Chapter 30

Essenceism's opinion on the sacred books

I would like to point out that I did not need the Bible, the Koran, Tao-te-ching, Tipitaka, Book of Mormon or any other such work to demonstrate the existence of the Original Being. "My" Original Being is the result of analysis applied in science. It is still hypothetical. Therefore, for many years I have been conducting discussions with my fellow scientists to check the correctness of my hypothesis. Thus, the Original Being is not some object of worship or the beginning of a religion.

An additional topic of my research and discussion is the problem of the existence of evil. In this research, however, I could not do without some suggestions from the biblical records. However, as with most of the phenomena I research, I still define evil in relation to the Original Being. Invariably, it is a reality that exists completely outside of Him. I am always ready to face theologians and philosophers who are not able to understand that the omnipotent and omniscient God they describe exists in their teaching only to participate in the earthly evil. I believe that the time has come to call our reality outside the Creator and its source by name. In essenceism, the spiritual evil that is the source of evil, I deliberately do not call the devil, but use a name whose roots go deeper than the Bible. It is, of course, about Satan. In his identification, Adam, Eve and the Archangel Lucifer play the same role as the research models in scientific analysis. A theory is built around these models. Only at the end, when the next model proves successful, can a thesis be made about the studied phenomenon. This is examining the matter in a different way than philosophers and theologians do. It was no coincidence that I analyzed the biblical description of the origins of evil in this way. I did it also because during the last years, when I was creating my websites, most of the questions that were addressed to me concerned the problem of the existence of evil. Of course, I could content myself with the definition of evil resulting from the definition of good in relation to the existence of the Original Being. However, I live in a specific environment, that is, among people, most often my readers, who have different ways of understanding reality than me. I also had several author meetings with, for example, Jehovah's Witnesses who are based only on the Bible. All such contacts have convinced me that the content of books considered sacred by individual religions should be re-analyzed using current scientific knowledge. For weaving in ancient times completely inhibits the process of saving the world from evil. So far, the existence of so-called holy books has not solved the problem of evil. The evil religions derived from these books have not been resolved either. That shows something.

Due to different interpretations of the entries in religious books, essenceism does not provide for entering into discussions about these entries. The time has come to get out of the enchanted circle of dogmatic disputes arising from these writings. So, religions should be induced to free themselves from the constant defense of their views, which are only backed by their power of authority. The time has come for them to start using the power of love.

When it comes to the Bible, an ancient description of good, bad, and behavior is the content of the older section. These records are still held sacred. Meanwhile, the knowledge of what Abraham, Moses or any other form of the Old Testament did should be replaced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, because these previously important Old Testament records did not lead to his acceptance as the Son of God. The error of "staying" in the Old Testament also applies to Muhammad, who lived several hundred years after Jesus, but decided that he must go back to antiquity. Therefore, when starting to create my system, I deliberately gave up using the Koran. The only legacy of this book is the fact that we are dealing with one and only Creator of the universe. I took a similar attitude towards texts from East and South Asia. The teachings of Confucius Buddha or Laozi, although they have survived down to our day, have made no meaningful changes to change the bad state of our world. They are probably important to people from that part of the world. Apart from the analysis of the phenomenon of reincarnation, I did not refer to any other content contained in those writings.

To sum up, as I indicated at the beginning, I do not use the principle of entries in religious books. Of course, I thought about their teachings. I am particularly impressed by the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. It is a pity, however, that their credibility is incomplete because of unverifiable accounts and records of His life. There is also this phenomenon of a biased account of the content conveyed orally by the apostles in the first century after Christ. All this takes away the value of the scientific sources mentioned in the books mentioned.







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