Chapter 28

The absence of God in our world

In all my studies, I emphasize that God does not know evil and therefore is absent in our world. It is worth explaining, however, that the contact with Him is not interrupted. It has the form of an indirect presence called God's Providence. It is the eternal duration of His laws and principles that lead everything to perfection. It shows that the bond between the Creator's Heart and the heart of every human being has not been completely severed. After all, He is the Father of our spiritual person, who is the core of every human being. Although it was appropriated by Satan, thanks to Christ's redemption, it is destined to free oneself from the "evil lord of this world" at the moment of transition to the spiritual world. It is thanks to our spiritual person and the functioning of His Providence that we can talk about the indirect presence of the Original Being in the entire universe.

The constant action of God's providence supports our efforts on the way to the salvation of the world. It is, of course, a passive and indirect participation of the Creator in the history of mankind. Therefore, God's Providence is our signpost on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to it and our knowledge of His Will, there is still a promise of an ideal world waiting for us. We will know it only after freeing ourselves from the satanic slavery engulfing our world.

The process of human renewal has been going on from the very beginning of our history. It began right after the fall of the first people. It was then that humanity was spiritually separated from its Creator, who is present in His realm beyond time and space. On the other hand, people were illegally taken over by their tutor, who was once the Archangel Lucifer, and who at the time of "appropriation" by people's spirituality became Satan. Jesus called him "the lord of this world".

Therefore, since the fall of the first people, we can talk about the absence of the Original Being in our world. Christ's redemptive work did not change it, although Christianity made Him equal to Heavenly Father. He clearly explained in His teachings that God is a strip in our world, that is in heaven, and we live under the rule of Satan. Other figures of the founders of various religions either emphasized His mystery or claimed that God does not exist at all. Their successors, including those of Jesus Christ, "brought" God to earth to serve the current needs of their religious denominations. This situation continues to this day, although it is anachronistic and finds fewer and fewer followers. It is still in the form of a well-established human imagination, for which there is no rational explanation.

So the time has come for an open declaration that, apart from the imaginary gods, the true God does not participate in our earthly life. Essenceism was created, inter alia, to explain the current state of affairs and to propose a change in people's attitudes towards the existing situation. This means the need to explain who the Original Being is, what He is and where He is. Then essenceism proposes to understand yourself. In the next steps, he explains who the "ruler of our world", i.e. Satan, is, and finally suggests correcting the situation to restore God's presence.






Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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