Chapter 14

Reality after the occurrence of evil

The starting point for creating the definition of evil is the realization of an important feature resulting from the attributes of the Original Being, i.e. good. It is a function of the Creator's main attributes, that is, His Intelligence, Will and Affection. By describing these qualities of the Creator, essenceism could make its main claim that God knows no evil. At the same time, it opened the way to a better understanding of what good and bad are and what life states are associated with them.

Below I present short definitions of good and bad, which, due to the scope of topics that my system deals with, are in this case "religious" in nature:

a) in the sense of activities - a good is an action and result of action in accordance with the Will of the Creator, resulting from His attributes. In that case, the evil is an act and the result of acting contrary to His Will.

b) in the sense of a state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, i.e. the world under God's sovereignty, and evil means hell, i.e. the world under Satan's rule.

c) in the sense of personalization - good is embodied in the Personality of God and evil in the personality of Satan.

d) in the sense of existence - good is a state that should last forever, that is, infinity, and evil is transitory and will be eliminated one day.

e) in the sense of the present reality - good is what should always be, and evil is what should not be at all.

The above definitions prepare an understanding of the fact that God knows no evil. Here are the arguments to prove it:

First, because he didn't create it. What is beyond the creative concept of the Original Being cannot exist for Him. If evil came from the Creator, it would be part of His Personality; it would be eternal, irremovable. It is not so. Evil was initiated by Lucifer, Adam and Eve, and all people inherited it from them. Among other things, Jesus Christ knew them and tried to free us from him.

Secondly, the absolutely good and perfect Original Being by definition cannot have anything to do with evil, either before or after the creation of man. For Him, evil is nothing or the abyss that is beyond Him. It is a realm beyond His existence and operation. This sphere can be called hell, in which, according to the assertion of Jesus Christ, "the god of this world," or Satan, rules. This is also how our civilization should be called, because that is how the environment under Satan's rule should be called.

I would like to add that the above statements seriously change the typical image of the omniscient Creator. To understand this situation, I will use an example related to the communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Namely, it is about the operation of the receiver which, although it receives signals from the transmitter at all possible frequencies, there may be an exceptional situation where a frequency so unusual will appear that it will not be able to receive it. This means that a certain signal from the transmitter was created on completely different principles than those according to which the receiver was built.This may also be the case in the event of an evil that arose completely outside the law and principles that are in the Creator Personality. It could not therefore reach Him as a knowable phenomenon. Therefore, the Creator does not receive it and does not know it. As I wrote above, only the fact that His children did not appear and waited for their return reached him. In the sphere beyond time and space, such an expectation is not perceived as the passage of time.

Based on the characteristics of the Original Being listed above, evil can be briefly defined as what is an unforeseen, alien state resulting from an "internal" damage to the original reality, or "cancer". Such a model of the emergence of evil does not violate the Omniscience of God and His position as the Only Creator. If the Creator foresaw evil, then from that moment the evil would be known to Him, and therefore it would be part of His Consciousness. But it was not so. Evil is not an ordinary quality or phenomenon like there are many in the universe. It is a unique exception unrelated to the original universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, that is, a peculiarity that is absolutely beyond God and impossible to appear in His Personality. As it has been described in many of my studies, a person receives a "pure" spiritual person at birth. Only after that, it becomes infected with the fallen nature inherited from the parents living in the world subject to Satan, that is, the evil nature coming from the "wrong father" of mankind. It is this fallen nature that "taught" us the image of God in which He is burdened with the knowledge of evil. In this way, we subconsciously adopt Satan's point of view, which is precisely one of the basic characteristics of fallen nature. This is how the sphere beyond the reality established by the Creator was created, that is, our fallen world. Understanding the existence of evil and Satan in our world allows us to realize the fact that humanity lives far below its capabilities and has been cut off from the knowledge prepared for it by the Creator.

Thus, in view of the above arguments, essenceism claims that the Creator is outside our world. This explains many things, especially the answer to why God does not intervene in evil? The answer is obvious. God cannot interfere with what He has not created. He cannot take responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world, which he never had in his plans. If a perfect Creator were to join the imperfect state of a given situation, he would give it the status of perfection, and this is against His Principles. The Original Being does not know the fallen world and does not analyze it. In a direct sense, it is not a participant in our civilization. We have entered the evil zone, and even though He is the Creator of all things, He has lost sight of us for a while and is still waiting for us.

Since God does not know evil, he does not feel the situation of people on Earth as we do. It is only certain that the Creator, in the gift of fatherly love, gives us a unique spiritual person from Himself. Then each of us goes through a physical life on Earth in order to achieve personal maturity, apart from His presence, destined for man. Unfortunately, we are not achieving this perfection at present. In addition, we inherit the "state of death" from the first ancestors of mankind. By leaving the physical realm, we enter the spiritual realm incapable of living properly in a realm beyond time and space. We stay there, blocked without the possibility of living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Meanwhile, Heavenly Father, knowing no evil, is still waiting for us. Why do I say so emphatically that God knows no evil? Because I would like to draw the attention of all those who see this problem differently. For this reason, I still emphasize that evil is a peculiarity that exists completely outside the Original Being, which, like a cancer, has entered the universe that was created for us, both physical and spiritual. In practice, it concerns only us, our earthly civilization.

Jesus Christ made tremendous progress on the way to remedy the situation. His saving work should be described as Redemption. This means that at the cost of His physical life, as the Son of God, i.e. the Perfect Adam, he freed people from the realm of death, i.e. from the spiritual hell, and then made it possible for us to go to the realm of life, i.e. to the so-called purgatory, in which we can begin returning to paradise. . This is the initial realm of the Kingdom of Heaven in which people can gradually come to full maturity as children of God. Many people have already entered this place, or rather their spiritual persons. Then, thanks to the Son of God, the process of humanity's renewal continues.

In the sphere beyond time and space, time does not pass, while we do not have enough time to achieve perfection. So, for a non-time state, it does not matter whether a person will achieve perfection in 80 years, in 8,000 years, or even in 80,000 years. So the Creator is still waiting for us.












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