Chapter 2

The main act of the Creator's love

At the outset, I will refer to the title of this chapter. According to my system, the most important act of love for the Original Being in His creative work is the spiritual person of man, or more precisely, each spiritual person.

You can admire the greatness of the universe, the vastness of this endless space full of stars making up galaxies. We also admire black holes, pulsars, quasars, gas clouds and even falling meteorites. However, the most beautiful thing is that you, Human, standing on the surface of a tiny planet which is almost invisible against the background of the gigantic cosmos, you can say: I am the most important. Yes, it's true: you are the most important. Exactly the same can be said by any other inhabitant of our planet, both the one who stands on it now and the one who has already lived his life here. It is also worth adding that every new inhabitant of the Earth will be able to announce the same declaration in the future.

What entitles essenceism to such a claim? Or differently: what entitles my system to announce that man, or rather the eternal spiritual person of each of us, is the most important in the entire universe? Of course, this applies to all spiritual people who have ever been, are and will be on Earth.

It is worth knowing, then, how essenceism determined that the Creator's goal was to prepare the universe in such a way that it would become a place of development for the perfection of the spiritual persons of His children - people?

In essenceism, the analysis of the work done by the Original Being gave me the right to make such a statement. It brought the understanding that the source of creative activity is the Heart of the Original Being, in which there has always been a need to experience love. It can therefore be said that the Source Love concentrated in the Heart of the Original Being broke out at some point in the form of an act of love towards the future being in His Image and Likeness. From the beginning, the act of love consisted in giving the Creator's "breath" to a physical person created in accordance with the development of the universe on planet Earth. This means that the biological structure of the physical being has become the place for the development of a spiritual person initially formed in the Creator Personality. My system is therefore to show that a man, and more precisely a child of the Creator as a spiritual person, is the main goal of the creation of the universe. Since the initial phase of the act of creation, formed in the Heart of the Original Being, took place in a state beyond time and space, from our point of view it is difficult to determine at what time the decision to create the universe and the beginning of life was made. This also applies to the moment of the birth of a spiritual person. One thing is for sure, our "biological" point of view is different from that of the Creator. There is no doubt in my system that first there was the Love that filled the Personality of the Original Being. Then it created from the Praenergy inherent in Himself the mechanism of the formation of spiritual people. This situation, in turn, influenced the need to plan the emergence of biological life as a development plane for a spiritual person. It all overlapped with the concept of the future structure of the universe's space-time. It was necessary to achieve the proper goal of creation, which is the emergence of an eternal partner for the Creator, our spirit person. In this way, the main act of love of the Heart of the Original Being bore fruit. However, it is not possible to state what exactly happened first and what happened next, because the creative act first took place in the sphere beyond time and space, i.e. in a state in which time does not flow. For us it was the reverse order: first came the universe, then life, and finally a man who recognizes his Creator.

To sum up, the purpose of the creation of the universe, as well as the purpose of our life is that our spiritual person learns to love like the Creator. For the proper introduction of love into our lives, it is worth realizing first that it comes from our Creator. This should stimulate our will to be as perfect as our Creator. However, reaching perfection is not about being world champions in sports or political leaders, but about being able to love as he does. It is good to introduce this knowledge into our personality. It will be needed to make an effort to welcome the Son of God born again on Earth. He is necessary to remove Satan from our reality with us. Then a state will arise that allows the Love from the Creator to penetrate into our personality. Then we will reject evil, because we will be overwhelmed with love that brings only good. This will mean that we have already inherited His Heart from the Creator. So we will be able to become perfect as Heavenly Father is perfect.







 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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