Chapter 30

Good and evil in the face of the Creator's Love

In various parts of this study, I analyzed the practical understanding of right and wrong. I will now describe their theoretical side about love. Below are some definitions based on the assumptions of essenceism.

First, I will follow the definition of good derived from the Personality of the Original Being. This Personality is defined by His Will, Intelligence and Affection centered in the Heart. It is the Center from which comes the Original Power of Love that shapes good. From the Personality of the Original Being also derive the Laws that shape all spiritual and physical reality. Thanks to this, I can give a definition of good. Good is a state that results from the action of the Creator, i.e. the Original Force of Love flowing from His Heart with its associated Laws. According to essenceism, the combination of Laws and Praenergia will shape the universe, the sense and direction of which was given by the Original Force of Love. According to essenceism, good is the only state of spiritual reality that produces the Original Being of Itself. Hence the conclusion that He does not know evil.

Transferring the above definitions to our level, it must be stated that in our reality good should be the only state that belongs to humanity. This state can be called an ideal world. Due to the creative act of the Original Being, the only force shaping the development of humanity should be the power of love. Therefore, the meaning of every person's life is to achieve perfection with it during the earthly part of our eternal existence. This is how you can define the concept of the Creator towards man. Therefore, His Love and Good should be realized in the life of mankind as universal love and good.

I have laid down the above definitions in keeping with my initial promise to make us realize what love and goodness should be for us. I emphasize that the Creator has given us them. The difference between Him and us is that His Love and Good are one and the same. The Original Being is the harmonious unity of all His attributes. According to essenceism, the two main attributes that build the perfect state of the world are His Laws and Praenergy. It is their action that produces good in the form of various states of matter and various forms of energy in the space-time of the universe. These states interpenetrate each other from the very beginning of their existence. Related to these attributes of the Creator are His main features, that is Eternity, Absolute and Perfection. Through successive forms of the development of the universe, they are still passed on for inheritance to creatures who complete the cause-and-effect sequence. It's about us, it's about people. The harmonious unity of His qualities inherited from the Creator creates good that is the eternal state of reality intended for us. Therefore, we should also be perfect and eternal. This is the purpose of our physical life. At the same time, the attributes of His Personality, i.e. Intelligence, Affection and Will, complement the unity of good and love by being centered in one harmonious Center, that is, in the Heart of the Original Being. So this also applies to us. Therefore, our intelligence, affection, and will should also be centered in our hearts. This is how the statement that we are to be guided by the heart can be modified. It is worth remembering this.

According to essenceism, evil is a state that comes from the personality of Satan. It consists of the unknown Creator "new side" of the personality of Archangel Lucifer, which consists of "bad will", "bad intelligence" and "bad emotionality" centered in his personal "source of evil". I deliberately took the above terms once in quotation marks to emphasize that they have nothing to do with the creative act of the Original Being. Coming back to the good side of the Archangel Lucifer's personality, I would like to explain that according to my system it still exists in a state that can be described as "frozen". It means a complete stop of its activity due to its disconnection from the energy coming from the Creator. It was caused by a tragedy at the very beginning of human history. Then there was a detachment from the Creator not only of the Archangel, but also of the first people. In their case, they died spiritually, while Archangel Lucifer was held back in spiritual activities, which could be described more as freezing than death. There is a logical difference between people's standing as children of God and the Archangel as God's servant. I remind you that according to essenceism, God's angels function as if connected to the Original Being, which is the essence of their being. These are beings similar to the human spiritual person, but without the element of the Heart of the Original Being. This is the main difference between them and humans. In addition, the spiritual person of each angel is already formed, so he does not have to undergo the process of experiencing child, marital and parental love, through which every person passes during his earthly life. Compared to man, they are left with a kind of friendly love, although weakened by the fact that they are only servants of man. Thus their level of maturity is firmly established at creation, which is another difference between them and humans.

Coming back to the personality of the Archangel changed into that of Satan, I explain that the break of the bond with the Creator occurred as a result of changing the direction of God's Love Force to the opposite to it. Then a new force arose with the same power, but was already a force of authority, that is, a force that eliminated the action of the force of love. Thus, a state inconsistent with the creative concept of the Original Being, i.e. the state of evil, arose. This state destroys God's Laws and denies the existence of any values ​​derived from the Creator. This especially applies to the negation of the operation of the Original Force of Love. So it contradicts the fact that God created the universe out of Himself and then life and us, His children.

By transferring the above description to our earthly level, my system says that the real enemy of every human being is not another human being, but Satan. This former Archangel maintains his dominion over the world and over every human being. Besides, it maintains its power over us on an individual level based on our fallen nature. He instilled it in us, taking over a kind of paternity over the first people at the same time as changing the direction of the force of love to the opposite. Everyone should know about this fact. This is a very important truth that essenceism teaches.










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