Chapter 22

Hope in the knowledge of the Creator's Heart

I will start with the human heart first. It is not, of course, a biological organ that functions in our body. It is about the center of our personality, that is, the source of good feelings and the depth of our being. The heart is a place where the most important decisions in life are born and from which only good should come. It is what determines our personality and humanity.

Since essenceism proclaims that the Original Being is a Person, everything indicates that He also has the innermost and most important core of His Personality, i.e. the Heart. Of course, we only guess His existence because of the harmonious effects of His Intellect, Will and Affectionate actions. Thus, according to my system, the creative action of the Original Being that produces good indicates the necessity of the Heart as a harmonious bond of His attributes.

In essenceism, the definition of good is clear and lucid. According to my system, good is an action and its result in accordance with the Will of the Original Being. It is also possible, while delving into the sense of the phenomena of our reality, to provide a more complex explanation of the good. It means harmony between the operation of the original laws of the Creator and the positive reaction of people to them. For we are endowed with intelligence, affection and will, which should be at the center. So we are the ones who inherit the Heart of the Original Being, and thus we produce good as He does.

The decision to combine the Energy of the First Cause with the Laws formed in the Personality of the Original Being had to come from somewhere. It is about a decision to create a universe that was not triggered by an end in itself. The real purpose was to expand the Personality of Godhead by experiencing maximum love. The Creator could experience this love only with beings equal to himself, being able to love them and be loved by these beings. In addition, the more there were, the greater would be the scale of love experienced by their Creator. Therefore, the universe, according to essenceism, should constantly expand and be a place where new people are always born. This wealth of love in the universe also has its other positive side. Namely that each person is different, unique, and therefore the experience of love with each person is different. Thus, the phenomenon of the appearance of the universe can be explained as the need for the Creator to experience various impressions of endless love.

The above conclusion is related to the essenceism claim that the universe was made for people. Taking into account the current knowledge about it, it can be assumed that no one other than people could "use" this fact. For those who have a more developed imagination, it can be added that it is not only about the inhabitants of the planet Earth, but about all people who perhaps inhabit other planets in space. I would like to remind you here that essenceism does not exclude the possibility of other civilizations in the universe. In particular, this system notes that possible inhabitants of other planets should be just like us. This conclusion follows from the very definition of the Original Being. Because He is perfect, He shaped in the maximum way "His Image and likeness" eternal human beings reflecting His qualities and qualities. With such beings raised in different places of the cosmos and able to love as He is, the Creator could experience eternal love.

To sum up, essenceism shows that the meaning of the existence of people and the universe "flowed" from the Heart of God. Thus, it is the decision-making center of the Original Being. His Heart, in connection with the Intellect and Will, and especially with Affection, initiated everything in the universe. The universe is therefore necessary for the emergence of new beings reflecting the qualities of the Original Being. So we face the fundamental task of growing to perfection in the physical world. This is supported by the human structure prepared by the Creator. Everything we have is to help us become, in one lifetime, true children of Heavenly Father. This is how we have an eternal bond of heart with Him.

For the present time and in the present condition of humanity, the heritage of the attributes of God's Heart is the only form of His presence in our imperfect world. For the more inquisitive, it is worth adding that God's Heart never leaves man. The Creator, by giving us a part of Himself, that is, the seed of a spiritual person and a part of His Heart, in a sense becomes present in us forever, dependent on us. For a piece of God's Heart remains in us and nothing can change it. There are people who feel it.







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