Chapter 32

Desire for eternity without borders

The place of our eternity is the spiritual world, that is, the sphere beyond time and space. It is a "space" prepared for us by our good Creator. That is why Christianity calls Him Heavenly Father. If we were to live with Him, we would become citizens of the infinite cosmos, in which there can be many planets similar to Earth, that is, with human civilizations. If people like us live on them, then we will understand the meaning of the existence of not only one great earthly family, but also the cosmic one. All civilizations in the cosmos could unite into one community through the spiritual world and together manage the universe. It would cause a gigantic development of science and technology. This would lead to the fact that after a while we could control all events in the cosmos, including the control of galaxy formation, black holes and any changes in its space. We could also take control of dark energy and dark matter by changing the structure of the cosmos as we wish. There would be no obstacles for the Creator's successors.

What I am writing about is not just some utopian dream. The creation of one great cosmic family from the beginning was the goal of the Creator in shaping the boundless universe. This goal was also to make people His true successors and representatives throughout the universe. It seems that the Creator prepared the cosmos for us in a raw state. He did it to give us the opportunity to modify it and make changes, that is, to improve this gigantic structure according to our wishes. The Original Being creates everything for eternity. We, as his heirs, could also continue the constant development of the cosmos for eternity, making changes in it beneficial for us. We would be like children treating the cosmos as a sandbox for creative play or like artists constantly creating new visions of reality in line with their creative inspiration. Perfect people, endowed with the intellect, will and love inherited from the Creator, could constantly develop the universe, as we do in our daily lives. This is exactly how, according to essenceism, the future looks like if, thanks to the salvation, people return to "normality" and shape the universe in cooperation with the Creator.

Essenceism was created, among other things, to constantly remind people of the state of the universe. After all, it is an endless space-time that can give people on numerous planets with their civilizations an eternal creative plane and an endless adventure of eternal life. In such conditions, we could feel the true taste of freedom, joy and happiness. My system presents this picture of the universe and does not treat it as a fairy-tale vision for humanity. All this should become reality, because it results from the purpose of creating the universe by the Original Being. It is worth remembering that it was created for people, children of the Creator. Since He is the perfect Creator, His work intended for us is the perfect, most wonderful and beautiful place for eternal life.






Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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