Chapter 2

Development phases of essenceism

Essenceism was formed as a result of the use of thought sequences controlled on an ongoing basis as to compliance with the adopted assumptions and thesis. This system has developed from my main observation that the universe was not created out of nothing. In all my business and research work, I have never had to deal with the phenomenon of something emerging from nothing. This remark is also related to the greatest scientific discovery of the 20th century regarding the fact that the universe once arose. This is an amazing statement! He really wasn't there once! This means that it had its beginning and there was nothing before it. Or maybe there was something? This is where my private brainstorm took place.

I began with the fact that if there could be a God at all, He must be the First Cause of All. In that case, the universe could theoretically be the result of His activities, that is, it would have its Creator. The question arose where this alleged Original Creative Being "resides", as well as what He "looks like", what features He has and how He accomplished His work, which is the gigantic universe.

This is where science helped me, which has finally determined that the universe began 13.8 billion years ago and that it is still unknown what was before. This discovery opened a new phase in research on its creation. Suppose half and a half two hypotheses began to exist. One that the universe created itself, and the other that it has Its First Cause, which is God the Creator. Personally, in contrast to the declared supporters of an independent, i.e. miraculous source of its creation, I am inclined to the view that if I are to believe in miracles, it is better to choose the First Cause of all things, i.e. the Creator. For I assumed that it was better to assume that something arose from "something" than "something" from nothing. This "something" is, of course, the entire universe, and this "beginning" is the Creator, which I call the Original Being. So how did I establish His Identity?

In this research, my knowledge in the field of physics, which I have been dealing with for many years because of my profession related to defense systems, helped me a lot. They studied new discoveries made thanks to quantum physics and theoretical astrophysics. It was they who brought with them completely sensational discoveries unknown to previous generations. So I was able to see with the "new eye" the universe that was created almost fourteen billion years ago. I felt like an observer circling somewhere in a realm called a state beyond time and space.

I realized that what emerged from this state in the form of space-time, apart from various forms of energy and matter, has a huge number of laws that we know as the laws of physics, chemistry or biology, i.e. the laws of nature in general. They, in turn, have a powerful dose of logic, harmony and beauty that may indicate an intelligent source of their creation. This completed the picture of the First Cause with the value of intelligence, will, and affection. Therefore, it was possible to collect this data into a single conclusion that behind the beginning of the universe there is a Source, who has within him Intellect, Will and Affection which create a specific Personality. Thus, the Original Being was finally defined. Due to the fact that He exists fully in the sphere beyond time and space, it could be assumed that He fills it completely, that it is "integrated" with Him and that it is His "Home".

Thus, a much more complete idea of ​​the Creator of all things emerged, who could "emerge" from Himself as defined by science in the space-time of the universe. He had everything that was needed for it, that is, the Praenergy, being His Physical Side, and a Personality endowed with Intellect, Affection and Will, being His Spiritual Side. It was from there that the laws and principles governing His work emerged. This is how the knowledge of the Original Being was formed that made up the main assumption of essenceism.

I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter that essenceism arose as a result of the application of thought-strings beginning with the existence of the Original Being and ending with the predictable result, which is the state that realizes His attributes. At one end we have the modern intelligent man who, in seeking his origin, claims to be shaped in the image and likeness of this Original. At the other end, we have this Original, which I have defined as the Original Being. It must be added that, to a varying degree, He is also the Model for all universe. The path, which is my way of understanding the effects of the existence of the Original Being, leads from His first action to the final. This means that it emerges from outside the Big Bang, then goes through the process of matter formation combined with complex energy transformations. It accompanies the formation of stars and planets, which opens the way to the beginnings of life, to its evolution, and to conditions favorable to humans. At the end, the Original Being carried out its last action, giving its "breath" to the living earthly organism. This is how people appeared, that is us, returning "with a breath" to the Prototype.

Another example of this method is explaining the phenomena of the development of knowledge, the state of good belonging to people and love, which is the highest human feeling. They have to come from somewhere as they cannot be attributed to the action of evolution. The method of thought strings indicates that they come indirectly from the attributes of the Creator, i.e. from His Intellect, Will and Affection, respectively. It would seem, then, that the biblical statement concerning the creation of man in the image and likeness of God is simply a religious explanation for the appearance of beings like us. Meanwhile, this declaration means much more than you think. If the cosmos began its existence with the Big Bang, which was followed by the Intellect, Will and Affection of the Original Being, then every second of the development of the universe, every event of it had to lead to the emergence of beings with intellect, will and emotion in it. Therefore, I admit that the impetus for the emergence of essenceism was the very fact of the existence of the human race on one of the billions of planets habitable by beings like us.

The above claims are somewhat similar to the anthropic principle, but in all fairness, essenceism arose before I got it right. This proves that human thought is the first and best instrument for understanding reality. It was thanks to it that my essenceism could arise.







 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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