Chapter 24

Hope in getting to know the beginning of everything

In order to fully define the results of the analyzes of essenceism, I will describe once again the beginning of the creation of the universe, taking into account both the latest scientific discoveries and the theory of creationism resulting from the application of the principles and research instruments of essenceism. In both cases, I start from a state in which everything began in a process unimaginable for us and which can be called a peculiarity. This phenomenon most likely stems from the state of unlimited 'skies', which essenceism calls a sphere beyond time and space. This sphere is still too difficult to grasp with the imagination because it is not related to the space-time of the universe.

We have a process before us to investigate that began in complete darkness. They symbolize a state beyond time and space that eludes all research instruments at the disposal of science.


It seems that at some point there was a gigantic cosmological inflation from one point that was the "window" between two realities. It is about the transition from reality beyond time and space to a newly emerging state called the space-time of the universe. This process must have had a pre-existing energy source, because everything that exists in the cosmos was made of energy. In this case, we are talking about energy beyond the reach of science. Thus, from the beginning of the twentieth century, science took seriously the study of the problem of the existence of the universe. In the middle of the century, she already knew that the universe had once been created. The starting point was the so-called singularity. Unable to determine, the researchers said "something suddenly happened," but did not know what, how exactly, or why. After this singularity appeared out of nowhere, the process of creating the universe experienced a strange impulse, which was described as the Big Bang. It was a discovery comparable to the discovery of the DNA code. The analysis of the beginning of the cosmic existence continues to this day, and although science often "flexes its muscles", proclaiming that it has understood this phenomenon, modesty requires refraining from euphoria.

Of course, in this matter, religions have a simple message that behind the creation of all things is God, whom they give different names, such as Heavenly Father, Allah, or simply the Creator. In the case of my system, essenceism also points to Intelligent Cause as the origin of the universe. Essenceism called this Cause the Original Being. However, the act of creating the universe should not be a field of faith, but of knowledge. The question then arises of how to understand the existence of the "religious" First Cause described in the essenceism.

Both the scientific and the religious point of view predict that the phenomenon under study was a sudden emergence of a new reality. According to science, cosmological inflation means a rapid change of the initial state to the state of the already ordered structures of the universe. It took place at a speed that exceeded the speed of light many times over, and in time that was different from its normal passage. There was a kind of stretching of the course of time, a phenomenon that can be called temporal inflation. This is what my system pays particular attention to. Since space was expanding at a rate much greater than the speed of light, time, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, was almost standing still. This explains the science's vision of the Big Bang, which from its point of view was the sudden appearance of space-time. Unfortunately, its very creation is still beyond the research possibilities of science, because its knowledge is too poor. So science can only say that the universe simply came into existence. Hence the name of this phenomenon as an explosion and the name created for it: Big Bang.

Image_Big Bang

Essenceism sees in this phenomenon the necessary participation of the First Cause, coming from the source sphere beyond time and space. My system predicts the existence of a Creative Source existing before the Big Bang. This means that, according to essenceism, the universe has its Creator and that it emerged from a reality called a state beyond time and space. It also links this reality with the presence of the Original Personal Being.

Unlike essenceism, scientists define the Big Bang phenomenon as something that could have arisen by itself. They cannot use the term that the universe was created by an Intelligent Being. They have to keep their version because they do not have the appropriate research instruments to assess how this phenomenon really happened. At the present time, it is far from saying that it was related to the activity of an Intelligent Creator operating with a specific plan. This is the difference between my interpretation and the scientific one.

Analyzing the above, it can be concluded that in the act of the Big Bang, an extraordinary extension of the flow of time took place along with the emerging space. In the phenomenon so defined, from the very beginning we deal with the emergence of primary energy together with the accompanying laws that must have governed it. The laws quoted here and the "material" in the form of primary energy could not, according to essenceism, appear out of nowhere. Everything indicates that they were attributes of the Original Being. I am saying this because I do not agree with the one-sided, purely scientific description of the formation of this huge space-time. Trying to reconcile both concepts, it is possible to associate the primary energy at the disposal of the Original Being with all energy of the universe, including both dark energy and dark matter. To this should be added the source laws derived from the above-mentioned Original Being interpreted as the laws of quantum physics, classical physics and theoretical astrophysics.

Analyzing the description of the formation of the universe, consistent with both concepts, it should be stated that the formation of the structure of the cosmos took place in an extremely short time. Due to the expansion of energy, which scientists associate with the action of super force, the so-called Higgs field was formed, and in it interactions that bind elementary particles. Let me add a note here that essenceism equates super strength with the Original Force of Love, which is the creative force of the Original Being. The action of this force in the aforementioned force field led to the formation of a kind of "radical" of elementary particles. It is the Higgs boson, also known as the "divine particle", which plays a key role in the formation of matter. It must have been done from primeval energy, which was entirely brought into reality by the action of a super force, and in my theory by the action of the aforementioned force coming from the Creator. Thus, it was the energy introduced by the creative force that was the "building block" of the resulting elementary particles. In this field, in the order given by science and in accordance with the precision of the entire process, four main forces appeared: strong, gravitational, weak, and electromagnetic. They all acted between elementary particles arising from energy. Eventually, when this electromagnetic force appeared, the universe flashed with light in a short time. It was related to the formation of photons, i.e. elementary particles charged with enormous energy and carrying light and heat. Thus, the entire newly created universe emerged from darkness. The initial "mixture" of elementary particles permeated by radiation was then visible. The trace of this event has reached our times as an image of the microwave background radiation. Describing all this, I invariably see these phenomena as the planned operation of the Original Being.

In the nascent cosmos, the Higgs boson gave mass to elementary particles, such as quarks, which, with the participation of gluons, began to form the nuclei of future atoms, i.e. protons and neutrons. They were created with the simultaneous participation of the weak interaction, which resulted in the appearance of other elementary particles that were the building blocks of atoms. These interactions continued to operate in this state, fueling the rapid formation of various forms of matter. After the annihilation process had passed, only matter with traces of antimatter remained. In all these processes it is also possible to find the participation of mysterious dark matter, which, apart from dark energy, had an impact on the state of the universe.

Let me remind you that the initial form of matter was hydrogen, which is the element with the simplest structure. It gave rise to gas clouds from which to form stars, black holes, and other structures in the cosmos. More complex atoms influenced the continuous formation of clusters of celestial bodies forming galaxies. This is how the boundless cosmos, including our Earth, gradually came into being.

Of course, we still have a choice whether the universe was created by chance or as a well-thought-out work of the Original Being. The first, scientific concept raises more questions than answers, without solving the problem of the very origin of the universe and the sense of its existence. In the second concept presented by essenceism, there is a clear definition of the meaning of the creation of the universe as the "materialization" of the Creator's Love. In both translations, humanity appeared as the final act of the phenomena discussed above. Therefore, we have the right to judge what has happened from the beginning of the universe and we must find the final answer whether it was this:

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or is it like this:

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