Chapter 26

Hope in the appearance of the Son of God

This chapter is dedicated to supporters of Christianity, especially priests of this religion. To be properly understood, I will use biblical descriptions. I would like to add, however, that essenceism does not base its knowledge on the Bible, but treats it only as a collection of educational parables, which in the case of this system are used to explain the source of evil. So, I know that Christianity bases its faith on the Bible, treating its writings as an undeniable revealed truth. This is especially true of what Jesus Christ said.

The time of the activity of the Son of God is the phenomenon related to salvation. It should be a time of hope. It is also a time of great trial for humanity, and even a time of suffering for many people, nations and even for the world. In this we have relatively important testimonies of suffering from the period of the activity of the Son of God in Israel. Unfortunately, humanity, as usual, does not learn from mistakes. Jesus reminded people of the world the Creator has prepared for us. Unfortunately, he did it very briefly, because people inspired by Satan gave Him little time to explain the true concept of the Creator. Hence it is known that the time of the mission of the Son of God is also the time of intense activity of Satan.

Jesus ended His earthly activities two thousand years ago with the promise that He would return soon. As Christians wait for this return, they wonder how and when it will come. There may be times, however, that it will come to us as it does during the forty days after the resurrection. Looking at the sky may therefore be ineffective. What would happen if he appeared as the Islamic Mahdi? Would he be accepted by all other religions? Or maybe, according to the theory of reincarnation preached by Asian religions, he will be born as a different physical person?

When analyzing all this, we should not forget that it is not the Creator who is to repair what was broken in the Garden of Eden. After all, it was not He who caused the fall of the first people. So the process of renewal should take place between the successors of Adam and Eve on the one hand, and Satan and his evil spirits on the other hand. It has to happen here on Earth, because only humans are predestined to save the world. For this reason, essenceism invariably proclaims that the greatest sign of destroying the mission of religions is their waiting for what God will do. This destruction contributes to the fact that mankind has suffered from evil for centuries, and there is no end in sight.

Both the first Adam and Jesus, or the Second Adam, were born on Earth. Therefore, the coming Savior must also be born on Earth. This is the law of God invariably. The first Adam had a pure lineage inherited directly from the Creator. The pure pedigree of the Second Adam, Jesus of Nazareth, was earned by the chosen people, or rather selected figures of the Old Testament. These people, thanks to their sacrifice and great faith, met the conditions needed to cut off Jesus' lineage from the influence of Satan, i.e. they made it possible for the Son of God to be born in this nation. Christianity, unfortunately, still underestimates their will and determination, which played a key role in the process of salvation. They passed on this will and determination to each other from generation to generation, creating a specific lineage necessary for the birth of the future Messiah in this nation. Even with the defeat of the chosen people, this collective effort of generations allowed Jesus to accomplish spiritual salvation, which is the redemption of mankind. Meanwhile, the leaders of Jesus' religion, avoiding responsibility for completing the mission of the Son of God, define His act of redemption as full salvation.

By contrast, essenceism explains this act in a way that is modeled on science. Namely, the collective effort of many generations of Israelites contributed to a kind of ransom for the pure, or cut off from Satan, birth of the Son of God from the womb of a woman belonging to the nation of Israel. Thanks to this ransom, not only did Satan not have the right to contaminate the Son of God with fallen nature, but he also had to recognize the power of this ransom as a payment for freeing people from hell entering the spiritual world. This is one of the ways essenceism defines the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Thus, the sum of will and accomplishments created by the central figures of the Old Testament led to the breaking of Satan's hegemony and the birth of the Son of God on Earth. Of course, the central figures of the Old Testament were helped by angels, because their participation was a necessary condition for the entire process of salvation to be successful. This is due not only to the transmission of the Bible and the Koran, but also to the creative concept of the Original Being. As at the beginning of the human race in the Garden of Eden, the Archangel of God took over the care of the birth of the Son of God in Israel two thousand years ago. This time it was Archangel Gabriel instead of Lucifer. Much earlier, right after the fall of the first people, another Archangel, Michael, eliminated the Archangel Lucifer from the birthplace of the Son of God and stood guard over the purity of the Garden of Eden so that there would be no room for evil there. It follows that salvation is also a kind of game between archangels with the obvious participation of people and other angels. It must be so, because salvation is the work of people and angels, and not the Creator, who has nothing to do with evil. Therefore, it should be remembered that thanks to the efforts of people and angels, Jesus was born from Mary's pure womb, that is, cut off from Satan's influence. This makes the act a little bit like being born in the Garden of Eden. Maybe that's why Jesus could say that He came down from Heaven to Earth.

Having learned about two thousand years ago, we can proceed to a modern understanding of the process of salvation. If we are to name the future Savior, he must be like the Third Adam, also the Son of God and also the Son of Man. It's best to call Him the Returning Savior. Many saints, martyrs and other figures of the modern era have worked and are still working on the cleansing of the womb of a woman, from which he can be born. In my opinion, none of the "messiahs" known to me so far can prove to be born from a pure womb, without original sin, that is, having a divine lineage. In addition, this Returning Savior should be able to demonstrate his superiority and authority over the world of angels, and above all over Satan, which has not yet been done by any of the worldly known "messiahs". It is worth bearing in mind that the news of the coming Savior in the age of radio, television and the Internet will spread around the world like lightning, and you will definitely not have to look at the sky to see him. This is what the angels advised to do to the heavenly apostles of Jesus after His miraculous disappearance (Acts 1:11).

Just as God gave Adam Eve, a woman should appear in the chosen environment of people of great faith, as if the New Eve for the Returning Savior. What should happen is what the Jewish people did not fulfill, which, because of their lack of faith in Jesus, did not prepare the bride (Eve) destined for him. The key to salvation is therefore not only recognizing and believing in the Returning Savior, but also accepting a partner prepared for Him, who is the Returning Daughter of God. In God's original plan, Adam and Eve were to be the first ancestors for all mankind, that is, the first parents to God's future children. And it has to happen in the end. If the Returning Savior and the Reborn Eve appear on Earth again, who will replace Adam and Eve, they will finally have the opportunity to return to this "Garden". When they achieve personal perfection and create an ideal marriage couple in accordance with the Creator's concept, then a situation will arise that will give rise to the true beginning of humanity, and Satan will have to lose his position as "the master of this world".

The returning Savior will save the world through the educational method of what Middle Eastern religions refer to as the preaching of the Word of God. This is what Jesus Christ did two thousand years ago. This teaching should gradually embrace the whole world and convince all people that God is their Father and that the coming Savior is the Son of God. Thanks to this, humanity will return to its roots again. All people will become God's children, and Archangel Lucifer and his angels will return to the role of servants of Heavenly Father and His children. Then we will be able to announce the existence of God's Kingdom to the world. Thus, God will cease to be a distant Original Being separated from humanity by Satan. What I wrote above means that the main work of salvation should be carried out by the Returning Savior. For the followers of many religions the fact of accepting it is enough. Unfortunately, it will not be easy. After all, two thousand years ago, the Savior also appeared on Earth. We remember how it ended then.

The will of Satan, "the ruler of this world" is to keep his domination over us as long as possible. The expectation that God will someday decide to conduct the process of salvation fosters Satan's eternal reign over people. He would very much like us to continue to wait passively for action on God's part and that clergy “cut coupons” from the work of Jesus.

Therefore, I must once again highlight the most important problem regarding salvation in Christianity. Namely, the faithful and clergy of this religion threw all responsibility for salvation "onto shoulders" of God. They are just passively waiting for His spectacular Last Judgment and the end of the world. Christians were greatly helped in this expectation by faith in the Holy Trinity, in which Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are next to the Heavenly Father. In this way, they replaced the true God, or the Original Being, with their vision of three Persons who are only the Image of God in the operation of His Providence. In this situation, Jesus Christ as the Personality of God became the principal executor of salvation. This, to some extent, removed the responsibility of the clergy for continuing to work for salvation. Such behavior has led religions, especially revealed ones, to a state of passivity and, at the same time, to the illusion that salvation can be accomplished without the proper participation of mankind. It should therefore come as no surprise that people, seeing the evil world around them, and actually our hell, do almost nothing for salvation. They prefer to wait passively until the Creator himself does everything for them, and they only submit to His Will. It is a very easy attitude, but unfortunately very inappropriate, even tragic. That's why I'm talking so strongly about it. From the standpoint of essenceism, such a theologian invented salvation will never take place. One must realize that it does not make sense in the light of the knowledge about the existence of the Original Being given by essenceism. Christians can wait thousands of years in this way, and no salvation process will ever be accomplished.

In conclusion, one of the most important messages of this study is that we cannot wait passively for the salvation that Heavenly Father, Allah or Yahweh will perform for us. To limit yourself to being ready for the "doomsday" means to be completely blind to the true form of salvation. As part of hope, essenceism proposes a change in knowledge about the process of salvation. Let this sincere but difficult truth reach people so that they understand what is the process of salvation and the role of the Savior. Only as a result of the enormous effort of people and angels can the Son of God be reborn on Earth, which will be the beginning of a new era for humanity.











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