Chapter 27

Hope in the renewal of the religion

Nowadays, atheism poses the question of whether we are dealing with a real God or an imaginary one? Perhaps this "mine", that is, the Original Being, is also "created" by me? Please check me out.

According to atheists, religions formed an imaginary God and then adapted their behavior to that "delusion." Atheists then claim that there is no God at all. They also explain that this imaginary god is an object of worship, which is actually a dream of perfection, justice, immortality, etc. Thus, the imaginary god is used to implement a given cult.

Analyzing God understood in this way, my system came to a completely different conclusion. For, unlike atheists, he does not deny the existence of God himself, but agrees with atheists about the creation of imaginary gods by religions. Essenceism additionally claims that such an imaginary god is formed by the creators of religion for the needs of a given religion. So everything is to help a given religion take control not only over its faithful, but also over a wider group of people. Thanks to such an imaginary god, the clergy and hierarchs of a given religion can be provided with a prosperous life and a very high social position. This is the case, for example, in Christianity, Judaism, and especially in Islam. Such a god was formed in them, thanks to which it is possible to maintain power over people no less than political, military or economic power. This is a very bad attitude and it destroys the meaning of religion! This is a great failure and also a success of evil! You can see that evil can take over any imaginary religion!

Most often, religions invent the One who constantly watches over them, is present in every moment of their lives and knows everything. Probably so that such a God could look after them and help them. This is how God's Providence and God's Mercy, understood by them, work. Meanwhile, it is worth asking yourself whether God's Providence is not simply the action of His laws and principles, so that the world was created according to the divine concept, and man was in His image and likeness? Can God's Mercy simply be the Creator's great love for people? Maybe so great that when we enter His world, He sees only good in us, and does not see evil? Maybe His Mercy is that He does not know evil?

According to essenceism, in most imaginary religions the power of love from the Creator has been replaced by the power of authority. The source of this is the evil that comes from Satan. His influence gradually eliminates in every religion its mission to eradicate evil and evil itself. This influence is based on the fallen nature of man, that is, on the bad character implanted into every human being at birth. The combination of the action of fallen nature with the power of authority resulting from the reversal of the power of love is such a powerful mechanism that no man but the Son of God is able to resist it. For this reason, religious leaders, instead of leading mankind to salvation, have unconsciously kept Satan's rule over the world for centuries.

In view of this, essenceism claims that the Creator is beyond the mission of religion. It has nothing to do with her delusions. The Original Being simply created the universe, created life on Earth and gave with Himself the eternal spiritual person of man. He doesn't have to prove anything else. Meanwhile, the wrong attitude of religion threatens the future of all mankind.

Failure to understand this situation means that religions continue to preach made-up versions of God. They worship Him with various forms of worship, worship Him greatly and organize many celebrations for Him. It happens that such a god is not accepted by other people. Then religions defend their gods. On this occasion, they make enemies among those who have a different opinion about His existence. Thus, people have been arguing for centuries and even fighting over their imaginary religious ideas. Sometimes the conflicts in these disputes take the form of wars, sparking off international conflicts. So you can see what ignorance or ill will can lead to. This is because the teaching of religious denominations is ruled by faith in imaginary gods and the lack of love for other people with different views. This, in turn, fuels hatred and an evil power of authority.

Essenceism is not a religion. It only proclaims that the people of our time should repair what was destroyed by the first people and the Archangel who led them - the creator of evil. It is us who, having understood the present situation, should cause Satan to be subordinated to us. This was done by the saints of BC and our era. It was mainly done by Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, they did not have adequate support and cooperation from their contemporaries. However, His teachings and our open mind can enable us to recognize a returning Savior without the involvement of religion. We need the Son of God to restore humanity.

According to my system, the Original Being cannot help us in the form of direct participation, because it does not know evil and did not create our evil civilization. For most believers of different religions, such a God who is directly unhelpful and waiting for us to deal with everything is unacceptable. Most often they imagine Him working directly to restore His Kingdom. At the same time, these religions urge their followers to fulfill many conditions that are supposed to come from God and guarantee His help. According to them, dozens of commands and prohibitions, expensive rites, calls to sacrifice for God, even at the cost of life, are said to have their source in His Will.

However, this is not so, for all these conditions were invented by the people who created these religions and laid down rules for the followers. Especially the punishments for sins imposed on the followers must have nothing to do with the Will of God. After the spiritual death of people in the Garden of Eden, Heavenly Father was as if cut off from us, although our imagination is beyond our understanding. Many religions correctly point out that in the Garden of Eden, Satan separated people from the Creator, reigned over them, and henceforth prompts them to do evil. At the same time, according to these religions, God punishes us for sins resulting from the above situation. Such thinking is wrong and very unfair, because it blames God with the effects of Satan's actions. Therefore, scaring such a "righteous" God and punishments sent by him is unacceptable. I guess these views stem from a lack of understanding of who our Creator really is.

According to essenceism, the Creator is an absolute Being, that is, independent of anything and no one. It is simply an "unconditional" Original Being. He has established His perfect laws once and for all, and He cannot change them. He cannot set new requirements and conditions for His children, because otherwise He would have to be an imperfect God, that is, a God who makes mistakes. However, this is not so. He is not correcting Himself. In the Garden of Eden, he showed us the path to perfection which is our way of life. Then everything was prepared for man, that is, appropriate laws and the process of development were established. The Creator no longer needs to add, correct or change anything, because He has created a completely perfect concept of life for His children. Of course, he is always left with this basic "interference" in human existence, which is our spiritual person at every human birth. For He wants us to be able to live forever just as He does. We, in turn, are to perfect our inner personality, and then He will welcome us into His Kingdom. It is worth remembering that our spiritual person has a lasting memory of God's origin. Most often its existence manifests itself as remorse, sometimes also in extreme situations or, for example, before the death itself.

The above analysis should induce religions, especially the great ones, to profoundly reform their behavior. The sooner they do it, the better. Essenceism presents them with a whole range of information and analyzes to help them do this. It is worth using them.











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