Chapter 27

Better understanding of the elimination of evil

Essenceism clearly declares that it is not possible for everyone to free themselves from evil without their significant participation. It is not about practices in the form of religious rituals and rituals. It is about the correct knowledge of our personality, which resides in the fallen nature inherited by each of us from Satan at the time of our birth. It is because of her that we are prisoners of the "master of this world". Lest there be any doubt, essenceism claims that we cannot remove it ourselves. For this we need a Savior like Jesus. This should be done as part of the salvation of the whole world. The "entertainment operation" may take many years, but it should not end the way it did two thousand years ago. Maybe this time we'll learn from the mistakes of that generation. This is how essenceism imagines efforts to restore the original good and break the historical bondage of satanic evil.

Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that thanks to the Son of God Jesus Christ, we can get rid of this fallen nature at the time of transition to the spiritual world. The redemption brought about by him makes this possible for us, leaving only the original nature in our personality. We can, of course, reject this gift, but it's better not to leave the roots of evil in us, because the future in spiritual hell is not good. This is not about scaring hell. This is not a question of faith, but a logical conclusion from what Jesus did.

Entering the spiritual world at the time of physical death, we begin the judgment over our lives due to our original nature. We see them in their entirety, so we can judge step by step our every act from the point of view of God's original law. It is encrypted in our original nature. It is it who will analyze all the details of our life. By recognizing the redemptive act of Jesus Christ, we remove ourselves from our fallen nature at the moment of death, so the judgment of our life becomes just. As a result of this "trial", we condemn ourselves to pain and suffering because of our mistakes and sins. Of course, we will want to fix what may seem impossible to us and increase our suffering. Therefore, it is worth correcting the mistakes already made while living on Earth. I wrote about it in previous parts of this study. If we do not do this, then we should prepare ourselves for long and hard work in the spiritual world. Returning to Earth by joining some living human will give us almost no chance to rectify the situation. Better to know about it today. Therefore, it is worth knowing exactly the methods of repairing our life that Jesus Christ proposed. There are a lot of them, but you have to do it yourself, without following the various advice of existing religious denominations. Only such knowledge about the state of our personality will allow us, after entering the spiritual world, to free ourselves from the mistakes of the past. By the way, it is now possible to decide to live according to the directives of the Son of God. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for us to interact with Him in the spiritual world. He never ceased His mission for the full salvation of the world. It would be good for each of us to become His apostle-globetrotter now, during our earthly life. This is the method of salvation that essenceism now proposes..






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