Chapter 15

Eternal life step by step - vision I

What will happen to us at the end of life? How will we feel it? What will happen next? After all, we know that there is an imminent death, which I call physical. However, when we understand the fact that this is not the end of our life, and that we have all eternity ahead of us, we will face another question: where are we going to live next? Everyone knows it's not in our physical reality. Therefore, there must be some other place for people to have spiritual life. If it is the spiritual world, why is it so inaccessible to our senses? Additionally, we have no scientific evidence of its existence. So how do we include this second, eternal life in our lives?

Essenceism, in order to be a universal and meaningful research system, analyzes the so-called life after life.

If you want to know what it will be like, it is worth understanding that heaven, purgatory or hell, and even less the sphere beyond time and space, are not specific areas, as is the case with the space-time of the universe. Essenceism defines a state beyond time and space as the infinite limitlessness that surrounds the universe. One should also realize that he is "enveloped" in his entirety by the Original Being. The only reality in this sphere are spiritual beings. This "place" is of course also intended for people (or rather for their spiritual persons) and for beings called angels. Thus, the "contents" of this sphere are only the listed entities. Apart from them, there is no one else there, and certainly nothing material. All that exists there with these beings are the experiences, visions and, most of all, feelings inherent in them. In the case of our spiritual people, they are especially remembered for the content of the physical world, and in particular vivid images of its beauty. This applies to any other creature that had anything to do with the physical world.

Using Christian terms, it is worth adding that "before" this sphere there are still others, limited in its existence, including the "fallen", called the evil spiritual world, that is, hell. It is a spiritual realm in which there is Satan, his evil spirits and spiritual persons subordinate to them. The so-called purgatory is also limited in time. They were never in the original plans of the Creator.

Thus, at the moment of biological death, we forever abandon the three-dimensional world and the linear flow of time, and instead we are surrounded by another reality. Entering the spiritual world means the beginning of existence in a completely new state of life and in another infinite dimension of time.

So you die... What happens then? I will try to describe it based not only on the ideas developed in essenceism, but also on quite reliable evidence collected by various researchers. Below, I will explain the post-death situation as if I were speaking to someone waiting to die.

At the moment of death, we receive a vision of an intense light from which an image of space emerges, something like a tunnel to go through. Our imaginations have been shaped in the material world. We describe our impressions using the language of terms known to us. Meanwhile, there are no material structures in the spiritual world, because there is nothing physical there. We perceive the transition between these two worlds as a corridor or a tunnel, as this is what the brain tells us. We see the tunnel, although it does not exist in reality. Our spiritual person experiencing the entrance to the spiritual world has no eyes, ears or other physical senses. So he cannot see, hear or feel anything. However, we try to describe these phenomena somehow. We can "see" a luminous figure, and our imagination will tell us that it is an angel. We "hear" the voice, although we might as well make it ourselves. For example, this voice can bring us back to physical life. This happens, for example, during a short-term clinical death, provided that our body can continue to function.

If there is no return to it, it may sometimes happen that our spiritual person "joins" to some other person currently living on Earth. The condition for this "joining" is the same spiritual level of both our spiritual person and the earthly partner. This return comes from the will to continue the interrupted life. Most often this happens when the death is sudden and unexpected, such as in a car accident. When we get stuck at the scene of an accident, without being aware of our death, we want to free ourselves from an unknown situation. We will then try to continue our physical life, negatively affecting the people available there, because it is not easy to find a "earthly" partner attuned to us. The most important thing is to understand that our life has ended, which makes it possible to start living in a completely different reality. Therefore, the moment of death is also determined by our consciousness and will. Of course, our memory and imagination related to spatial structures and the flow of time are still working. At the same time, we are influenced by the principles and laws of the spiritual world, some of which I describe in this study. They make up the set of principles of essenceism.

If you know that you are no longer alive and you do not want to come back to continue your previous life, then you are fully entering the spiritual world. There is then a complete change of mentality. We are helped by other spiritual persons and angels. It is about bringing your personality to the state intended by the Creator. I do not know how long this process can take for different people, because it depends on who will prepare what judgment for himself.

Everything will be there in our thoughts, that is in our imagination. The initial state can be called purgatory. It means the period of regaining the original values belonging to man. It results from understanding what we have done during our earthly life. It is worth knowing that repairing the wrongs we have done to others in a previous life is very difficult for those who are in the spiritual world. Most often it takes place through a "virtual" repetition of a situation in which those who created evil against a specific person must correct it. So every culprit has to find the injured person, which is not easy at all. If he finds her, then he asks her forgiveness. Only after receiving it can he be free from guilt.

This process can take a long time. Therefore, it is better to close matters that weigh on our conscience even during our physical life, because they can cause long-term suffering and make it difficult to completely free ourselves from evil. This is the very often spiritual situation of people who are unable to enter the eternal realm beyond time and space. In the state before entering it, the vast majority are those struggling with the problems of their previous life. No wonder, since we lived our physical life in hell and we may regret many of our actions. The desire to repair them can take away our peace and freedom for a long time, making our stay like hell. Eventually, however, there is liberation from previous burdens and directed use of free will. Then we start preparing for life in a world beyond time and space.

After fully freeing ourselves from evil, the force that will support our duration will be love, especially that to and from the Creator. The energy of his love will be our "daily food". In addition, there will be love for other people and the care of our angels. Religions describe this state as being in Paradise.

All the above argumentation makes us realize how much our "earthly" situation is dominated by evil and how negatively affects our future eternal life. Therefore, it is important to understand that the eternal future of each of us rests in our hands. Therefore, we should not count on a miraculous change in our personality brought about by faith in one or another God. Explaining this is one of the main missions of essenceism..









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