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Lepsze zrozumienie dobra i zła

If the Creator of the universe really exists and has done his work well, then He must have arranged the world for us in accordance with its maximum potential. It seems He created it for us, who should be in His image and likeness. This fact gives a chance to learn about His laws and principles after getting to know the universe and people. My system of essenceism defines them as Divine Providence.

The further arrangement of civilization on Earth was associated with human contribution to the work of the Creator. And here we have a problem. There are many indications that it was not us who brought the world to its present state.

From the teachings of Jesus Christ, it can be concluded that instead of being guided by the laws of God's providence, we are guided by someone who replaced the Creator and took over us. It could be someone who was supposed to look after people only in the initial stage of development, and then hand over to them responsibility for the development of civilization and for themselves. These conditions correspond to Archangel Lucifer, who was probably called by the Creator to take care of God's children during their childhood with other angels. It had to be this way because they had no physical parents, and God Himself, as a perfect Being, could not raise them.

Meanwhile, this situation at the beginning of our history has turned from a good to a bad condition. As a result of these events, the main protector of people, Archangel Lucifer, disappeared from the sphere belonging to the Creator and became Satan. He shaped a new sphere of evil, and thus changed our environment into a bad reality contrary to the Creator's concept, i.e. into the so-called hell. Today we have a world arranged by people, but not inspired by the Original Being and not according to His script. So we have hell headed by its boss, Satan.

In practice, in our world, evil exists together with good, and it is difficult to see the advantage of the original laws and principles from the Creator over the evil laws inspired by Satan. Unfortunately, most often evil precedes good. Therefore, there is a great need for the right mechanisms to work to define evil as a state that is contrary to the proper state of good coming from the Creator. This statement, apart from the fact that it directly concerns religion, should also apply in a comprehensive manner to all social institutions. The point is that they should clearly define evil as non-compliance with generally accepted law and with honest moral principles. For example, breaking a country's constitution should be labeled evil. Therefore, people who break the law: moral, state or divine are evil people, which, apart from legal aspects, proves that they are controlled by Satan.

In general, it can be said that good is what should be or existed originally, and evil is what should not be. From this it follows that God is the One who should always exist in our consciousness while Satan broke into it. For all of us, Satan cannot be some kind of delusion, but someone definitely substantial, that is, a being as real and concrete as possible. God is therefore the embodiment of good that should accompany us for eternity, and Satan is the personal embodiment of evil that has invaded our world.

It is worth noting that when evil is created, it is often presented by people as good, otherwise it might not be received positively by us. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel Lucifer presented "eating the fruit" as a good thing leading to the truth about the world and being like God. At the same time, God was as if accused of not admitting His children to adequate knowledge, which might suggest that He was doing wrong. On the part of the people, such behavior might seem correct, because the first people were sure that the Archangel who looked after them had only good. Meanwhile, this "eating", as warned by God, was evil.

It follows from the above that in our world, i.e. in hell, good is manipulated for the benefit of evil. This is evidenced by most of the actions of politicians towards their nations. A simple example of pedophile priests is also evidence of this. They urge the children to participate in sexual activities, explaining to them that by direct contact with a "holy" priest, they will be sanctified and will be closer to God. This is a monstrous perversion worthy of Satan's methods.

Essenceism definitely claims that it was Satan with our hands who arranged the present world for us. He constantly uses his position as an educator, which he had for the first people and does not allow our Creator, Heavenly Father.







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