Chapter 28

A brief analysis of the history of our world

Everything I write about in this study, I am trying to explain gradually, starting with the most important topics. At the same time, I do not treat the analyzes here as evidence for the existence of God, but as a series of thoughts resulting from the introduction of the tools of essenceism. I check all the applications with the initial assumptions of this system. Only then do I present my views in the form of assertions.

Starting from the assumptions of essenceism, I argue that our world had its beginning in the sphere beyond time and space in which there is the Original Being - the First Cause. It means that our reality has emerged from God. Therefore, it was not made of "anything" but of "material" constituting the attribute of the Original Being. God created the world from Himself. That's how this act should be understood.

The God-Creator as the Spiritual Personality realizes His presence in various ways. In the sphere beyond time and space, it is His direct, unconditional, eternal and total ubiquity. Meanwhile, in the universe this presence is indirect. It means its existence in the form of laws and principles established by Him. They are permeated with His inner attributes, i.e. Intelligence, Will and Sensitivity, as well as external ones such as Beauty, Love and Good. This ubiquity of God is also manifested in the form of the primary energy, which completely fills everything with itself. In the realm beyond time and space, the primary energy is the Energy of the First Cause. From it, as a result of the deliberate action of the Creator, all known forms of matter and energy, located in the space-time of the universe, originate. This gigantic structure, which is a kind of transformation of energy into matter, is still expanding, starting from the so-called Big Bang. This is because the primary energy, identified in part with dark energy, is inexhaustible and infinite, just like the Creator Himself.

In such a created universe, especially on Earth, the Creator initiated the development of nature, which we perceive in various structural forms and in the form of the evolution of living organisms.

As I explain this in the chapter on eternal beings, i.e. among others about us, people, unlike animals, come from God Himself. He, in the form of a human spiritual person, gave us part of His Personality. Of course, the physical body of a human being, that is our physical person, is derived from nature.

At this point, I am obliged to stop the above argument, because on our planet arose a phenomenon called evil, unexpected and incompatible with the laws of the Creator. It is, therefore, necessary to explain briefly why man - the work of God, is so different from the original concept that the Creator gave him. In this text, I must invoke the testimony of the Bible. Below I present only a short version of the analysis of the existence of evil, while a more extensive explanation I put on my website

Thus, the Bible describes that after the creation of the first men God entrusted their education to the angels, and above all to the wisest Archangel Lucifer. God alone could not bring them up because He is a perfect Being. Such the Perfect Being automatically gives a state of perfection to every other being who is in direct stable contact with Him. Therefore, the first people with the Archangel's support were to first come to perfection, which would then enable them to have a full relationship with God. Then they would become lords of angels and all of the universe.

Unfortunately, due to Archangel Lucifer's lack of control of feelings and by not accepting the order of the "fruit" to be eaten by the first people in the Garden of Eden, the original plan of the Creator failed. Lucifer, who led to the fall of men and himself, became Satan. This resulted in the creation of a completely different world, called the fallen world, in which people inherited his bad nature after him. In other words, they received a satanic pedigree. In our present world he is the god and the father of humanity. As the "guardian" of people, he continues his mission from the Garden of Eden, cutting off humanity from God and keeping it at a relatively low spiritual level. It creates a tight barrier between the "satanic kingdom" on Earth and the various spheres of the spiritual world.

When at last, after many thousands of years, the Son of God was born on Earth, that is, the Second Adam, without any connection with a satanic pedigree, unfortunately it was not properly received. For Satan succeeded in persuading people to reject their Savior and even to kill Him. In spite of this Jesus Christ, thanks to the personal defeat of Satan and thanks to His resurrection, has saved most of the spiritual world spiritually. At the same time, he gave us hope to end the illegitimate reign of Satan over people in the future.

Now, Christians who believe in the effects of the redemptive work of Jesus are waiting for the completion of His work and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world. The fulfillment of this promise, although in a different way and with other saving characters, are also expected by the followers of the majority of world religions.









 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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