Chapter 25

Hope in the renewal of civilization

Our civilization has been shaped for centuries by successive generations, that is, by all people on Earth. We have developed it throughout history to adapt it to our needs. Today it seems to me that we live in a world that combines the achievements of previous generations. This is how most people understand the present world, including scientists. Those who take into account the action of the so-called force majeure depart from this assessment. They claim that everything is ruled by the god they worship, and we are merely claiming to be his authority. It can also be argued that the fate of the world is influenced by people led by God.

The problem of the state of our civilization is the most important topic that my system dealt with after defining God as the Original Being and explaining the fact that He is the First Cause of the universe. Getting to know the Creator's Personality made it possible to understand what His Original Power of Love is. Suddenly it dawned on us that this Love is the Source of the creation of the universe, life on Earth and, above all, our eternal spiritual person. Realizing this wonderful vision was disrupted by an early human history event that resulted in evil being created. It was a real ruin of goodness, happiness and love that was supposed to be the proper form of human existence. These tragic events changed the image of the civilization prepared for us by our Creator. Our civilization, instead of becoming "Heaven", has become "earth", that is, hell led by the "lord of this world", as Jesus Christ called Satan. It is thanks to him that we have such an understanding of reality. It is therefore worth taking into account the opinion of the Son of God, whom essenceism treats as the greatest expert on both our and divine reality, and at the same time as the greatest hero of all times.

Therefore, according to essenceism, our civilization, although it looks developed, is a reality stopped in its spiritual development due to the creation of evil. The moment when evil appeared, cut off humanity from the Source of Perfection, Eternity, Good, and above all, from the Power of True Love. This Love is the essence of the Personality of the Original Being. In that case, since as His children we are in His Image and likeness, then we have suffered "a loss in life", dying spiritually because of evil. So we lost the "living civilization" prepared by Our Father and found ourselves "east of Eden", which is our civilization hell. In practice, instead of living under the creative power of love, we live constantly under the influence of the evil power of authority. This means that from the very beginning the history of mankind ran beyond the concept of the Original Being that uses only Love.

According to essenceism, the world must be saved, otherwise we will be doomed to eternal evil. This salvation will not be achieved by politicians, social reformers, businessmen, journalists, military, artists and even scientists. People of faith who created religions were appointed to this task. Meanwhile, the history of mankind shows the failure of religion. Therefore, essenceism tries to find a way out of this situation by addressing its message to people who understand the true state of humanity. My system proposes that they initiate the process of salvation.

The long history of mankind can be seen as a course of the process of salvation, although it should not be brought into the direct presence of God. During its lifetime, many referred to the fact that they were called to their mission by God Himself. This, however, cannot be true, as it would be evidence of God's direct interference with the mechanisms of evil on Earth. The Creator, however, never does this. After all, he did not interfere in the fall in the Garden of Eden, that is, in the evil mechanism created at that time, because it was beyond His reality. Therefore, it does not interfere with the heat of the world now. Only the action of His Providence in the form of His laws and the power of love take part in the process of salvation as a result of the existence of the original plan of creation. His Providence is a form of constant care for His children who are now trapped in evil. Therefore, the participation of individual people in the process of salvation is the result of their understanding of the laws of Providence. As a result, they can become aware of the necessity of salvation and prepare all other people for the coming of the Savior.

The conclusion from the above reasoning is clear. The hope of our civilization are people led by the Savior. In this work, no one but the Son of God can say that he represents God Himself. It was He who gave life to His Son over two thousand years ago, as He gave it to the first Adam. It is still the same His eternal participation in the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven, and not an interference in the fallen world. In the process of salvation, all people should be aware that they will be supported by His Power of Love, because only it guarantees our success.








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