Chapter 19

Opening hope - the goal of essenceism

First, I must say that the first goal of my system is to expand my knowledge of God, whom I refer to as the Original Being. Essenceism also offers a clear understanding of who He is, what He is and where He is. My system also explains how His existence relates to our existence in the present and future spiritual life. At the same time, a considerable level of certainty about eternity in man is created. This minimizes the fear of the unknown.

Due to the enormity of the cosmos, it is worth starting from our limited point of view at the universe and the sense of its existence. Based on the analysis of essenceism, it is concluded that the Creator understands His work differently from us. Therefore, my system will try to explain His point of view. The initial conclusion is that the Creator treats the cosmos as an unlimited home for His children.

Increasing our knowledge of God as being Original can offer hope for a fundamental change in our existence. This hope could grow as the power of love from the Creator is restored to our lives. It is worth constantly remembering that the Original Being shaped the universe with the intention of passing it on to His children. He did it out of love and for love. According to this concept, His children, after passing through physical life on Earth, gain full freedom of staying in any chosen point of the universe. For example, as spiritual persons, they can find themselves in any galaxy on any planet where life is possible. There, they will be able to get to know its inhabitants and nature, using either physicality or learning from the physical senses of people living on these planets. Then it can be figuratively stated that our physical bodies are "grounded" on the planet on which we live, and spiritual persons are "free as birds". So our future in the spiritual world will concern the entire universe. For us, locked on a small planet lost in the endless cosmos, this vision is completely abstract. It exceeds the limits of our imagination, although it is compatible with the sense of the creation of the universe. It is also worth saying that the divine conception of the universe exists independently of our will and imagination. It is absolute and changeless, established before we even came to Earth. Hence my effort to get to know her better.

Unfortunately, it must be humbly admitted that human logic cannot penetrate everything and therefore it is not yet possible to understand many important things from the point of view of our Creator. However, I hope that this analysis will allow us to assess our reality a little more precisely and objectively.

I remind you that one of the goals of essenceism is to best understand what the Original Being has done. From time immemorial, many qualities have been attributed to Him, the most important of which are absolute, eternal, perfect and good. Therefore, since the Creator is eternal, perfect and good, the world created by Him should also be eternal, perfect and good. Thus, the "biblical" Will of God, expressed in the words "let it be so", should lead to the creation of an ideal world inhabited by His children. Additionally, it is worth paying attention to the words recorded in the Bible expressing his joy after each "creative day" (Genesis 1). I will also recall other words written there: "Neither the eye has seen, nor the ear has heard, nor the heart of man has been able to comprehend what great things God has prepared." (1 Cor 2: 9).

Unfortunately, at the very beginning of our existence, we lost the ability to be guided by His Love, which significantly inhibited the development of good. Since then, we have been living with a damaged form of knowledge about ourselves, very far from the true. In addition, the power of the authority of love was taken over by the power that generates evil.

That is why we do not have a perfect world today, but one day it must come into being as a real reality. This must happen if we take the Creator's perfection seriously. If He has made a decision, it should be so, otherwise He would not be a perfect God. So when will our planet become perfect? Surely it will sooner or later. Of course, it would be better if it happened as soon as possible. However, we can be sure that it will happen someday. Both our Creator and suffering people, under the rule of the power of authority derived from Satan, would like to live in a perfect reality permeated by the Force of Love. It seems that only Satan and the creatures dependent on him want this evil reality to last as long as possible. For him, each day of the fallen world is an extension of his unlawful rule over people. However, since the fallen world began against the Will of God, it will end in order for it to remain unchanged. Therefore, I am renewing here an attempt to understand His point of view and the ways in which He works, because He really knows no evil and has nothing to do with it.

Therefore, restoring our actual reality to its original state should therefore become a historical mission. I am talking about removing the "master of this world" from power, that is, about Satan. It must be added that we will not be able to cope in this fight alone, which is confirmed by the entire history of mankind. Therefore, the presence of the Son of God among us is indispensable.

For centuries, we have lived in the hope that the Creator will come to our aid and restore the condition that he originally prepared for us. Even though we've been waiting a long time for His action, the world is still bad. In the meantime, we lost our historical opportunity to improve our situation, rejecting the full salvation of the world, which was to be the work of the Son of God Jesus Christ. It does not matter that only the nation of Israel did it, for at that time it represented all of humanity. For through the ages, through his effort and sacrifice, he led to the birth of the Messiah. It is a pity, then, that it has lost its historical chance.

So what we did was unknown to God. Therefore, after the fall of the people in the biblical Garden of Eden, he could not find Adam. For He could not introduce evil into His knowledge, because it was not He who created him. Evil arose completely outside of him. The Creator is the perfect and complete God. It cannot be modified by the new knowledge of evil that he did not have in himself. Imperfect people cannot change a perfect Creator. Also, our bad actions cannot affect Him. In the perfect concept of the creation of the world, there is no place for evil. It remains only our sphere of existence.

For the reasons I described above, humanity is still on the path of death instead of the path of life. It is logical, then, that it should turn back, guided by an understanding of the laws and principles established by the Creator and supported by the force of love that comes from Him. We have a whole good spiritual world to help: the patriarchs of the Old Testament, the Son of God Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, angels and all the official and unofficial saints from the so-called paradise. At the same time, every person can do something positive, although he must remember that he needs the support from spiritual people from the spiritual. It is especially painful that Satan managed to pacify the world's religions, which were the only ones that could threaten him.

Essenceism proposes a bold and sincere approach to the process of salvation. Namely, it should be remembered that it is human efforts that should cause the Son of God to be born on Earth. Therefore, the only rational way out of this bad situation is the action of people who decide to take part in supporting the Son of God when He appears among us. You will only have to accept Him fully, without making the mistake of two thousand years ago. This is a very difficult task, but it is doable. Its implementation will ensure salvation by eliminating unnecessary waiting for the Savior to descend from heaven. It is the purpose of essenceism to talk about it.











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