Chapter 25

Are miracles or not?

Many people think that miracles are necessary to really believe in God. The opinion is that they allow us to understand the omnipotence of God. Especially the point is that He can do unbelievable and incomprehensible things that belong only to Him. On the one hand, people who think so that God created our world with all laws of physics, and on the other hand are convinced that He can freely break these laws. I understand, therefore, that in their opinion, the Creator is allowed everything, because He is Almighty. I am still worried about the fact that there are many people who believe in a non-reflective faith in God who created the world from nothing that is the first and most important miracle for them. I wrote about this creative work in the first menus of this study.

Unfortunately, you can see that miracles do not always bring people closer to God. There are, after all, a great number of those who reject faith in God, though they have heard of various miracles. Jesus Himself performed many miracles in front of the Israelites, and yet they did not believe in Him and even accused Him of using some evil magical powers.

I would like to correct these views and make everyone aware of the basic fact that the Creator never breaks His laws, which also include the laws of physics and, more broadly, the laws of nature. Besides, He has no need to do this. Personally, based on the following explanations, I can say that I have not found any case in which God would break His laws.

As I discussed before, God created the world from His Infinite Energy (Energy of the First Cause). This Energy is His external attribute, which in turn is associated with His Inner Personality understood as the Spirit of God.

The Creator is the only entity, that is, the Original Being, which changes energy into matter in accordance with the formula E = mc˛. God not only used this Energy to create the entire material universe, but He also has it at all times. Heavenly Father also destined it for his children when they reach personal perfection and together with Him they will shape the universe. This Creator Energy primarily fills itself with a sphere beyond of time and space. At the same time, it is so powerful and ubiquitous that the spiritual entities endowed with it can interfere with the physical world. Currently, the spiritual energy that people have is far too weak to do what we call miracles. This would only be possible in cases where God would have given us directly. For now, however, we are not such people, and the only exception known to humanity is Jesus Christ. Of course, some people, with the right talent and above-average spiritual power, can do things that are somewhat similar to miracles, although they are not.

Because Jesus achieved personal perfection, He had access to Energy from God and could use it to act directly in the physical world, resulting in events considered miracles. However, these phenomena occurred parallel to the laws of physics and did not actually break them. With access to God's Energy, Jesus could control matter, shaping it according to His will. For example, He could create hard ground when he walked on water. This means that due to the additional energy, He increased the surface tension of the water to such an extent that it was greater than the gravity of his body. In a slightly different situation, this Energy was used by Jesus to cast out evil spirits from healed people. It helped to strengthen the vitality of a person so that He could resist forces from aggressive personalities from the spiritual world. This resulted in restoring the healed person to a normal, healthy state.

God can also give this Energy to angels to do some important activities in the physical world. An example of this is the angel who broke the bars and freed St. Peter from prison. From this it follows that such a huge amount of energy, which is needed for the spiritualizing of the spiritual person or its interference in the physical world, can only come from God, because it is the absolute domain of the Creator.

God Himself does not directly interfere in our fallen world, for it has not been created according to His concept, and in addition is under Satan's control. However, one must realize that performing miracles within the world of Satan, or introducing God's Energy into it, is very risky. Of course, in exceptional situations, the use of this Energy is necessary. Jesus not only invaded the world of Satan, but also used God's energy. This must have caused a rematch from the "master of this world". It seems that for every intrusion into his sphere, Satan has to pay dearly. Jesus performed miracles in a situation where His teaching was not effective. But at the same time, these miracles strengthened the possibilities of Satan's negative influence on people. As a result, a vicious circle was created. The more miracles Jesus did, the more Satan could exercise his control over the fallen world, which weakened the effects of the teaching of the Son of God. In a sense, this situation influenced His crucifixion.

Faith in God should not be based only on supposed miracles, for such faith can be easily undermined. Perhaps for some it is strong enough because they treat the Bible as absolute truth. They do not mind, therefore, that it presents various supernatural events in the category of a miracle. Meanwhile, most of these phenomena can be scientifically explained today. In a large percentage of events called miracles, during the disputes between science and religion about their interpretation, it turned out that science was right over time.

For sure, miracles are at first glance contrary to our common sense. Meanwhile, it is because people do not take into account the existence of God's energy, which concerns the vast majority of believers. For example, when we note a miraculous disappearance of a disease in a patient, we call such an event a miracle cure. Often this is done through people who have died in the opinion of sanctity, and now they can help other people. This is possible because certain illnesses can be caused by evil spiritual persons, and the removal of their influence leads to such "miraculous" healing. It is also possible that the Divine Energy transmitted by a person recognized as holy or by an angel, leads to the regression of the development of some disease in the direction opposite to its formation. Doctors, after stating this fact, can only just ascertain with surprise the complete disappearance of symptoms in a given patient. Most often, however, it is not them, but the patient speaks about the miracle.

Certainly knowledge of Energy from God would further strengthen their faith. That is why I presented here my explanations regarding the creation of miracles..








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