Chapter 16

Between good and evil

Once Ovid in his "Confessions" stated that human nature is the cause of evil. It was a long time ago. He did not know the concept of theodicy at the time, and he had no dilemma as to whether evil had something to do with God or not. Essenceism also does not have this dilemma, claiming that God knows no evil. Therefore, my system can analyze the emergence of the phenomenon of evil without connection with the Original Being and with His knowledge. This is the clear message of essenceism.

People somehow strangely avoid talking about the existence of evil while having an absolutely good God. In fact, the omnipresence and omniscience of God is so deeply entrenched that no rational arguments convince people. Anyway, with regard to the topics that essenceism touches on, there is a strange reluctance to ponder the meaning of the phenomena that my system touches upon. These topics include, among others, the problem of the creation of the universe with the participation of the Creator, understanding the meaning of human life in the perspective of its eternal duration, and above all the problem of the functioning of evil and its possible personal source, i.e. Satan. Sometimes people even fear such topics.

In practice, in our world, evil exists together with good, and it is difficult to see the advantage of the original laws and principles from the Creator over evil laws inspired by Satan. Therefore, there is a great need for religious institutions to show that good comes from the Power of Love that comes from God, and evil comes from the power of authority that comes from Satan. This statement of essenceism is directed not only at religion, but also serves to mobilize all social institutions. It is a question of defining evil as failure to comply with democratically accepted moral laws and principles. For example, breaking a state's constitution should be labeled evil. Therefore, people who break the law, be it moral, state or divine, are evil people and can be treated as being under the influence of the source of evil, Satan.

Good written with a capital letter concerns the state of existence of the Original Being. According to essenceism, it is a function resulting from the coherence and unity between the main attributes of the Creator, i.e. His Intelligence, Emotionality and Will centered in His Heart. Good is therefore a function of the Force of Love flowing from the Heart of the Original Being. The power of love affects all of creation, especially man. We perceive it as the action of God's Providence, that is, the action of His Laws and Principles. The meaning of these concepts is described in the compendium of the main concepts of essenceism that I have posted on my website and in the fourth book on essenceism.

In general, it can be said that good is what should be or existed originally, and evil is what should not be. Or to put it another way, God is Someone who should always be, and Satan shouldn't be at all. As my system claims based on the statements of Jesus, Satan is not some of our delusions, but someone definitely substantial, that is, the most concrete being from a spiritual reality. It is therefore the personal embodiment of evil that has entered our world.

While science does not recognize the Bible as a reliable source of knowledge, it does take into account some suggestions that lie behind the symbolism of the biblical accounts. This applies to many phenomena, but the most important message that can be derived from the Bible is the problem of the creation and functioning of evil in the human world.

In summary, essenceism considers evil to be a phenomenon fully associated with human beings. This is due to the system's flagship claim that the Original Being does not know evil, and cannot even know it. This was clearly stated at the beginning of this chapter, but also in all publications on my system. Evil according to essenceism is the only exception to the concept of omniscience coming from the Creator. It arose completely outside of Him and is therefore unknown to Him. Evil was introduced into our reality by Archangel Lucifer and the first people as a new quality after the creation of the world. This uniqueness is described in the Bible as the only "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" placed among all the other trees that exist there. So it is not an ordinary quality or phenomenon, as there are many in the universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, i.e. a peculiarity created outside the Original Being.

I repeat once again that evil is the state of our world where power that generates evil is a common phenomenon. The more power: prohibitions, orders, the less love. These phenomena lead to totalitarian power, which uses the force of evil on a large scale. In this way good vanishes. Therefore, mankind faces a difficult path to restrain evil and restore good.







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