Chapter 26

Better understanding of our history

Looking at various historical events, one can get the impression that evil is stronger than good. For thousands of years, conflicts, wars and blood have been spilled. We are attacked by various enemies who want to subjugate us and sometimes even kill us.

Evil entered people's lives at the very beginning of our civilization and is deeply rooted in it. This means, first of all, the spiritual presence of Satan in our imperfect world. It also means that we have a fallen nature inherited from him. As a result, evil wins over good without any obstacles, and lies are more easily accepted than truth. Equally often, love loses to hate and forgiveness to revenge. The entire history of mankind shows this. In most cases, people feel powerless when faced with evil, because they feel that there is nothing more can be done against its power.

Since evil with its mechanisms has invaded our civilization, the principles of its operation should be constantly reminded. This is the first step in order not to give in to him and consider him normal. The effects of underestimating the power of Satan's evil have struck all mankind over the centuries, including those who did not believe in him. As the history of mankind proves, we often do not notice evil appearing in our lives, and sometimes we would even like to forget about its existence. In most cases, we initially disregard its appearance, and when we understand it, it is usually too late to stop its development. Then it causes enormous damage, which is sometimes difficult to repair. This happens in our personal lives, and even at the level of entire nations. This was the case, for example, with totalitarian regimes such as Hitler's, Stalin's, the Khmer Rouge and many others. Unfortunately, the mechanisms by which this kind of evil comes to power are constantly repeated. Still millions of people are deceived by the deceitful promises of political leaders who promise to create a just and better society, although often behind them is the evil "ruler of this world". Therefore, many times in each of my studies I have analyzed the origins of evil and made me realize the existence of its center, i.e. Satan. I emphasize constantly with pain in my heart that Satan still maintains his hell in our world.

Many of us in our daily lives distinguish between right and wrong quite easily. It is much more difficult to distinguish them in social life, and the most difficult at the top of power. It seems that this is what the "evil god of this world" is all about. Political evil begins when it comes from the mouths of the great leaders of nations, from government and parliamentary stands. They tell us that they create good, that they fulfill the will of the nation, and that we need what they do. According to them, all who are against them are evil, they should be stigmatized and even removed from society. By many leaders who want to rule us, evil is often called good, and lies are often called truth. Cynicism is also often associated with this phenomenon, because many of those who do know that they are spreading untruth. However, they do so for career, money, and other benefits. This is how the evil mechanism still works.

It seems that the honest democracy desired by most people has little chance against different regimes. Evil quite often wins against it first in the form of populism, and then quite quickly turns into various kinds of totalitarianisms and tyrannies. This was the case with fascism and Hitlerism, and so was it with communism and the dictatorships derived from it. The mechanism of evil in politics and in everyday life has been repeated for thousands of years. No experience in history allows us to hope that this chain of evil may be broken definitively. Once Jesus Christ himself found out about it, becoming its victim. It must therefore be sadly stated that this situation continues to prolong the eternal suffering of mankind. And this is the situation that the "master of this world" cares about the most.

It can be presumed that if we do not change our vision of salvation, evil will exist forever. Essenceism has shown that God knows no evil and cannot intervene in our world. In this situation, waiting for salvation from "heaven" is meaningless. God exists beyond time and space. For Him, thousands of years may be a very short period of time. If salvation occurs in the next thousands of years and eventually the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on Earth, then in the scale of eternity the entire bad past of mankind will be only a small episode. Unfortunately, this is a small consolation for those who live on Earth here and now. Only the extraordinary effort of mankind can free us from the web of evil. Essenceism therefore proposes a new understanding of the present situation of humanity. Let this be the first step in the right direction for now.







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