Chapter 21

Hope in scientific analysis of essenceism

Since science still declares the lack of instruments to answer questions about God's existence, some way out of this situation had to be found. In fact, classical science cannot prove that God exists, nor can it deny His existence. Therefore, the task of essenceism was to prepare appropriate methods to meet the task set for itself. Of course, it is all about system research instruments, and not about some devices such as the hadron collider or very advanced radio telescopes.

Below I present the most important tools of essenceism, i.e. research instruments helpful in analyzing the possibility of the existence of a state beyond time and space, and of God as a Original Being:

1. The indisputable and obligatory tool must be the use of logical thinking in the analysis of all phenomena, not only material but also non-material ones. It is about total freedom to think, study and reflect on the nature of what surrounds us. In practice, it means freeing oneself from all dogmas, both religious and life ones. Therefore, it is out of the question to treat the current views as irrefutable.

2. Intuition should be a supporting tool for logical thinking. It is needed especially in the initial stage of reasoning, especially when creating assumptions and theses of the system.

3. Logical lines of thought are an important intuitive tool of essenceism. They work contrary to the principle "thread to ball", that is, as if from man to God. In essenceism, this sequence leads from the "ball" - the Original Being. "Threads" that create other beings are spread out from him. The next steps always follow after checking their compliance with the initial assumptions. Thus, each next step is created on the basis of the previous, already proven one. This is how you come to the final conclusion.

4. Space-time by itself, that is, by its existence, leads to the conclusion that it must have a beginning and a cause. The greatest discovery in the history of mankind took place in the 20th century. Scientists have announced that the universe once arose and that it can be described as space-time. It is precisely she that suggests that there must be something else before or beyond it, that is, a sphere beyond time and space. The space-time constraint of the universe is therefore a tool for indirectly demonstrating the possibility of something beyond it.

5. In order to understand the phenomena existing in the sphere beyond time and space, there is a need to find an observer who can recognize it. His point of view is one of the tools to study the phenomena taking place there. I would like to remind you that by the concept of the sphere beyond time and space, I understand the spiritual world, the more extensive description of which I present elsewhere. The testimonies of such observers are extremely numerous, and many of them have been studied and then verified. So far, they have been used most often by religious denominations. I have included only the most reliable among them in this analysis.

6. Energy, or rather its primary form called pre-energy, is an important quantity existing in the sphere beyond time and space. Energy without a defining adjective is a quantity or state that does not quite fit within the laws of physics we know. It is about primordial energy, not yet transformed into any other form. We are not sure how the energy started our universe, but we are sure that all the energy in the universe was created in one moment. Since then, one can only transform one form into another. You cannot add anything to it to increase its quantity in the universe, and especially it cannot be destroyed, because it would require taking it outside the universe. Scientists are forced to conclude that it has always existed, though they cannot link its existence to the First Cause. They also use its name: a primitive concept. Some doubt as to the law of conservation of energy is brought about by the phenomenon of the so-called dark energy. Thus, the behavior of energy is not only a specific research instrument, but also a guide to understanding the existence of a sphere beyond time and space.

7. Another tool, or rather a research argument, is the analysis of the creative act made by the established Original Being. Namely, only to him can we attribute the creation of works that are completely beyond human imagination. Of course, this hypothetical work of converting His Energy into matter is the universe, the supposed beginning of which is the Big Bang. The consequence of detecting such a beginning of the cosmos is the necessity to investigate its cause. It is at the point of singularity between the state beyond time and space and the realm of space-time. From this singularity a measurable space appeared, and time began to flow. The course of this event proves the formation of matter from primary energy originating from a scientifically unknowable "environment". So the Big Bang is a gate and at the same time a tool to discover the existence of something that was before it, i.e. a state beyond time and space.

8. In my study, the tool is the logical argument that the universe could not arise from nothing. He is also supported by the empirical argument that so far no case has been found that something could arise out of nothing. All logical arguments, especially those mentioned in the previous points, prove that this could not be the case. Even religions now find it difficult to maintain the dogma that the Creator worked a miracle and made our world out of nothing. The process of creating the universe had to be based on an energetic transformation from a sphere in which neither time nor space existed, to the sphere defined as space-time. This process had to be carried out with the simultaneous participation of specific laws that led to a predictable result, that is, the creation of the universe. So they must have existed before. This fact is evidence that it is possible to transform something invisible into a visible form or something immaterial into a material state. So far, we are constantly changing matter into energy or one form of energy into another. However, we cannot turn energy into matter and for the time being we are claiming that it is beyond our ability. Meanwhile, such a fact occurred in the case of the Big Bang and on a cosmic scale. It was not done by humans, and it could not have happened by itself, although a few scientists have argued that the universe could, under certain conditions, have created itself. Either way, something must have existed before that. Of course, believers insist unconditionally that God created the world out of nothing and that it is His greatest miracle. Since I cannot include miracles in my argument, I am obligated to argue that the universe must have an Effective Source of energies and laws. There seems to be only one "Producer" that turns energy into matter. So the Original Being created everything out of Himself.

9. The process of going back in time is a specific tool. Going in the opposite direction to the passage of time, we create a cause-effect sequence out of the history of the universe. At its end, we should exit the space-time of the universe and find ourselves in a sphere beyond time and space. Thus we should come to the First Cause (or the First Cause in capital letters), which should be infinite, unlimited, and eternal, just like the realm itself beyond time and space. If the First Cause is in the sphere beyond time, then it cannot have "its" another cause, because time and its consequences do not function there.

10. The universe shows a precise coherence of laws and rules governing it. The anthropic principle also speaks about it, although my system is not based on it. Given the existence of the Big Bang or any such initial event, and of the laws that govern it, it can be assumed that anything could have arisen from an existing initial source possessing intelligent attributes. This phenomenon may suggest that the First Cause you are looking for has the highest level of omniscience based on Your Intelligence, Will and Affection. This is also evidenced by the path of development leading from the Big Bang to the existence of intelligent beings nowadays. Hence the inevitable result of the transformations over billions of years, ranging from the most primitive to the most complex forms, must have been the emergence of beings reproducing the qualities of the First Cause. This phenomenon and the uniform coherence of all things prove that we are dealing with only one possible Source. So the starting point must have come from this Source. It must also include everything that existed before the creation of the universe. This, in turn, leads to the conclusion that the eventual Creator was all that existed before the universe began in space-time, and that it was He who initiated time and space. In this case, the tool may be the probable fact of the possibility of the existence of one intelligent Source of all things.

11. The tool for getting to know the sphere beyond time and space is the possibility of its symmetry with respect to space-time, which may result from the existence of a single source of the creation of the universe. Therefore, it is worth examining the laws that function in space-time in order to find possible analogies existing beyond it. Thus, having learned the universal laws in the physical world, we could infer about the existence of their counterparts in the spiritual world. Moving on to a specific example, which is the man himself, we can use a certain analogy with the known to us physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. They can have their counterparts in the spiritual personality of a person in the form of listening to the voice of the heart, perceiving with the eyes of the soul, feeling from the bottom of the heart, experiencing the taste of victory or defeat, as well as a touch of happiness or goodness. These are obviously "unscientific" terms, but the point here is to indicate the method of symmetry of phenomena in both realities. Thanks to this, we can use comparative methods also for recognizing phenomena in the spiritual world due to their symmetry with the physical world.

12. The default laws of the spiritual world are some kind of tools. We are not always aware of their existence. This only happens when we accidentally find ourselves in extreme situations. Then we get to know them not only intuitively, but also in reality. When we find ourselves in mortal danger, when we become unconscious, or when intoxicated with some psychotropic drugs, then our aroused perception may extend to a sphere hitherto beyond our ordinary consciousness.

The above points include a workshop of analytical tools necessary to analyze the existence of the Original Being, as well as Its features, attributes and attributes. They also help to find an answer to the question of how This Being could create the universe, life on Earth and, most importantly, the eternal spiritual person of man.












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