RChapter 18

Our way to eternity - vision IV

Everything I write about serves to create good conditions for entering the spiritual world. The key issue is that we should fully consciously accept the fact that our physical life is over and that we are starting a new, eternal life in a different reality. Lack of awareness of this situation is a similar phenomenon when we wander hopelessly in the dark during our physical life. We feel fear then, and we are even terrified. These feelings can overwhelm us, causing a kind of "mental hell". Therefore, I am trying to explain all of this in order to spare people from senseless suffering after bad experiences in the physical world.

When we enter the spiritual world, we are still the same person as we were in the physical life. However, the new state brings about a different approach to life that now goes beyond time and space. The necessity of a specific struggle for survival in earthly society will disappear. The awareness of this may mean that the previous state will no longer burden us, although it may remain in our memory. The laws of the spiritual world are very specific, but they are not coercive. When we get to know them, our free will is released. For example, a book brought to existence by our will, held in our hand, will be a state of desire that we want to know its content. These are the laws of the spiritual world.

I would now like to deepen the knowledge that has emerged as a result of analyzing the numerous testimonies of people who could return to physical life after passing the state on the verge of death. I remind you that everyone feels this moment differently. However, now, after analyzing the many testimonies of people who returned to life after various states near death, I would like to present the course of the transition to the spiritual world that affects a deeper understanding of this phenomenon.

Most often it is as if you got a blow to the head, but you don't feel stunned. Rather, fear and surprise at this situation dominate. At the same time, images of our life pass before our eyes, seemingly incoherent, but we understand them as the whole of life shown in one moment. We lose the sense of the flow of time, and everything we have experienced in the physical world is shown to us in an understandable sequence. The "surroundings" are slowly emerging around us. It is not material, but we are used to the material world to treat it "materially". We can feel them as walls surrounding us, leading us towards the bright space emerging in front of us. The feeling of seeing this is not that we are watching something, but that we see ourselves in front of ourselves, as if we were watching ourselves. Perhaps this creates a vision of a tunnel that leads us to a destination. An infinite brightness slowly emerges before us, which is very intense but not blinding. It means extending our consciousness to a state unknown to us before. This state allows us to distinguish a figure resembling the images of an angel known from earthly paintings. Those who knew during their physical life that they had their guardian angel will be sure that it is him. Those who imagined that they would encounter God himself right after the trash would also be satisfied to see this figure. Regardless of our understanding of the situation, it is a key moment for realizing the fact of physical death. It is also the last moment when, with a strong will to return to life, we can return to the physical world, if our physical body allows it.

Further describing our existence in the spiritual world is already completely based on the spiritual laws that I deduced based on the fact of the existence of the Original Being and His attributes. In addition, essenceism also has the ability to deduce our future in the spiritual world based on attempts to save humanity from evil. Therefore, they should be treated as the result of applying analytical research methods to phenomena that are not yet dealt with by science. I leave it to the reader to evaluate them.

So the light that stands on our spiritual path of life rather means peace and the awareness that we are eternal. For those who feel no obligation to the past, a full interest in the new life begins to such an extent that they completely forget their previous physical life and enter the new reality "cleanly". The former world ceases to exist for them, just as they cease to exist for it. So the way to complete your personal perfection opens. At this point, you can count on the support of your loved ones who have gone this way before them. In addition, they will be able to use the services of their guardian angel, who will also complement their spiritual development and become a guide in the new reality.

It is worth realizing that we do not see the state existing outside of us, but that we feel our full existence within it. The images we see are generated by ourselves because we have them in us. Therefore, the path begins for us, which, with the support of the angels, will finally lead us to the proper level of the spiritual world, which is the full presence of the Original Being.

Once again, I must point out that the above process does not apply to two categories of people. The first applies to those who are so burdened with past life events, including those related to not completing their affairs, that they will be stuck in the strange state that religions have called purgatory. Their main desire will be to return to Earth to try to resolve their affairs differently. This state of them served to create the notion that there is reincarnation. This is, unfortunately, a misinterpretation of the so-called renewed life of spiritual persons, which I have described in previous chapters. The second category of people refers to those who participated in creating negative harms that appeared to be impossible to deal with. They will have the feeling of being in hell. These two above states (purgatory and hell) create two separate spheres of the spiritual world, so far distant from the original spiritual world, in which the Creator is waiting for people.

There is one more level of the spiritual world, higher than those discussed, which, however, is not the final one. This level of spirituality is called paradise. It should not be confused with the proverbial state of eternal happiness. It is a state of active action to correct the situation in the physical world. In this sphere live spiritual persons of people who consciously assume the responsibility to save the world from evil. They are under the care of Jesus Christ himself, who has never stopped His mission to save the world. It was the complete removal of the source of evil from earthly reality, that is, the end of Satan. Jesus collaborates not only with these people, but also with the archangels and angels who are responsible for educating mankind. Of course, the status of the so-called saints is not the only one that allows you to cooperate with him. The villain crucified on the right side of Jesus understood his fate so well that the Son of God could invite him to cooperate. All these "invitees" have knowledge about the salvation of the world from evil. I will add jokingly that Paradise is the busiest sphere of the spiritual world.

To sum up, the above-described state of transition from the physical world to the spiritual world is mentally quite distant from that presented by religions. For there is no "top-down" final judgment made by the Eternal Judge against all of us. According to essenceism, just entering the spiritual world automatically generates such a judgment over yourself. There, what we do is determined by our will, not a top-down order. This is "divine" justice. We just measure it ourselves. It is we who, based on the understanding of God's law, are able to independently judge our previous life. Understanding it enables us to distinguish between what is essential and what is unimportant. This is the modest analysis of the beginning of eternal life by essenceism for the time being. However, based on it, you can assess your preparation for this life.










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