Chapter 22

How was the universe created

In this part, I try to give to a science the starting point to look for Those who was before the rise of the universe. I want to show a simple way to "look" at what was before the Big Bang.

At the beginning there was nothing ... or everything was beyond time and space…


And it happened. There was a beginning ... The universe was created...


Was this the beginning of the Big Bang? Probably yes! It was a gigantic transformation of energy into matter.

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Twentieth century scientific discoveries regarding the origins of the universe and its current state significantly contributed to a new understanding of the possibility of God's existence. It all began with the concept of space-time, which defined the universe anew. The universe was presented as a certain spatial structure limited in time. It contained various states of matter and transforming forms of energy. In this structure, the time turned out to be variable depending on the speed of the observer's movement. Then came the discovery of the phenomenon of the expansion of the universe, and thanks to that the fact that it once began his existence was realized. In this search, as many as 13.8 billion years have been withdrawn. It was assumed that the beginning could be the Big Bang.

Now, I propose one more step back to explore what or who was the cause of this cosmic event.

Scientists, even those who claim that the universe was made of nothing, must admit that before that there must have been some laws, today covered by the notion of classical physics, quantum physics or astrophysics. In addition, it was shown that the Big Bang had a specific course that they were able to determine. So "something" was before the Big Bang, because it was not the "producer" of these rights himself. The existence of a primordial energy also seems logical. It can be identified with the concept of "biblical" chaos that preceded the creation of the world. Either way, the universe was created, it means that it was possible. My analysis shows that it could be a function of an intelligent source, or the First Cause. I called Him Original Being.

Thus, when analyzing the origin of the universe and its subsequent expansion, we can see that it must have arisen from this initial indeterminate energy, as well as everything that surrounds us. We are dealing with an inexhaustible and infinite source of the universe. This source, or energy in its original state, still eludes the laws of quantum physics and astrophysics, not to mention that it cannot be described by the laws of classical physics. It emerges from the sphere beyond time and space, a bit like the Big Bang, as if it was the beginning of the universe. When it is a pure, unprocessed primary energy, it fills the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, in the form of dark energy, it continues to function as a building block of matter in the universe. At this point, my "metaphysical" thesis appears that it can be all-pervasive and omnipresent, just as the First Cause, God-Creator, we seek for. Can we then be called the Energy of the First Cause which is the basic attribute of the Original Being? Yes. That's how I understand it. Hence the conclusion about the concrete existence of the One who is the "owner" of this Energy - the Original Being. One has to go one step further. His second, equally basic attribute should be the source of laws and principles existing in Him. This second necessity is necessary for the analysis of his existence to be possible at all.

From that moment, I treat the Energy of the First Cause as the creative building block of the universe that originates from the Creator. This leads to a rational statement that God created the universe from Himself. I therefore give a definition according to which energy in its original state is the basic material of all things. In my opinion, this is the only "physical" attribute of the Creator. I accept it as a researcher of the laws of the universe, a physicist and rationalist. In this I see the right beginning to understand the existence of the First Cause as a logical necessity.

The most interesting for the researcher seeking the existence of God is the boundary between the sphere beyond time and space and the area of ​​space-time, that is, between non-material and material existence. On the other side of this border unknown to us there is the First Cause with all of its attributes, and the whole visible universe with us. In other words, humanity with its scientific research tools is on one physical side. So it sees everything unilaterally. This is best demonstrated by the limited perception of the already mentioned Big Bang considered the beginning of the existence of the universe. This theory of its starting point makes sense only in the case of a physical universe occurring in its result. In the meantime, it should concern two parallel realities: physical and spiritual. This means that from the point of view of the observer placed in the sphere beyond the time and space of this Big Bang, it was not there at all, because in this sphere there are no specific places or time does not pass. Therefore, I am not disputing about whether this event has happened at all, and how it should be perceived. For now, we know quite well what happened after it. However, we still have no idea what was in front of him, and science does not even try to ask such a question, with tools that are not useful for studying phenomena beyond time and space. However, it is worth remembering that people have created science and do not always have to adhere to its limitations. Therefore, however, we can ask ourselves what was originally in front of it. The attempt to answer leads inevitably to the conclusion that only Someone with gigantic primary energy could cause the Big Bang and that the decision to initiate it could also come from Him. If He did it, creating a physical reality, He not only transformed the Original Energy into matter, but also had to transfer the law and principles found in Himself to the emerging universe. Only by applying this perspective, we can talk about the total participation of the First Cause in the creation of the world and humanity.









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