality shaped by him. This requires a rational analysis of all phenomena that occurred at the very beginning of human history. As a result of getting to know them, we will understand that we still do not have the world planned by the Creator. Therefore, essenceism in its studies describes the mechanisms of evil and the ways by which Satan influences our fate. Among other things, it leads to an understanding of how our fallen nature inherited from him destroys human dignity and how the power of authority makes us the slaves of evil.

It follows from the above that God is not here with us, because there cannot be one and the same reality in which both He and His complete opposite, Satan, exist together. The Original Being therefore exists only in the state of reality beyond time and space, separated from people by their unlawful "guardian", the former archangel. So we live in a satanic reality that is not our proper one, and which is a bad state known as the fallen world. In this system, Satan is both the source and the active center of evil. This, according to essenceism, is the present state of our world.

So it can be said that the history of mankind is the story of people's suffering in a wrong reality guided by the anti-god Satan. Therefore, she deserves her liberation from this state, that is, salvation. Attempts to get out of this situation have occurred throughout human history. The greatest event was the work of Jesus Christ, which was unfortunately brutally interrupted by people led by Satan. As a result of the very short life of Jesus in the role of the reborn Son of God, only spiritual salvation took place, that is, the redemption of spiritual people from the power of Satan. This process continues in the form of further liberation from Satan's power of spiritual persons who, after having a physical life in earthly hell, may finally benefit from the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

According to essenceism, our world requires full salvation, that is, the completion of the process started by Jesus. It can be done by people led by the Son of God with the support of angels. It cannot be done by God alone, who has in no way participated in the destruction of His work. God does not know evil because He did not create it and has nothing to do with it. It is the source of good, that is, the proper state of human existence. Fortunately, we know His Providence, that is, His eternal laws and principles leading everything to perfection, including in a special way to the perfection of people themselves. The difference between people and all universe is that people must themselves participate in shaping their perfection, adding to the process their will and responsibility for its fulfillment. The appearance of the Son of God among us is necessary to bring the world to salvation. He is the one who has no dependence on Satan, that is, He has no fallen nature that all other people have. This means that the world can be saved only through the educational and educational activities of the Son of God, that is, by what Archangel Lucifer was to do on behalf of the Creator at the beginning of human history. As essenceism showed, this educator of the first people, instead of passing on to them the knowledge of God's love, took over power over them. That is why Jesus Christ took upon himself the educational mission of love. In this way, he wanted to introduce love for the rebuilding of the Kingdom of God. This concept will never change because it comes from a perfect Creator.

In summary, the mission of mankind is to carry out the process of salvation without the direct participation of God. It is about accepting the Son of God born on Earth, who will guide humanity, teaching it about the Creator's love and at the same time protecting us from Satan. According to my understanding, people who save the world under the guidance of the Son of God do not have to belong to any religious denomination. It is enough for them to learn the original concept of the world shaped by the Original Being and understand our present state. Essenceism calls such people globetrotters, i.e. missionaries of our time, who, like Jesus' disciples, will go out into the world to pass on knowledge about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Consequently, the joint efforts of the Son of God, replacing the "biblical" Adam, and the Daughter of God, replacing the "biblical" Eve, will end the reign of Satan. They will need the support of people living in both the physical and the spiritual world. They will also need help from God's angels. This will lead to a transition from Satan's rule to the world under the sovereignty of the Original Being. This is how it was supposed to be originally and it will be so at the moment of the full salvation of the world.










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