Chapter 14

Idea of the knowledge acquisition (Methodology)

Essenceism uses a science-proven method of acquiring knowledge. Namely, the scientist, starting the research process, justifies the reason for the assumption of a given assumption and the thesis made in connection with it. He compares them at the beginning with the experiences of other scientists. In addition, it is advisable to use his intuition and imagination to verify the initial conditions for learning about a given issue. Next, he builds a theory whose individual elements he constantly controls in terms of compliance with the premise and thesis. If the whole research process confirms the thesis put forward, it allows to accept the accepted theorem as true.

Of course, essenceism accepts the above conditions. In this respect, it conducts analysis using logic and rational thinking. In the first place, as a proven method of acquiring knowledge, it uses a string of thought (each application results from the previous one). The goal is to get an understanding of what the object being studied is. In particular, Essenceism used this method to know who the Original Being is, so that his existence could be used to convey knowledge about the work he created.

Next, essenceism uses comparative methods. For example, the necessity of the eternity of the Original Being leads to an understanding of the fact that man, like Him, should be eternal. Essenceism derives this conclusion through a logical and methodical comparison of people, that is, entities that exist materially and spiritually, with the First Cause analyzed, that is, the Original Being. This method was "provoked" by the biblical term that man was created in the image and likeness of the Creator.

Quite often in the research process, essenceism focuses on observing the human environment. The nature around us, that is, everything that comes from the primeval nature: mountains and forests, seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, plains and deserts. According to essenceism, they can testify by their existence to Some Creator. Diverse life forms, large and small, such as insects, plants, fish, birds and other animals with their entire existence also testify to the Creative Source of Life hard to prove. It helps many people to realize fully the existence of God and to understand His Work. Then the acceptance of this fact takes place only on the basis of close observation of nature. It seems pure and innocent compared to the environment created by man. Therefore, a deeper knowledge of nature allows for the "ill-biblical" understanding of the First Cause. In addition to nature, a great source of knowledge about the First Cause can be a description of the world given to us by physicists, from the smallest elementary particles and energy quanta to the most distant galaxies. Fortunately, the evil from human civilization is not able to obscure the genius of the observed work that the Creator could have done. Unfortunately, the observation of our civilization and history, and above all the behavior of people, may lead many of us to conclude that there is no God. Even observing the genius work of the Creator, which is the human body, does not obscure this thesis. Thus, just admiring the world is not always effective.

An important step in acquiring the right knowledge is to take into account the fact of evil, as well as to understand how it interferes with acquiring knowledge that is not erroneous.

You can better understand our reality after becoming familiar with the concept of "Matrix" (it is such a three-part film by the Wachowski brothers). It presents the possibility of an alternative reality that can be considered normal by people. Because of the functioning mechanism of evil, they are not even aware of the proper reality, and do not even guess that there may be something different than the world in which they live. At the same time, the film presents the existence of a group of conscious inhabitants of the Earth who have learned the real reality. They could only do it, returning to their own natural personality. The film shows how it should be done. It also stimulates us to reflect on our world with which something is wrong.

Essenceism based on the attributes of the Original Being tries to make everyone aware of the current state of the world. It also indicates the presence in man of his personal personality. The reference to the attributes of the Original Being is therefore the main method of transmitting knowledge through this system.








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