Chapter 14

Sense of the existence of the spiritual world

For many people, the existence of the spiritual world is a mystery. In Catholic theology, there is even a dogma that closes the way to getting to know it. This means that for the followers of this religion, the spiritual world is subject to the Divine mystery, and its exploration is forbidden. From this point of view, a certain proportion of the inhabitants of our planet are forbidden from entering into their future proper life. This is definitely a bad practice that in some ways violates human dignity and freedom. Those who did so had no idea of ​​the famous term "agape". Perhaps they loved God in their own way, but certainly not people. Anyway, all religious dogmas contradict what the founder of Christianity wanted to do, that is, to reveal all secrets and "hidden things". Therefore, essenceism decided in its own way to fulfill the desires of the Redeemer of mankind.

The more mysterious God is, the less He can be loved. We love what we approach, touch, even hug. Everything unknown causes us fear, and certainly confusion. Meanwhile, dogmatic religious leaders deliberately present an unknown, mighty God to keep their believers in fear and obedience. Since this method has been around for centuries, most religions use it. Those who think differently, that is, the rebellious, brave and free preachers of God's love and absolute goodness, were excluded from the community by many religions, and at one time they persecuted and burned at the stake.

Such keeping people in check resulted in ignorance of the right image of God over time and distanced Him from people. Over time, it also gave birth to agnosticism and atheism. It got to the point that independent talking about God, the spiritual world, about angels, and especially about Satan, is treated as gibberish of the haunted.

My system of essenceism was created to openly speak of the Creator of the world as being Original, that is, the foundation of human existence. It was He who implanted His Personality on us, individually. Thanks to this, each of us can say that we are in His Image and likeness. The greatest Father's gift for us is the common eternity lived in his "home", that is, in the sphere beyond time and space. Essenceism called this the spiritual world, which was previously described in different religions in their own way. It seems that the spiritual world is subconsciously sensed by almost all of us, because knowledge of it is deeply rooted in our original nature. Essenceism claims that it is a precisely prepared "place" that is the eternal "dwelling" of people. This is not some makeshift sphere for living on Earth after life. It is truly an endlessly rich and interesting place. You can see it in the vastness of the universe. Essenceism claims that the entire boundless universe is the material background for the spiritual world. It is there that people should forever "run". This is the place of our future "work", or rather the mission that has been waiting for us for centuries. We are to develop it for the next billions of years. Indeed, there is "great work" in it, sufficient for all human generations.

The universe is a beautiful gift for humanity. We should transform it into an ever more perfect structure, starting with our planet. We received from the Creator enormous development potential resulting from the level of our will, intelligence and affection. We are to become the lords of all-creation by proudly representing Him throughout the cosmos. Today these words seem like a complete fantasy. In fact, based on the present state of the world, I can be accused of a complete detachment from reality. However, my opinion stems from the fact that the scope of human activities presented by me in my various studies is intended for perfect people who should settle the planet Earth from the very beginning. Due to the tragedy in the symbolic paradise, we "stood still" and we have been stuck for tens of thousands of years. We have not been rescued from this state by any previous efforts by many preachers of the truth about our situation. Even such a dramatic effort as the work of Jesus Christ did not change our civilization. Fortunately, the sacrifice of Jesus opened a vestibule to "our home" for us, so we already know where to go on earthly life.

Unfortunately, the Earth is still under the control of the fallen archangel, Satan, our evil educator in the aforementioned Garden of Eden. Until we remove him from this dominant and imperious position, we will not be the proper inhabitants of the "house" prepared for us. Therefore, I remind everyone that the salvation of the world is in our hands, it is also our most urgent duty, that is, our full responsibility. We can do it with the support of angels, being guided by the Son of God and people from the spiritual world opened by Him.








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