Chapter 25

Idea of the understanding reincarnation

Many religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism, proclaim reincarnation, though often in various forms. This is the process of many incarnations in human development leading to full enlightenment. Then the state of personal perfection and total release from the physical world's burdens. This can be understood as a permanent and happy entry into the spiritual world, that is, to achieve a kind of salvation.

The same goal has a salvation process proclaimed by Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other minor religions. Almost all these denominations proclaim that the soul (in the case of essenceism: a spiritual person) is immortal and after the earthly stay returns to the spiritual world or to God, often differently understood.

The difference between Christian salvation and reincarnation is, in short, that reincarnation is the process of self-denial of man, while Christian salvation is made according to a plan in which man has only a partial participation and to whom he should adapt.

Therefore, according to Christians' understanding, salvation is a "top-down" process that is only a part of the history of humanity and leads to the emergence of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that they expect. For Buddhists, the process of reincarnation is a "bottom-up" process in which there is no clearly marked beginning, and the end is nirvana. This difference is deepened by the fact that salvation and the resurrection connected with it is a process that takes place at the level of all mankind, while reincarnation is a series of incarnations leading to salvation at the level of the individual.

Both ideas described above are to lead us to a perfect state originally belonging to man and defined by the founders of these great religions. So salvation and reincarnation are different and parallel ways of reaching the same goal, that is, to human perfection.

The Christian concept of salvation is that nobody now can reach the level of perfection. In the Garden of Eden, the prepared process of human growth to perfection was stopped. In Christian religions this was called the fall of man. From that moment a new phase of human history begins, which is a kind of repairing the existing situation. Were it not for this event, no processes of renewal, salvation, redemption or resurrection would be needed. You probably would not need a so-called soul wandering, and therefore also reincarnation. So all of the above-mentioned processes are not a primary phenomenon, only a secondary one. This means that the first step should be to understand the original condition, and only then the repair process. In this light, it is also easier to come to terms with the existence of different routes leading to the same goal.

Belief in reincarnation could only arise when its creators at the very beginning rejected the central figure of the universe, or the Original Being possessing Personality. Therefore, reincarnation from the point of view of the perfect Creator makes no sense. It is not possible for Him to plan the failure of His intentions, that is, the failure to achieve perfection by a man who is His own creation. He would have to admit that He was wrong, because human life could be too short to be enough for perfection. However, it was not. Thus, faith in reincarnation definitely stands in contradiction with the sense of the existence of the Original Being.

If there is no Original Being, from which new and unique human beings are still born, which are destined to achieve perfection in one lifetime, then every idea of ​​many incarnations of one person striving for perfection is possible. What is worse, it is possible for the human person to be embodied in animal beings, which is a total degradation of man. This should not take place. The animal is such a primitive and so far away from human being that equating it with man is a degrading devastation of human dignity. In the 21st century, perhaps, there should no longer be the survivals of antiquity and the remnants of the civilizations of the primitive peoples, and especially the cult of animals. Unfortunately, reincarnation sustains this anachronistic state and departs people from the proper center of the universe, which is the Heavenly Father - the Original Being.

However, I am not going to criticize or support any of these ideas here, but I will simply present my view of this problem. First, I will set some rules of conduct in this important discussion, starting with the most important matters.

I assume the existence of the Original Being described in the previous themes of this study. I also assume the ultimate need for the creation of an ideal world as a result of the activity of this Original Being. In the end, I assume that this goal has not yet been achieved, but the history of humanity is heading towards the creation of a perfect world in an unidentified future.

The concept presented in this study is a counter-proposal for both reincarnation and the Christian process of salvation. It is based on the phenomenon of the reappearance of spiritual persons in the physical world. For the record, let me add that instead of the concept of the human soul, I use the name spiritual person to define the inner, immortal personality of man. As for its creation, I refer to the description contained in the chapter on the idea of human origin. Below I will just remind you of the arguments supporting the concept of essenceism, which rejects reincarnation.

For the Original Being, calling a man to life is a comparable experience to what responsible parents have when establishing their child. The Creator, like the earthly parents, wishes for him full of happiness, which in His case means reaching perfection. Thanks to this, each person can become a unique "extension" of the Personality of the Original Being, that is, the actual embodiment of His omnipresence in the universe. It would be good for parents to be aware of the fact that their actions are in fact interaction with the Creator. It will certainly be in an ideal world, but it is good to know about it now. This knowledge means that from the moment of the conception of the child by the parents, the parallel period of the spiritual person's formation begins in the "bosom" of the Original Being. The decision about the birth of a child by the mother entails the cooperation of the Creator, who through "His breath" transmits to the newborn the beginning of the spiritual person. This is an absolutely unique and fundamental process. Neither to the mother's womb nor to the body of a newborn at the moment of birth can any "old" spiritual person "enter". Only after the beginning of a proper life in the physical world can there be a kind of "joining" of some "old" spiritual person into a physical person. Thanks to this law, even newborns who have only been watching our world for a moment will have the opportunity to bring their lives to a state of perfection. I have described this in other places in this study, and now I remind you again, explaining the errors of reincarnation.

Also for the purpose of presenting the counterproposition of essenceism towards reincarnation, I remind briefly what to know about people who, after physical trash, enter the spiritual world. I wrote about it in the first book about essenceiźmie and on the website and now I realize this to the advocates of reincarnation.

Persons in the spiritual world know that their destiny is full perfection. However, while living in a fallen world, they achieved a much lower than intended level of growth to perfection. Therefore, after physical death, they want to continue to try to achieve a higher degree of growth. If they lost a natural person in a certain state, this is their new "starting level". At this level, they are again ready to receive vital forces from any physical person currently living on Earth and having at the same time the same as them, the degree of growth to perfection. This desire for growth is so huge that they are able to join or otherwise "cling" to the corresponding level of spirituality of the physical person currently living on Earth. Then they can use the stream of vital forces on an equal footing with the original spiritual person of a given human being, and in a way imperceptible to him.

Of course, the mechanism of cooperation between spiritual people of people already living in the spiritual world and natural persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the needs of the salvation of humanity after the fall of Adam and Eve. Using the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by another spiritual person who has already lived his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. He wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left him, to participate in the development of the world and live together like a great world family. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us does. For example, he cannot admire a beautiful landscape by itself, because this landscape, with all the changes taking place in it, can be seen only with physical eyes, and this spiritual person does not have. The Creator, however, introduced the principle that the physical person who lives on Earth could also use other spiritual persons than his own. The goal was to enable all people who have ever lived on Earth to participate in the development of the world. The same mechanism can enable seeing and contacting the physical world in the case of such spiritual beings as angels. Thanks to this, all spiritual people from the spiritual world can be present in the physical world. Especially it may be an interesting experience for those who have already survived it in previous centuries.

I will add one digression here. The physical person of a man who has reached perfection in earthly life can be used even by God Himself. I suppose that was one of the Creator's goals in creating the world. Thanks to that He could participate in the perfect world in the life of His children during their "earthly" existence. It would be beautiful and wonderful, although today it is a bit beyond our imagination. One can assume that such eyes, ears or mouths for God could probably be the only perfect man on Earth - Jesus Christ.

To illustrate the coexistence of both worlds, we can use the view of a football match.

Imagine that there are 22 players on the court, and maybe a thousand times more spectators sit on the stands, say 22,000. All these people, both on the pitch and in the stands, participate in the match. Although only those 22 play football and the rest are watching, in reality everyone is connected with this spectacle. Those in the stands are passionate about the game not less than players on the pitch and similarly identify themselves with the current situation. So it should be in relation to the world prepared by the Creator. We, physically living on Earth, are the players on the stadium grass. People in the spiritual world, although "sitting in the stands", can participate actively in the life of this world. The creator also foresaw the mutual communication of both sides. Of course, this is an image of the perfect world.

Let us assume that man on Earth on the road to perfection should gradually reach it on a scale of 1 to 100%. At each moment of this scale, both of us communicate with each other "on the same wave", which resembles broadcasting on the same frequency on a scale from 1MHz to 100MHz, as it happens between the transmitter and the receiver. For example, halfway through the 50% level of human development, they communicate at 50MHz. At this frequency, the spiritual person receives vital forces from the senses of the physical body, developing his wisdom, willpower or emotionality necessary to achieve a state corresponding to this level. This process continues until 100% perfection at 100MHz.

Ask how spiritual people from their world can see life on Earth? To answer this question, let us return briefly to the description of the football game mentioned above. In our world, this match is watched not only by fans sitting in the stands, but also thousands, and even millions of spectators away from the stadium by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. These "remote" fans are not present among the stadiums sitting in the stands, but they are watching the match with them. How does it happen? Today, everyone knows that cameras have been installed on such a stadium, which, using transmitters in transmission cars, transmit the image and sound into the ether using invisible radio waves. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to see something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without having to be in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, or beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, who was incomparably wiser than a human, not be able to create a "spiritual transmission" system for people from the spiritual world to receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course He could not only create but create it. Such "transmission" is carried out through the ubiquitous spiritual energy, although its proper action will be known only in the regenerated world under the supremacy of the Original Being.

It can be said that our physical person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received by physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as described above, the knowledge of this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Similarly, the receiver should be synchronized with the transmitter during normal radio communication. I will repeat the sentence from one of the previous paragraphs: The Creator wanted all people, both those who are now living in the physical world and those who left him, to constantly participate in the development of the world and together form one large, global family. He, as the Father of all people, would also like to participate in the life of His children. Unfortunately, He cannot do it yet, because no one on the earth has reached the level of perfection.

Those in the spiritual world who have the will for further spiritual growth know that their destiny is to achieve a state of perfection in 100%. Let's say that during Earth's lifetime they reached only 40% of this state, which, according to my previous comparison, corresponds to 40MHz. On this "wave" they are ready to receive vital forces from a selected physical person on Earth, that is, having exactly the same level as them. Their desire for growth is so great that they are able to "connect" to the corresponding level of spirituality (frequency) of a physical person and in an imperceptible way to use the stream of vital forces on an equal footing with the right spiritual person of a given human being. A man living on Earth does not feel this phenomenon, even if there are more such "connected" spiritual people to him. However, this happens only on condition that they are all synchronized with our personality and take away our vital forces "on the same wave". The transmitter of a large television station behaves similarly, the operation of which is independent of the number of receivers of individual subscribers. In a normal state, such a man on Earth can regularly replenish lost energy, primarily thanks to food, and also thanks to the stimulating feeling of love, expanding his knowledge and experiencing good and beauty. Of course, some people, so-called spiritual openers, can feel the influence of "connected" spiritual people. Hence the testimonies that reincarnation uses.

At present, however, spiritual people of the dead, far from perfect, if they want to come back, unfortunately have at their disposal the same bad living environment in which they had been before, that is our hell. Thus, in this case one can speak about the reappearance of spiritual persons in the physical world, or the specific migration of souls.

It is worth paying attention to a certain phenomenon, which was misinterpreted by the creators of the reincarnation theory. After the death of a man, the "homeless" spiritual people who during his physical life cooperated with him in order to take advantage of his vital energy remain after him. It is not difficult to guess that in the present state of the world it is impossible for a man on Earth to lead any of the spiritual people cooperating with him to perfection. At most, he could allow her some progress in spiritual development. The spiritual person of the deceased person and the "spiritual" connected to him during his lifetime must seek his successor on Earth, with whom cooperation on the same "wave" would be possible. Although the new "earthly" person also does not provide them with a way to achieve perfection, the spiritual law requires them to continue to use every chance of spiritual growth. This mechanism causes the constant return of spiritual people of dead people to people who currently live on Earth, which the proponents of reincarnation interpret as proof of their theory. However, I show that this phenomenon results from the eternal laws of creation. It will continue until the world is fully renewed, that is, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Earth is the only place where new people can be born, each time having a new physical person and a new spiritual person. Here is the fundamental difference between reincarnation and my explanations regarding the process of saving mankind. That is why I say that proclaiming reincarnation is a mistake resulting from improper evaluation of the phenomenon of cooperation between spiritual persons in the spiritual world and people on Earth.

I believe that the source of faith in reincarnation is the desire for eternity inherent in the primordial nature of man. It is indeed eternal, if one takes into account the fact that the proper form of its existence is a spiritual person. Unfortunately, our physical body does not have this feature. The Creator decided, however, that there should be the possibility of experiencing earthly experiences not only for the spiritual people who currently live on Earth in their bodies, but also the possibility of receiving terrestrial experiences by spiritual persons who have already ended their lives. This was to create one great family from all mankind in a connected physical and spiritual world.

There are numerous testimonies that say that some people discover in themselves the memories of experiences that occurred before they appeared on Earth. In the light of previous explanations, however, I showed that this is not a transmission of my own experiences "recorded" in the spiritual person of a currently living person. In each case, it is a report from the life of a "dead man" or other spiritual person who is associated with him, another dead person who has already passed his earthly life. In some cases, it can also be a memory of the previous life of someone else transferred by the angel who looks after him. He could thus help in the spiritual growth of a person on Earth or any other person associated with him.

An important argument that contradicts reincarnation is the words and deeds of Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament predictions of salvation concerning the Messiah's coming proclaimed that just before His arrival, Elijah would appear again. The apostles of Jesus, who quickly believed in their Master, but poorly knew the so-called Scriptures, repeatedly presented Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah. In the meantime, they felt somewhat disoriented when the Jewish scribes drew attention to the lack of Elijah, who was to precede the proper coming of the Messiah. That's why they came to Jesus and asked Him to explain the problem. Jesus explained to them that these scholars are right and that Elijah has already come. From the words of Jesus, they concluded that it was John the Baptist. Therefore, according to Jesus, the person of Elijah who had been in the spiritual world for a long time collaborated with John the Baptist. This is how the apostles understood it and passed it on to all the listeners. She also came to the scribes. Those, intrigued by the new news, turned directly to John the Baptist himself with a request to clarify the whole situation. Unfortunately, John the Baptist did not confirm the words of Jesus. Apparently the personality of John the Baptist was so strong that another personality, that is, the personality of Elijah, had no influence on him. That is why John publicly renounced the role of Elijah and in a sense made Jesus a liar. From that moment on, the entire Jewish elders could not treat Jesus as the Messiah. Hence the important conclusion, how much human knowledge is needed about the interaction of spiritual people from the spiritual world with people on Earth.

The correct understanding of the reappearance of spiritual persons in our world is also told by the situation in which Jesus asks His apostles: "For whom do people consider the Son of man?" (Mt 16, 13). In order that his disciples may fully understand that he is not an incarnation of someone else, he appeared in the presence of the three apostles in the company of Elijah and Moses on Mount Tabor (Mt 17: 1-3). In this way, he denied the possibility of being a reincarnation of someone from the past. The incident on this mountain shows that the so-called wandering of souls can simply be the presence of spiritual persons in our earthly life. It also suggests that we do not have to call them souls, because they are spiritual persons of specific men, though deprived of a physical body.

Therefore, it is very important to act to bring knowledge about ourselves to such a state that people understand the uniqueness of the identity of the human person. Then it will be easier to understand the Creator's prediction of personal perfection in one life. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by reincarnation, because it only gives the illusion that we still have many chances to achieve the desired perfection. Therefore, the efforts of people should be directed towards the general process of renewal of the world around us. Without salvation at the level of humanity, even the release of individuals from subsequent reincarnations will have no impact on the fate of the world. Treatments of Hinduism and Buddhism that allow the cessation of subsequent incarnations after death are still a very selfish idea in view of the need to save all people. Each religion should therefore have the purpose of passing on such knowledge that will allow the suffering of all mankind to end.










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