Chapter 32

Man in the face of the fact that God does not know evil

To say that God does not know evil can be a shock to those who believe that the Creator is all-knowing, that is, He "dominates" His knowledge over the existence of all reality. The analysis made by essenceism leads to the conclusion that God's omniscience reaches only to the limit, which is the scope of His creation, that is, what He created. Evil begins here. This means that behind it is only the abyss, which is something that cannot exist for Him. He introduced the dimension of time into the material reality of the universe, which must constantly flow because it is a necessary development plane for the shaping of space-time. It is an ever-changing structure. When it develops according to His laws of universe, it is only the indirect presence of the Original Being, not the direct one. Developing against his laws, it is an abyss unknown to Him.

From this it follows that at the time of the appearance of evil, a completely new reality unknown to Him arose. It is like a cancer "attached" to the Divine world. That's the best way to imagine hell. It is only comforting that this evil reality is not eternal, because only what God created is eternal.

Therefore, we need to organize our knowledge about what God knows and what He does not know. As a perfect Creator, the Original Being is waiting in His reality for children growing in the physical world. It was supposed to be this way from the very beginning, because He was not supposed to participate directly in the development of people. He gave us ideal development mechanisms that were refined in a final way. Sooner or later they were supposed to lead every person to perfection. Just because we stopped on this road does not mean that we will never reach the state predicted by the Creator. For now, we're in a kind of limbo. God knows that His children are still on their way to Him, because He is not burdened by the passage of time. So He does not know the abyss we have created.

That is why it is good to realize that God does not observe our behavior, does not assess us on an ongoing basis and does not wait after our death with punishments for those who did something wrong. He is not our caretaker or policeman, but rather an absolutely good and loving Father. Meanwhile, not only are we suffering in Satan's captivity, many religions "accuse" God of preparing additional punishments and suffering for His children after the end of earthly life. They must not feel Our Father's heart at all to preach such ideas. All punishments and suffering felt after entering the spiritual world are in fact our remorse after understanding our mistakes and sins committed in earthly life. There are legal systems present around the world from punishing people. So, God's punishment was invented by those who would like God to do us work. It can simply be an expression of powerlessness against evil on Earth.

When it comes to knowledge about the current state of humanity, God can only realize that the people brought up by Archangel Lucifer have not yet achieved perfection. Time does not flow with Him. He appointed the proper Archangel and angels cooperating with him to raise His children. Meanwhile, after the events in the Garden of Eden, we feel that contact with God has ceased. However, He doesn't feel that way. By no means does God investigate reality unknown to Him. He does not know Satan, and therefore He does not know our world, which I called hell. I remind you that hell is such an "institution" in which there is no God and in which the "boss" is Satan. Of course, the Creator also does not know the mechanisms of evil, and even less does not interfere in them.

Based on the above, it is worth adding that God does not know our bad history, including the largest acts of genocide. When, two thousand years ago, the Son of God, without any dependence on Satan, was born on Earth, there was a chance to restore our proper relationship with the Creator. Jesus could then say that His Kingdom was not of this world, and even that He "came down from heaven." He, next to biblical Adam, was in constant contact with the Creator. However, people interrupted this contact by the crime of his crucifixion, which Jesus himself confirmed at the time of his death with the words: "My God, My God, why did you leave me?" (Mt 27, 46). For humanity it was a loss of the only mediator in their contact with God. Fortunately, Jesus got back in touch with God after His resurrection. Since then, He has become, as perfect Adam, a constant bridge connecting us with Heavenly Father.

One can still ask, how is it that God does not know now how His children live on Earth, that is, he does not know our hell? Because essenceism confirmed that people are in God's image and likeness, one can apply a simulation of one of his tools, i.e. the law of symmetry of the exchange of knowledge between the spiritual and physical world.

Namely me, as an average person, after the analysis made by essenceism, I am aware of the existence of the sphere beyond time and space, which Fill the Original Being with my personality. At the same time, however, I have no knowledge of this reality in which He exists. I don't know how it was created, I don't know its condition or functioning, because I am cut off from God. For me it is like a great mystery, like unknown beyond. If, according to the principle of symmetry, we ascribe to God knowledge of only what He has created, then we will be convinced of his lack of understanding of our state. The Creator may not have knowledge of our world, just as I have no knowledge of His "world." Hence the Creator does not know our hell, He also does not know how it arose and how it works.

My firm view that God does not know evil will try to explain even better in the future. I believe that this fact is the most important impulse to change the mentality of people so that they can properly treat the existence of the Original Being and everything that is related to Him.







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