Chapter 15

Education of spiritual person of man

Our eternity is fundamental, but it is difficult to learn anything specific about it during our earthly life. Nevertheless, it is worth realizing this fundamental truth: we are eternal! Of course, we are eternal as spiritual persons who spend the first few decades of their lives in bodies in the physical world. Essenceism confirms that after physical death, eternal life awaits us in another dimension and in an eternal environment, whether we lead it in the form of a spirit, soul or spiritual person. So it is worth having as much knowledge as possible about everything related to spiritual phenomena.

The use of the term spiritual person, rather than spirit or soul, may be difficult for many audiences to understand. Nevertheless, essenceism holds that the spiritual person is the correct human being. It is a much more precise name than the spirit. In fact, in relation to man, I avoid the term spirit, because in the common understanding it means a very wide range of spiritual beings, such as angels, spirits of the dead, demons, devils, nymphs, etc. At the same time, in my considerations, I reserve the concept of the soul to define the inner character of a given being. In general, the soul is not some independent being, but an inner, inherent nature that guides man. The model for its understanding is the "Divine Soul" or attributes of the Personality of God. They are centered in His Heart: Intelligence, Will and Affection which constitute His Inner Character. He penetrates the omnipresent Energy of the First Cause, which for our imagination can be called the Spiritual Body of God.

The starting point for understanding the meaning of human spiritual education should be the best possible understanding of the relationship between the Creator and the creatures created by Him. For each birth of a new person should be another "complement" of the Original Being, that is, an act of expanding His indirect presence in the universe. It is as if the Creator was "expanded" by our birth, even though He is already a perfect Being. This statement applies to a situation in which our world would develop from the beginning according to his concept. Therefore, through our agency, the Creator can realize His inner desire for development, which is the basic mechanism of the existence of all universe. This continual development is the central principle of both our personality and the Personality of Godhead. Hence each of us was created to become an extension of the Creator. Of course, the implementation of this concept will be possible when a person reaches maturity, which should be understood in human terms as perfection. This was clearly emphasized by the only perfect man who walked on the Earth, Jesus Christ, with the words: "be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt 5:48).

A perfect man is one who reflects as a single being all the basic attributes of God, that is, His Intelligence, Affection and Will. This reflection means inheriting a personality from God on the scale of an individual human being. The features taken from God create a human personality that can be described as the original nature. It should guide the lives of each of us. It consists of intelligence functions perceived as rational actions, emotional functions perceived as emotional or intuitive actions, and will functions perceived as purposeful or developmental actions. In our original nature, all these attributes are harmoniously balanced and mature, although they only fully reveal themselves after reaching perfection. The action of affection, resulting from the heart, is the main driving force, always in harmony with the action of intelligence and will. The perfect man is not primarily driven by reason or the will to fulfill his desires, but acts out of the need for love inspired by the heart. In this way, the similarity of a perfect man to the Original Being is realized, also guided by the Heart. Man's perfection, of course, concerns his spiritual person developing on the basis of a physical person.

A spiritual person, apart from other attributes, is the basis for accumulating as much knowledge as possible during physical life. She perceives education as gathering the necessary information and experiences necessary for eternal life. A spiritual person does not have to learn to eat, walk or build houses, but rather experience childhood, marital and parental love as much as possible. Also, scientific knowledge about all phenomena in the universe falls within the scope of the education of a spiritual person. However, the most important for her is education about the laws of the spiritual world, because they will be her rules of eternal life. Although she will be completely free in her eternal environment, she must bring in the correct knowledge of the first part of life there; among other things, freedom is not anarchy. There, in the spiritual world, freedom is determined by the highest law, that is, the natural law of God, which I describe in my study in many places. Reality shaped by the perfect Creator means freedom inherited from Him "in His Image and likeness." This means that it perfectly reflects His Personality in which there is no compulsion, barrier or fear of any kind. Therefore, God's Laws cannot be viewed as a restriction of freedom. In the spiritual world under His authority, you naturally feel complete freedom combined with a sense of omnipotence. It gives great joy and full understanding of the correct human position. Thus, man was created in order to become a being similar to Him in the world of the Original Being, i.e. completely free.

The main bad information about the process of educating a spiritual person conveyed by essenceism is its lack in the present conditions. The symbolism of the first people leaving the Garden of Eden actually means the interruption of the spiritual education of God's children. Until today, we have not even come close to the level of knowledge planned for us by the Creator. I mean, first of all, the knowledge about the way of life in the spiritual world, which the angels were supposed to pass on to us, because the knowledge about physical life is provided by people themselves thanks to science. Man's exclusion from the Garden of Eden made him a spiritually lame creature, that is, ignorant and far from perfect. The lack of this knowledge has not been made up to date, despite the efforts of prophets, saints, Jesus Christ, and the leaders of countless religious denominations. The former teacher from the Garden of Eden, the present Satan, still carefully guards his position as "the god of this world." He does not allow the children of Heavenly Father to raise the level of their spiritual knowledge above that which they obtained before their fall in the biblical "Garden". As a result, we have a very poor understanding of God, as well as the spiritual world with its laws and principles. Religions give us only a rudimentary understanding of the Creator, and in fact they are limited to presenting us the principles of faith in Him. Meanwhile, the science of the Creator and the eternal world beyond time and space should develop as scientific thought has been developing for many centuries. Unfortunately, this is not the case in our world, and this fact determines the great handicap of human civilization. In the light of the above argument, I am also aware of the deficiencies of my proper understanding of the state of all things.

Essenceism tries to understand how the knowledge of a spiritual person is to be completed, which is to ensure the personal perfection of a person. If it cannot take place in sufficient form in the physical world, it must be completed sometime. Essenceism has more than one hypothesis on this. The first of them has already been presented in many of my studies, including this one. It is about the phenomenon of renewed life. Then it is a person from the spiritual world, who is very eager to supplement the proper spiritual level of development assigned to him, "sticks" in "renewed" life to a physical person living on Earth. Unfortunately, life on Earth does not give progress, hence such "sticking" is ineffective, and only gives rise to the formation of such theories as reincarnation or incarnation.

Essenceism suggests that a form of supplementing education in the spiritual world could be the resumption of spiritual guidance by angels there. Anyway, this will also be the case when the world is saved from evil and the reality originally foreseen by the Creator arises. From the beginning of life on Earth, angels were to educate people. According to essenceism, in the current situation, angels could transfer our spiritual persons to a good environment, that is, to one that we only had on Earth for a short time in the form of a symbolic Garden of Eden. Such "gardens" could be on other planets in the universe where civilizations without evil might have arisen. This, however, is only an assumption based on the undetected possibility of the existence of many human civilizations in the universe, and those that have already achieved the goal assigned to them by the Original Being.

From the above, there is an important conclusion that proper education, both physical and spiritual, should take place in the physical world. Of course, we have the physical world around us, but in its present state it does not create conditions for the spiritual development of people. So the knowledge of the laws of the spiritual world and the way of living in a state beyond time and space was kept at a low level. It cannot be changed without the salvation of the world. So there is hope for people who have already entered the spiritual world that somewhere in the universe there are already dreamed "gardens of Eden", where, with the support of angels, we can complete our spiritual education. Meanwhile, in our present world, we expect that such a "garden" will be restored to us by the people led by the Savior. When assessing our situation practically, it is difficult to determine what is more real, "earth" or "space" education.









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