Chapter 14

Use of the Word of God in religion

Once again, essenceism has to deal with a concept that has "grown" into the consciousness of believers and has also entered the general circulation. It's about the concept of "God's Word". It is not easy to change the definition of a phenomenon that previously did not have a uniform and consistent definition. This concept is so blurred that it can be used freely for the purposes of religious worship.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning at the outset two different meanings of the term "word". The first letter of this word written with a small one are simply "oral" enunciation of a single word. Capital letter "Word" is related to religious content, and is most often accompanied by the adjective "of God".

Religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam most often treat every word written in their holy books as information coming from their God. Thanks to this, they identify the texts of their books with the Word of God. The form of God's Word is also adopted by the sermons of the clergy who want to show what their god has to say at a given moment. The use of such methods has practically blurred the difference between the point of view of the clergy of a given religion and the objective laws of God that arose at the time of the creation of the universe. Among the huge number of negative phenomena arising from this situation, I chose one that is very instructive. It is about the murder of the Son of God two thousand years ago at the initiative of the Israeli hierarchs. It was they who, referring to the knowledge of what is the Word of God and what is not, condemned the Son of God to death. This act has an even more bizarre dimension, because this crime has been recognized by Christian clergy as an act of God's Will. Christian theology teaches its believers that it was God who sent His Son from Heaven so that He, through His martyrdom, would save mankind from evil. After that, they went one step further, that is, they embraced it with dogmas. Thus, they do not allow for a reliable analysis of this situation. It is hardly surprising, then, that science cannot accept such an illogical explanation of what happened twenty centuries ago.

Essenceism tries very hard to ensure that all concepts are consistent and analyzed according to uniform logical rules. This is also how science works.

According to essenceism, the Word of God is only a form of subjective understanding by people of the laws and principles that guide the Original Being. According to my system, God's creative activity results from His Intellect, Will, and Emotion, which we can feel as His love and goodness. These concepts are as eternal as He is. When His Will (His Word) becomes flesh with a small "c", it means that the Creator performs the act of creation, that is, the creation of good, summarizing this state with the declaration that: "(...) God saw that it was good" (Gen. 1 , 24). When he becomes Flesh with a capital "C", it means the existence of His sons and daughters. He was incarnate at the beginning of His creative work in the form of the perfect Son of God (Adam) and the perfect Daughter of God (Eve). Unfortunately, in the Garden of Eden, the Divine concept of creation was not realized because the Word of God did not become "flesh". However, God is changeless and perfect. This is also His Will. So at some point, His resolve, or His Word, had to become Flesh. It took place in the form of the embodiment of the proper Adam, that is, the Son of God, in the person of Jesus. In his case, this was exactly what the perfect act of God's Fatherhood looked like, so, for the first time "the Word became flesh" (John 1:14). Thus, the Word of God initiated each time the exercise of the Will of the Original Being. Then It also completed Her introductions.

Essenceism claims that people who submit to the flow of time and move in physical space should imitate the Creator's declarations, such as "let it be so" or "God saw that they were good", confirming the introducing of His Will. Perfected people were to introduce their will in the same way so that, as in the case of the Creator, the human "word also becomes flesh". This is the case, for example, in the form of the next generation being born on Earth.

Perhaps God's law, functioning in this way, guides the authors of holy books and clergymen when they identify their words with the Word of God. Unfortunately, they are not perfect people, which leads to distortions and distortions of the Will of God.

I want to add my digression on the Word with capital “S” and with lowercase “s”. Quite often, the human "word" means a thought, desire, and desire that turn into a will that is the basis for a decision that can turn into action. With God, it flows from His Heart. Man should also try to do so. In God, the Word is in accordance with His Law, so it should be analogous to a perfect man. We do not have perfect people yet, but if we want to be better people, it is worth making sure that our decisions come from our heart and are in accordance with God's Laws. To some extent, God's Laws are the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and all other laws concerning the functioning of the cosmos found on Earth. It is worse with the recognition of moral laws, because they are related to the knowledge of the living conditions in the world predicted by the Creator, and we do not have such a world. We also do not know the laws of the spiritual world which is the "home" of God. Unfortunately, we are very ignorant in this matter.

Summarizing the above, it must be said that the fundamental problem of mankind is the lack of understanding of the Creator's actions in almost everything that He has accomplished. This leads to a lack of understanding of the principles and laws emanating from Him and, therefore, of His Will. Meanwhile, religions very freely use the concept of the Word of God, which in their mouths has little to do with the actual meaning of this concept. Even the remarkable progress Jesus made in understanding its meaning has been so altered and manipulated over the centuries that we no longer have true knowledge of God's "Christ" Word.

Essenceism tries to change that. I propose to return to the Source, that is, to the Original Being. By analyzing the effects of His creative activity, one can gradually recover some original fragments of concepts related to the Word of God. So I invite you to read my studies on essenceism.







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