Chapter 17

Religious responsibility for love

As a result of the analysis carried out by essenceism, it was assumed that the world's religions have largely lost awareness of their main mission: the salvation of the world. One could even say that they were even taken over by the "ruler of this world" to help him maintain power over people. This means that instead of using the power of love, they are applying the power of authority taken from Satan. Meanwhile, according to essenceism, any religion could become a plane for the science of love without any use of power. Thus, the rational sense of the existence of religion may be the mission of teaching that the world arose out of the Creator's need for love. According to essenceism, teaching about the creative action of the Original Force of Love coming from the Heart of the Original Being could significantly change the activity of religious denominations. It is about focusing their attention on the mission of restoring the proper sense of human existence and freeing us from evil. Even preaching different versions of god should not interfere with introducing the knowledge that Original Love is the only force that can, like a good "virus", induce humanity to heal the world from evil. Unfortunately, the misunderstanding of his mission by most religions, especially Christian and Islamic ones, is one of the reasons for Satan's uninterrupted reign. These religions, without realizing that the power of authority constantly introduces evil into our lives, almost ceased to pay attention to the dangers of Satan's power. They still teach that he is only our "private" tempter. For this reason they allow themselves to frequently accuse their believers of being sinners. In this way, they pushed the teaching about the existence of an evil power of authority to the background, about replacing it with the power of love, directing all attention to the observance of religious regulations.

Therefore, my system undertook to present the way of leading the salvation of the world as a reaction to the lack of proper activity on the part of established religions. In broad terms, this method comes from Jesus Christ. Essenceism says that nowadays, knowledge about the use of love in the renewal of the world should be presented by individuals who are not related to any religion. As Christ once did, they would carry the "virus of love" to people without the need to use force of authority. In this way, apart from the world's religious structures, they could stimulate the will of the decision-makers of this world that, by way of effective action, they would undertake to alleviate the world tormented by evil. As a result of such activity, social activity could arise, prompting many people to assume responsibility for bringing about the renewal of the world. Candidates for such an activity would be, for example, parents who, although they have already raised their children, would still feel the desire to raise someone who can build a future for the world based on love. Their knowledge should be supplemented with the knowledge of spiritual phenomena. It would be good for these activists to leave their previous lives behind and to embark on a new mission as independent missionaries. My system calls them globetrotters. Presumably, they will need as much knowledge as possible about the existence of the Creator, about His work of creating the universe, and above all about the fact that he used only the power of love for this. Such knowledge is important for the teaching of religious denominations, which are most often driven by the power of authority. They have long since exhausted their abilities, having existed for thousands of years and bringing nothing new except waiting for their god to save himself..

Missionaries-globetrotters coming from different backgrounds and understanding people's responsibility for saving the world from evil, could first evoke a positive approach to spiritual reality among us. This would make it easier for them to proclaim the laws of God's Providence and focus people's attention on their application in everyday life. This has already been shown by such historical figures as Abraham, Moses, Buddha, and especially Jesus Christ himself. These outstanding people did not participate in any religion from the very beginning. So people following their example should not identify themselves with any religion. Passengers rather should cooperate with each other, sharing their experiences and the knowledge they have gained about the action of the force of love coming from the Creator. It would be good for them to remain modest individuals dependent on the welfare of people at the level of the simplest existence. Therefore, they should be naturally materially supported by the social, scientific, economic and political environments. At the same time, essenceism proclaims that with their full determination in bringing out spiritual knowledge, they will be constantly supported by a good spiritual world, that is, by angels and spiritual persons guided by Jesus Christ. Naturally, thanks to the right approach to spiritual reality, they can quickly understand the laws of God's Providence and be guided by them in their teaching. It is worth adding that they should avoid any lies, even if it hurts them to speak honestly and openly about the real reality concerning their listeners. For a lie causes bad results sooner or later. It must not be forgotten that this right lie destroyed our relationship with the Creator at the beginning of humanity.

Using the "epidemic" comparison, the science of globetrotters should spread around the world like a virus that transforms the fallen nature of man into that original, given to humans by the Creator. Moreover, this "virus" should be passed from person to person, "infecting" all mankind with the mission of salvation. Their opponents should not, under any circumstances, be humans. The real opponent of people in the process of saving the world is Satan and his evil spirits. Therefore, all mankind should help them, which would give a chance to save the world in a relatively short time, say, in one generation, and with increased difficulties, in no more than two or three generations.

To sum up, they are to be missionaries-volunteers who, alone, as world pilgrims, should educate people so that they all understand the proper meaning of our existence given to us by the Creator. As a rule, they should not create any religious organizations, but always leave them to individual teachers of society. They are supposed to be individual saviors of a fallen world. They can constantly deepen their knowledge, determination and experience, using their personal talent, which should develop as they become more and more involved in the spiritual education of the society. According to my system, it can be certainly assumed that such world missionaries - globetrotters will be effectively protected by the spiritual world, that is, by their angels.









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