Chapter 15

 Living from the concept of God's servant

Many Christian clergy call themselves God's servants. This is a bit strange, because the founder of Christianity claimed that we are children of God. He certainly did not want us to be servants. Perhaps the Old Testament times produced such a concept, but Jesus Christ wanted to end it by treating all people as sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. That is why he constantly talked about love that turns service into friendship between people.

Today, a great number of people in the world are in service to all kinds of "rulers." According to essenceism, this state is completely contrary to the creative idea of ​​the Original Being, which is to concern the relationship between people. The Creator treats every person as His child, and therefore could not condemn him to a servant dependence on any other being. I would like to remind you that the impulse to create the universe was the Original Force of Love derived from His Heart. For Him, the condition of a servant is only for angels. They were to be the servants of every human being. This is especially true of our earthly path to personal perfection.

Unfortunately, at the very beginning of human history, we succumbed to the wrong concept of reality that came from God's servant, the Archangel Lucifer, who became Satan. As a result, we have become not only fallen people, but most of all his servants. I recall what Jesus Christ said about the "holy" caste of clergy constituting the most educated part of the population of Israel at that time. He called them Satan's servants and even his children. I imagine the fury of the Jewish hierarchs when they heard these words. To make the evil in their actions even more visible, he said that they were constantly doing Satan's will. This exceeded their patience, so no wonder they decided to eliminate Him.

The tragedy of mankind is that, as children of Heavenly Father, we surrendered to His servant, that is, the archangel who serves us. It was he, becoming Satan, who dragged us into the abyss, that is, to spiritual death. Most of us are unaware that we have become servants of the servant after this tragedy. Unfortunately, after losing our dignity as children of God, we have fallen to the bottom of the hierarchy of God's created beings. The conclusion of the biblical tragedy, therefore, is that Satan has become our lawless master and we are his servants.

Analyzing the studies of Christian theologians, I noticed that they refer to the statement that Jesus, by being obedient to the Father's Will, became, in a sense, a Servant of God. I understand that some priests may call themselves and other clergy this, but in no case should they offend the Son of God in this way. The concepts of son and servant are so distant and contradictory that to attribute to the Son of God the position of a servant is a fundamental lack of knowledge of His role with His Father. Perhaps in the case of clergy it is showing their "humility" to the authority of the Son of God. Unfortunately, they forget that Christ avoided all authority and wanted people to be his brothers. Let me remind you that, according to essenceism, the role of servants belongs only to angels.

Unfortunately, practice shows that too often clergymen of various denominations deserve the name of servants of Satan, that is, executors of his concept of ruling over people. Of course, no clergyman wants to be called Satan's servant, even when he does evil. This is probably why the Israeli hierarchs were so indignant at Jesus' words. Therefore, no one who loves God can be treated as a servant. Unfortunately, people have been subordinate to Satan for millennia, most often without realizing it. This is evidenced, for example, by the words of the Redeemer of mankind at the time of his death on the cross, when he asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness for the torturers who killed him.

According to my system, a man should not be anyone's servant at all. It is love that should be the only relationship between people. This also applies to friendship, which my system treats as one of the forms of love. Before our Creator, everyone should be His son or daughter, not a servant. As for the Son of God, one can be his friend or brother, but never a servant, especially a humble servant. If we are to be someone else's servant at all, it is definitely not of God. Of course, you can temporarily become a servant of another human being, but only on condition that he understands our decision correctly and quickly turns it into a brotherhood or partnership.

Essenceism exhorts the clergy not to keep persuading people that they are sinners and not to show authority over them by graciously forgiving them their sins. This should finally be stopped. The time has come to overturn human dignity as a child of God at all times and in all situations. We cannot continue to be Satan's servants, such humble servants.








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