Chapter 31

Beings inheriting love from God

Essenceism took as one of its main tasks the understanding of the role of beings derived from the Original Being (this is also another name for the Original Being). They were described in the first study on essenceism, and the knowledge about them was significantly expanded in the following ones. It is primarily about beings derived from the Creator, i.e. spiritual people. It is also about angels, that is, beings who serve both the Original Being and people. Essenceism also referred to the existence of evil spirits or demons, or angels with a completely changed personality. This knowledge was supplemented in subsequent studies by a description of evil spiritual people degenerated by the Satan's authotity. In this chapter I am giving only the most essential information about evil beings, because the main task of this study is to understand the role of good beings in spreading love. However, you need to know that apart from the good ones, there are also creatures that destroy love.

In my studies, I focused especially on being existing, i.e. on man. I named him because he is an eternal being. This eternity also applies to all other spiritual beings, but man is a special category of being, the closest to the Creator. The uniqueness of man results from the fact that the Original Being breathed into him a part of His Personality. This means that in the form of a spiritual person, he transferred a "part" of Himself to him. This act is symbolically described in the Bible as "the breath of life from God." This means that the Creator transferred from Himself to man the beginning of perfection, eternity and the source of the strength of love in the form of a "piece" of His Heart. From that moment on, the power of love should be the basic life force for man. In this way, the act of introducing a spiritual person into a physical person became a sign of the direct presence of the Creator at each birth of a person. It also means a constant bond with man in the form of our original nature. From that moment on, the Creator's waiting time begins for man to reach personal perfection, which is associated with the full experience of a human being, marital and parental love. Thus, the human being, as the only one in all creation, goes through the full path of development which is the concept of life resulting from the Personality of the Original Being. Man, as an eternal and perfect being, is to become the master of all things, that is, the dominant being in the universe as a representative of the Creator.

Next, I list the beings that support man, that is, spiritual entities called angels. I do not have much knowledge about the "structure" of the angelic spiritual world, so I will focus only on the issue of transmitting the Divine Power of love through them. The existence of several archangels is given by the sources of various denominations. These are, for example, the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, not forgetting the Archangel Lucifer. In addition to the archangels, there are probably a great number of angels who are apparently indispensable to the Creator and to man. It seems that "ordinary" angels are destined to look after individual people, while the role of archangels is to carry out various missions entrusted to them by the Creator. What I have written about these beings is largely theological in nature. Their existence is beyond the reach of any scientific tool. However, it is logical in the context of the need to educate humanity in the spirit of love. It can be said that these servant creatures are the "conveyor belt" for conveying knowledge of the spiritual world and for introducing love into our daily lives.

Spiritual beings fill the sphere beyond time and space with their presence. This omnipresence applies to those spiritual beings who have achieved perfection on the level of existence assigned to them. Of course, the Original Being is not limited by any level, but people, that is, existing beings, have a certain level of perfection. In our case, it is the highest possible in the spiritual world. This is because man is a child of God, although human personal perfection does not mean complete omniscience. Man is destined to constantly learn about new phenomena, to increase the level of knowledge, to extend his presence to the entire universe, and above all, to experience love together with his Father. As described above, he is to be assisted by supporting beings, i.e. angels.

In the physical world, there are countless beings that are living nature. There are also many creations, things and objects that make up the still life. All of them, including animals, plants and other creatures, constitute our living environment. Giving them appropriate love, we should accept their service and look after them on the way to our perfection.









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