Chapter 3

God's True Love for people

Love, love and love again. Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it, everyone wants to experience it, everyone wants it to be real. In this study, I am thinking about the real one, that is, from our Creator. It is a stream of energy directed by His qualities. In the previous chapter, I described that it has its source in the Personality of the Original Being. It is made up of His Affection, Will and Intelligence. These qualities are of course a harmonious whole because they are centered in his heart. In essenceism, I consider them separately, but only for educational purposes. This knowledge is to be used to better understand His Love and to put it into practice.

According to essenceism, true love concerns beings who come directly from the Personality of the Original Being. This means that it concerns people, and more precisely our spiritual people. It also applies to beings with a servant personality, that is, angels. The Creator destined for us and them the inheritance of His Personality, and therefore also all functions related to the operation of His Power of Love. So, like the Original Being, human love flows from our personality shaped by intelligence, will and affection centered in our heart.

First, it is worth understanding the inheritance of the Affection of the Original Being by us. It is a quality that guarantees the eternal existence of love not only in Himself, but also in every being derived from Him. The Creator's affection is the state of His Heart that evokes the Original Love. Connecting with the Will, it becomes the cause of His action. The same is true of beings who come from Him. Essenceism captures this by saying that the universe and humanity arose from the need of the Heart of the Original Being.

In the next step, in order to better understand the Source of true love, one should analyze the operation of the Intelligence of the Original Being. It is the state of His Personality from which the Original Laws and Principles derive. As a result of the act of creation, they shape the space-time of the universe, that is, the reality that surrounds us. According to the analysis of essenceism, the concept of creating humanity and the universe destined for it resulted from all the attributes of the Original Being, and therefore also from His Intelligence, which is the source of His Knowledge. Inheriting these attributes from the Creator should be a plane for human development. This applies especially to science, as well as education, culture and activities related to the management of the Earth. In the future, this will also apply to the management of the universe.

Understanding Affection and Intelligence completes the proper knowledge of the Will of the Original Being. For us, it is a directed plan that is harmoniously introduced with the qualities previously mentioned. The Will of the Original Being introduces concepts shaped by His Intellect and Knowledge. The direction of its action comes from the Force of Love related to His Affection. In short, the Will of God is directed to the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven, which, like people, is the pinnacle of the Creator. It is permeated with the Love, Knowledge and Will destined for people, stimulating us to achieve the highest level of development and personal perfection. It can be said that it is a Good that the Creator bestows on humanity.

For us still imperfect beings, the problem is understanding all of this. So it is important to know that we are all in a state of imperfection today. Therefore, the first task is to understand the functioning of the Force of Love intended for us, in harmony with the Will of the Original Being and with His Laws, according to which this Force works. These Laws create the limits of its operation in the period when we, the objects of love, are in the process of growing to the final state of perfection. Our correct growth is guaranteed by the direction given to love by the Original Being. Knowing this direction, we should be aware of the purpose of the existence of the world and the eternity destined for us. These are not actions that conflict with our personality traits. They should form a unified whole, just like the qualities of the Original Being, which are integrated in His Heart. That is why we can be in "His Image and likeness".

In everyday life, despite the tragedy that took place at the very beginning of human history, we should try to restore the right direction of love towards ourselves and the world, making it true love. The point is that this love brings with it the energy of life that is to create good. However, you need to be constantly vigilant not to change its direction to the opposite, because it can change into the power of authority and bring evil accompanied by death, i.e. breaking the relationship with God. According to essenceism, this is what happened at the beginning of human history. Then the change of the direction of the force of love to the opposite resulted in the emergence of the power of authority, which still generates evil. Therefore, essenceism reminds us that maintaining the good direction of the force of love, that is, directed to the Creator, is fundamental for humanity.

To sum up, it is worth understanding that True Love, produced by the Original Being, engages His entire Personality and therefore is called True. If we are to inherit it, then in our case it is to involve our entire personality. We, remembering its Source, should know that its direction leads from His Heart, through our heart, and further to the hearts of other people and to our entire environment, to finally return to the Source. This course influences our development to perfection. That is why we are to be constantly careful about its direction, which ends in the Heart of the Original Being. When in our physical life we ​​achieve perfection in accordance with the concept of our Creator, we will be freed from this "thinking" because it will become part of our perfect personality.

Essenceism proposes to constantly remember the Creator's love for us. This should mean being fully aware that we are receiving a constant, daily gift to help us grow to perfection. This gift is realized in practice in experiencing childhood, marital and parental love. Further, this gift of love should extend to love for all other people and for everything that surrounds us, that is, to what the Creator in the universe has prepared for us. This is also how the Creator's love for His work works. This is the path to perfection, at the end of which the Heavenly Father, the Original Being, awaits us.









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