Chapter 13

Lack of spiritual knowledge due to evil

In all my publications, I describe the fact of evil as a phenomenon that has nothing to do with the Creator. Referring to the analysis of the symbolic biblical description of the appearance of evil, my system proves that since this tragedy, the state of our civilization is inconsistent with the concept that the Original Being gave of itself. From this it follows that the Earth is under the rule of "the lord of this world", because that is what Jesus Christ called Satan. This statement is not only the result of a logical analysis of biblical records or the observation of events on the globe, but also a conscious acceptance of the opinion of Jesus as the greatest religious authority in the history of the world.

The greatest, even historical, success of Satan is that he not only hid his identity as the "ruler of this world", but led to total passivity of people regarding the salvation of the world from evil. Virtually almost no one stimulates humanity to consciously carry out salvation through the efforts of people themselves. Worse still, religions have been successfully pacified in this mission by Satan. In addition, it can be assumed that if someone like Jesus Christ appeared now, that is, demonstrating similar effectiveness, he would be quickly liquidated by religious leaders supported by politicians. This was the case two thousand years ago, and we know that history likes to repeat itself. That story was the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind, so it is hard to expect that someone as brave and determined as Jesus may appear. If this does not happen, the evil in the world may exist forever.

Due to the power and influence of Satan on people, the spiritual knowledge of mankind requires constant renewal. We should constantly remember that the first human couple and their tutor died together to God. Lucifer redirected the power of love towards himself, creating an evil power of power from it. Therefore, the reality prepared by the Original Being could not arise. It stayed in a frozen state, blocking access to it for participants in this event and for all subsequent generations of mankind. Therefore, from that moment on, humanity began to live outside of divine reality, that is, in a state that was called hell. This is our world in which the evil force of power acts instead of the force of love.

In order to better understand the resulting situation, one should take into account the point of view of the Original Being. He does not participate in the physical development of people. This is only our responsibility. The Creator, introducing His Law to the state of the universe, knew that He had given people perfect conditions for their future development, so that they could independently come to perfection in His Image and likeness. From his point of view, as the perfect Creator who planned everything, the development of mankind was to lead to the emergence of perfect sons and daughters. The fact that people stopped developing for a while does not constitute a defeat for Him, because time does not pass for Him. It was established only for people. Thanks to him, we, based on His Laws and the Power of Love, can still develop in physical space in order to reach spiritual perfection. We are to achieve it in our earthly life, and He is waiting as if at the end station where we should all appear someday. It was supposed to be like that from the very beginning. The Original Being adopted in His conception the achievement of the personal perfection of His Son and Daughter with the support of their tutor, the Archangel Lucifer. It was the starting point for all of human history. It also provides an unchanging model for future generations of people on Earth.

However, it happened otherwise. Our development stopped at the very beginning of our history. Now it is as if frozen, and we live our lives in the then created bad reality. So after the Fall, we are only concerned with physical development, while our spiritual development has come to a standstill. This is what the state of spiritual death means. Undoubtedly, after going through the process of spiritual resurrection, we should break out of it. It is to be the result of salvation that is the beginning of a new life. It is to be started by the Son of God and the Daughter of God, as it was foreseen in the original concept of the Creator.

For now, the work of Jesus Christ is Redemption, that is, taking away from the "Lord of this world" the right to our spiritual persons when, after finishing our life on Earth, we enter the spiritual world. Therefore, the way to complete the spiritual development of people is open. His teachings still remain in our world, which can be used to bring about the rebirth of the Son of God on Earth. We also need to know that no one can replace us in this task. When at last full salvation occurs, each person will be able to undergo proper spiritual development during his earthly life leading to personal perfection envisaged for us by the Creator







 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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