Chapter 16

Our love for the Creator's work

(i.e. our human responsibility for the state of love in the world)

For every human being, one of the most important problems is understanding their identity and responsibility for oneself. Essenceism tries to help those who seriously reflect on the meaning of their existence. This entails a reevaluation of the concepts with which we have dealt so far. As part of the assessment of the state of the world that belongs to us, my system proposes to treat the world as a work of the Original Being. At the same time, this time as part of a spiritual evaluation, my system suggests treating it as a gift of love for people. Therefore, our biological organism should participate in the "earthly school of love" leading to the state of perfection that belongs to beings coming from the Creator. Taking this fact into account, it is good to assume that the Earth is a place where love develops in all its aspects, including love for what the Creator has given us under our protection.

The responsibility of an individual person begins with understanding who he is to both the physical and the spiritual world. The physical world is quite well known to us, because everyone gets to know it throughout their entire life on Earth. It is much worse with the knowledge of the spiritual world and our spiritual person. Usually this knowledge is close to zero. Therefore, essenceism deals first with the knowledge of the emergence and development of a spiritual person. Only in the next step, based on the acquired knowledge, he focused on the analysis of responsibility for the state of our world at the level of a spiritual person.

According to essenceism, a man is an internal personality "clothed" in a natural person. My system shows that as people experience various forms of love in physical life, the spiritual person should develop more and more. According to essenceism, it is the proper beginning of our "private" spiritual world. It is our future, because it creates the value of man in the scale of eternity. A spiritual person can be treated not only as our "interior", but also as a substantial aura surrounding our physical body. In general, our humanity, and at the same time responsibility for ourselves, lies in the spiritual person. Due to the direct origin of the Creator, a spiritual person assumes responsibility for bringing what is in his control to a state of perfection. The instrument for this task is to be the power of love inherited from the Creator, because He is the source of the Original Power of Love. So our personal perfection is modeled on the One from whom it comes. By inheriting our personality from Him, we continue to develop the work entrusted to us, still remembering that we use only the power of love for this development, not the power of authority.

It all means that we create our future during our physical life, as if we were building a part of the spiritual world on Earth, intended only for ourselves. When we bring "our world" to perfection in accordance with the idea of ​​the Original Being, we will automatically penetrate with "our world" into His sphere defined in essenceism as a primary state beyond time and space. Then we will find ourselves in the eternal "home", which is everything from which the universe and ourselves have emerged. This state makes us sharers in His Creative Strength of Love. Therefore, we are not only His children, but also in His name the co-creators of the universe.

Unfortunately, at the very beginning of human history, there was a deviation from the original plan of the Creator and since then we live in a world detached from the original source. We were thus thrown out of our original position. This is the greatest tragedy that has hit mankind. Currently, in the realization of the meaning of our life, instead of resembling it to the function inherited from our Creator, we make it similar to the meaning of life belonging to animals. Unfortunately, this happens when our consciousness does not take into account the existence of a spiritual person in us. Since animals are not responsible for the world, our sense of responsibility should be a signal that we are not animals. Let this fundamental knowledge open the way for us to understand how precious we are to the universe and its Creator.

According to essenceism, the power of love that shapes our spiritual world produces the will to gain knowledge, the will to be more and more perfect, and the will to experience perfect love. According to my system, the above aspirations should shape our character, which in its original form is our original nature. Unfortunately, the events at the very beginning of human history meant that, apart from the primal nature, we also have a fallen nature within us. Essenceism reminds people of this fact at every opportunity. Namely, we inherited the evil nature from the evil educator in the symbolic Garden of Eden, that is, from the fallen Archangel Lucifer, who became Satan. All the feelings that arose in him were poured out on us. Hence, apart from feelings of hatred, will to power and many other bad feelings, we also have no responsibility for creating good in the world. Practice shows that due to the existence in us of a fallen nature contrary to the concept of the Creator, we have lost contact with Him, and thus also the sense of responsibility for the implementation of His work. This is true of everything we do, and especially of feeling loving all people as His children.

Essenceism arose because the train of thought originating in the attributes of the Original Being leads to the conclusion that each of us is at the end of the cause-effect chain created by the Creator. Religiously this is called the creation of man in His Image and likeness. Thus, between the Original Being and us, there is a line of inheritance that transfers His attributes to us. We are supported in this by His Original Power of Love, which I have described in many of my studies.

Therefore, it is worth taking to heart that each of us has a responsibility during our lives for bringing the qualities inherited from the Creator to their perfection. This includes the responsibility to shape our environment with the power of love. All this has been entrusted to us by our Father, the Creator of the universe.









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