Chapter 28

The vision of love in All-creation

The Creator bestows His omnipotence with love, and most of all with people. This love, and more precisely the Original Force of Love, is a specific driving force of life. It leads all that is His conception to perfection, maintaining the right or good direction given to it by Him. The Original Being is perfect and never changes its destiny. Someone who is made "in the image and likeness of God" while being perfect like Him should not change its original direction. Unfortunately, an imperfect being on the way to perfection can possibly change the direction of love. Then evil appears, i.e. the state opposite to the established direction of love, i.e. the state incompatible with the concept of the world created by God. This state of essenceism does not hesitate to call it the state of spiritual death. Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the Earth are living people, our spiritual persons are cut from the source of life, that is, from the Creator. We remain at a very low level of spirituality, frozen at the moment of breaking the bond with our Father.

According to essenceism, there is a need to correct the state of our reality. We live in a world without the presence of the One who created the world, life and ourselves. His absence among us results from the fact that at the time of the tragedy, at the very beginning of our history, we created a reality unknown to him. So our Heavenly Father is separated from us by a state of evil that Satan personifies.

When examining the existence of love in our reality, we must first understand how it "appeared". Scientists invariably proclaim that the universe "appeared" out of nowhere. So everything "appeared", like a "rabbit out of a hat", causing galaxies, stars and planets to "appear". This trick of "appearing" out of nowhere also applies to the origin of life and intelligent beings, that is, us. So you can come to the conclusion that love "appeared" out of nowhere.

So, according to scientists, before that "there was nothing." Contrary to this claim, my system explains that there was "something" from which "everything" could arise, although it is difficult to imagine it. This "something" must have been a certain existence still unobservable. This means that we are dealing with "something invisible", that is, with the existence of a sphere that must be called existence beyond time and space. This is what my analytical system describes it. In the early days of existence, there had to be a source of primary energy, which must be called the Energy of the First Cause. Scientists have proved that everything was made of energy. So, since love is energy, anything could have arisen from it. It "flows" like a stream of creative power. My system is trying to prove that from this stream of primordial energy of the Original Being that permeates His Personality, the Original Force of Love has emerged. It is this Force that created the universe, life and ourselves.

To sum up, I want to show that the key to getting to know the concept of the origin of the world is to understand the Primary Force of Love flowing continuously from the Causal Source, which is the Original Being. This idea stems from the fact that my system has shaped some kind of theory of existence concerning the universe, life and functioning of humanity.








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