Chapter 19

Idea of the existence of the personal source of evil

If good has its own "personal" source in the Personality of the Original Being, then evil as its opposite must have its source in a particular personality. Let me remind you that personality means combined functions of intelligence, will and affection, focused in the center of a given being.

If the Personality of the original Being has shaped the good through His laws, then it should be eternal and be the basis of all existence. On the basis of biblical records, it can be assumed that the state of good during its introduction was damaged by another personality possessing sufficient causative power. The events in the Garden of Eden showed this. The personality of the Archangel combined with the personalities of people has created a new state of being that is the opposite of good. That's how evil came about.

If evil was impersonal, meaning a phenomenon that has always existed in the universe, it would be part of the set of natural laws shaping our civilization. It would be impossible to remove, just as gravity, energy or laws of nature cannot be removed. This would be a black scenario for humanity, which would dictate the invariability of our situation and the inability to establish the good in our world.

The problem of the personal source of evil is best determined by religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They see the source of evil in Satan.

Who is Satan?

We meet this name in the numerous verses of the Bible. For the first time he appears as a being in the form of a snake who talks in Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, which resulted in the fall of the first people. According to the Bible, it was the greatest tragedy in the process of human development. It was then that God lost his original relationship with people in the world created by Himself, known as the Garden of Eden or Paradise.

Satan must have been an angel because at that time, apart from angels and two people, there were no other beings in Garden of Eden who could lead such serious talks about good and evil. This angel could not be found in this Garden by chance, because at that time everything was still under God's control. So he was there in accordance with the order of the Creator.

I would like to remind you that angels have the task of helping man to achieve perfection ("in the image and likeness of God") and always accompany him as servants. So, same it was in the world of God. Evidently this angel, or rather an archangel, was chosen from among others to look after Adam and Eve. In accordance with his mission he should be the wisest of all. It was the Archangel Lucifer. His name is now identified with Satan, but before the fall in paradise it was a "decent" archangel, certainly very clever. Among other things, he accompanied the Creator in the creation of the universe. The first people appeared much later, and therefore he had a lot of knowledge to convey to them. Lucifer, as a teacher and educator, had to introduce them into a new reality, because that was probably the Will of God. For the Creator, as an Absolutely Perfect Being, could not participate directly in raising His imperfect children.

Unfortunately, there was a situation before which God warned Adam and Eve. The fall of not only the first people, but above all the Archangel Lucifer, who from that moment became Satan.

I will point out that the Bible describes these events vaguely and in a symbolic way. In my opinion, the cause of all this story was the desire for love, which was to develop only between Adam and Eve. Meanwhile, a third participant also appeared in this process. The Archangel, fascinated and enthralled by the feeling born in the first people, a feeling he had never met at such a level, ignored the commandment of "not eating the forbidden fruit", obstructing the path to the highest degree of love intended only for God's children. The power of love is the greatest of all strength. It leads to a takeover, i.e. as if to appropriate another person, what can be called. Unfortunately, misdirected can destroy life instead of creating it. The Archangel apparently did not control its wrong direction and did not subdue the growing strength of love, despite a clear warning, or actually a ban on God's part. This desire was so strong that it overwhelmed the Archangel. It aroused in him the will to experience the same feeling that Adam and Eve would experience. It was, however, a level of love for the children of God, whereas Lucifer had the right to this feeling only at the level of the servant of God.

The love inherited from God by Adam and Eve must inevitably lead them to unite in the act of sex, both at the level of spiritual and physical persons. Meanwhile, the Archangel, driven by the desire for love, entered the level of God's children and found himself in the position of Adam. This led to a situation in which he spiritually took control of Eve prematurely. It had a character similar to a sexual act, although it was a spiritual act that could not lead to the conception of a new life. This fact for some time made Lucifer like Eve's wife and was the first phase of the fall. At this wrong level, Lucifer became an evil being because he turned Eve's direction of love toward himself instead of towards Adam. This can be explained in a different way. At that time Adam, the son of God, was still an imperfect man. Therefore, taking over his position made Lucifer as imperfect. In this state, the Archangel, like Adam, wanted love, which eventually led him to unite with Eve, or to make her "eat" the forbidden "fruit". You can call it not only a fall, but also a rebellion against God Himself. When Eve had understood her error too late, she turned to her future legitimate spouse and merged with him with a sexual act, but this time fully physical. Unfortunately, instead of washing away her previous sin, she immigrated immature Adam to participate in the act begun by Lucifer, which was the second phase of the fall. At that time, the fallen Archangel Lucifer became like the father of the first people and took God's position before them. From this moment, we are talking about the existence of Satan. No wonder Jesus Christ could say to his opponents: "the generation of vipers" or "you belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires". (J 8.44).

Let us now take into account a more "technical" point of view regarding the events that have occurred. The fact that Lucifer was able to take a physical form in the Garden of Eden, to look after Adam and Eve by God's command, seems to be a surprising fact. This is not strange, however, since we know from the Bible that angels have repeatedly performed various activities in the physical world that could not be performed without physical energy.

What else do we know?

We know that none of the angels subject to Lucifer, nor himself after the fall, have ever become infinite. This means that he could never use a special Energy that would allow direct action in the physical world. From this it follows that this huge amount of energy (E = mc˛), needed for the spiritualization of the spiritual being, can only come from God, because this is the absolute domain of the Creator. Without His consent, it cannot be used. As a good Archangel, Lucifer was full of affection in dealing with Adam and Eve. However, as Satan, he lost the opportunity to use the Energy of God after the fall, and with it lost her accompanying angels who witnessed the events in the Garden of Eden.

At the moment when the fall came and Lucifer became Satan, the interaction between him and God ceased, for the Archangel ceased to act in accordance with the Will of the Creator. Immediately, his ability to directly intervene in the physical world ended. Nevertheless, he became the master of our earthly life by controlling our spiritual persons for whom he became an illegal father. His reign is therefore the domination of spiritual persons as the influence of personal evil. We wear it in the form of a fallen nature. All intentions, thoughts and modes of action that arose during the fall from the good state of Archangel Lucifer to the condition of an evil being called Satan, have moved to people. They became his heirs in the new evil kingdom called hell. The fallen nature embodied in the personality of Satan was inherited by all the spiritual persons of people who came into the world in a fallen world. This situation is derived from the acceptance of the lie of the "serpent" from the Garden of Eden, in which he claims that people will not die, and that the Creator knows both good and evil. Unfortunately, after doing what Satan had promised them, people died spiritually for God and learned the evil that God does not know. This lie became the beginning of hell on Earth and separated us from God. This effect of lying continues to this day.










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